#5 Best Serger Sewing Machine Reviews in 2019 [Awesome LIST]

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​Sergers are basically tougher machines to use in comparison of sewing machines. In our 5 Best serger reviews, we are going to display the best sergers of today’s date.Our experts deeply studied and tested more than forty sergers of various companies, and picked out the best five for you, which led their respective departments.We will be mentioning the reason for which these sergers made their mark in our 5 Best serger reviews, and besides that, we will also make you aware of drawbacks of this machine.It is going to be very interesting, as you are on the very right place to receive authentic and in-depth knowledge related to the best sergers available today. Shall we proceed now?

​Best serger Reviews in 2019

Brother designio DZ1234 Serger reviews ​

Brother designio DZ1234 Serger reviews ​- best serger 2018

Brother designio DZ1234 Serger reviews ​

When we talk about the best serger 2018, then it is none other than Brother DZ1234 serger. This machine has provided all-around satisfaction not only to our experts but its users as well.​Brother DZ1234 Serger has been successful in satisfying 88% of its users, and it is the best serger to buy undoubtedly.Do you think that what are the reasons for which this serger made its mark in our 5 Best serger reviews and why is it the best to buy? Well, for that, you will have to read the review further.

​Specs and features:

​In dimensions ​, this machine measures 15.2 X 13 x 13.2 inches. The weight of ​brother Designio DZ1234 is 18.1 lbs which ​one can count as portable.

​This machine has a thrilling top speed of 1300 stitches per minute. I​This serger follows the color coded threading system which is quite helpful, especially for beginners.

On ​Brother DZ1234, you can adjust the stitch length between 2 mm and 4 mm. ​One can also adjust the stitch with between 3 mm and 7 mm.​ ​23 built-in Sewing stitches are present there in this machine.

Most importantly, ​one can ​lift any of the presser feet on this ​serger up to a Max Height of 6 mm.​ it comes with a 25 years limited warranty.

Brother Designio DZ1234 Reviews : Pros

​Regarding features, it has got the Free arm, differential feed, convenient color coding, 3 or 4 thread feature, LED light, etc. It doesn’t overwhelm you with an abundance of features.​One of the basic advantages of this machine is that it has got all essential stitches. One can hardly find these many varieties of stitches in a serger, that is available at that price. Now let’s talk about a few more benefits.

​User friendly:

​​Most importantly, the serger is ​never a kind of quick set and go machine. ​You ​surely need ​to practice a bit to get used to on this machine. But thanks to the maker of​ ​Brother Designo DZ1234 as is much more easy to use and operate in comparison​ to other such sergers.Features and functions are easily understandable, which makes this machine an ideal one for the beginners. For​ further more convenience,​ ​ guiding manual and DVD ​are provided by the company, which help you out in all circumstances.

​Portability and low price:

Honestly, ​Brother Designio DZ1234 is​much more compact and lightweight ​when we compare it with other models in the designer series.Even if​ the craft room is a smaller one, ​and much space is not available there, then also you can easily fit this machine as you need only a very little space to store it. One can carry it to the learning classes on a regular basis, so it does help you out a lot if you are a beginner.​You can ​ buy a similar​ sort of sergers at ​the same price level, but those sergers will surely be missing something or the other. Brother Designio DZ1234 is probably the only one having that many features at that price level.​​​​


  • Easy portability and compact size.
  • User friendly.
  • Easily affordable.
  • ​Decent machine for the beginners.
  • Color coding.
  • Decent stitch quality.
  • Conveniently written guiding manual.
  • 25 Years limited warranty.

​Brother Designio DZ1234 serger in undoubtedly worthly of being called the best serger 2018 as it hardly lacks anything. It is unbeatable at its price level. Hence, we highly recommend this serger to all, especially the beginners.

​Brother 1034D serger ​- Best serger for beginners

Brother 1034D serger reviews.jpg

Brother 1034D serger reviews.jpg

​Brother 1034D serger made its mark in our 5 Best serger reviews as the best serger for beginners for sure, but let us add-on, that this machine is not only decent for the beginners, but it is suitable for ​intermediates and advanced level people as well.Now let us discuss the essential points related to this serger.

​Specs and features:

​There are 22 built-in stitch functions in this machine. Differential feed is 0.7 to 0.2, and its stitch length and width are adjustable to 5mm and 7mm. Its top speed is 1300 stitches per minute. This machine weighs 15 pounds and is easily portable.A few of its key features are Convenient color coded threading system,retractableknife blade, numbered lower and upper looper threading instructions, etc.

Brother 1034D reviews : pros

​You are going to prove yourself highly bene​facial after bringing this serger to home. How? The very first thing is the price, you start feeling beneficial from there only. Rest a few things, and we are going to explain here.

​easy to operate:

​Our experts tested a total of thirteen basic sergers, out of which, they found brother 1034D serger the more user-friendly and easiest one to operate. One can develop the tactics in quick time in this machine, rather than spending much time just going through the learning curve.Besides that, many videos are there on Youtube, which guide you stepwise to carry out several tasks on this machine.

​easy portability and low maintenance:

11 x 11.7 x 13.2 inches are the dimensions of Brother 1034D serger, so it clearly indicates that you can fit it easily anywhere. One of the biggest plus point with this machine is its weight. 15pounds means that you can carry it to ​craft shows, classes, friend’s home, etc. everywhere you want.Besides that, you don’t have to look after much regarding the maintenance of this machine, which adds on to your convenience.


  • Hard case for protection.
  • Easy to set thread tension.
  • ​Affordable price.
  • User friendly and good for all.
  • ​Decent stitch quality.
  • Easy threading with the help of colored markings.
  • Low maintenance.

​​Brother Designio DZ1034D serger provides all essential features​, and its working ability is ​outstanding. Its beautiful looks can attract ​you easily. Its low price, features, and user-friendliness make it ​entirely worthy of its price.We highly recommend Brother Designio DZ1034D in our 5 Best serger reviews as it is one of the best serger to buy undoubtedly.

Juki MO644D Reviews ​- Best serger for Denim

Juki MO644D Reviews.jpg

Juki MO644D Reviews.jpg

Juki MO644D serger is a very strong and sturdy machine. it made its mark in our 5 Best serger reviews because of its ability of sewing through denim in such an outstanding style. its stitching quality on denim satisfied our testers deeply. Not only that, this machine has got many other abilities as well.

​Specs and features:

Stitching speed of this serger is 1500 stitches per minute. Its weight is 15 pounds. You are supposed to use needle size 11 or 14 on this serger. In dimensions, it measures 10.6 x 13.5 x 11.6 inches.​Three or four thread sewing feature,Differential feed, Adjustable stitch width and length, snap-on presser foot, automatic upper knife, adjustable presser foot pressure are a few of its key features.

Juki MO644D Reviews : Pros

​Juki MO644D is a highly beneficial machine. Although its rate is not going to make you feel that comfortable, at that rate, it provides you with the following benefits.

​A decent learning machine:

All features and functions of Juki MO644D are very simple, so that person can also find himself comfortable on this machine, who has never been on a serger before. We can call it a decent learning tool.aNo big learning curve in this machine. It is built of top quality electronic parts, so fewer chances of malfunctioning. After all, it is a Japanese product. The guiding manual is also there to help you out.


Juki MO644D is decent for the beginners undoubtedly, but it is fit enough for intermediates and advanced level craftsmen as well.Most important, its ability to deal with multi-layer fabrics is outstanding. Its stitch quality is perfect.It sews through layers of denim in such a way that even much costlier machines can’t do.


  • ​User friendly.
  • Less chances of malfunctioning.
  • Best serger for denim.
  • Fit for all level craftsmen.
  • Expert in sewing through multi-layer fabrics.
  • Convenient color coded threading.

Benefits of Juki MO644D machine clearly overshadow its deficiencies. This machine is supremely capable. If you like to work on fabrics such as leather and denim, this machine stands the tallest and is the best investment.We highly recommend brother MO644D serger to all.

​Juki MCS 1500 Reviews ​- Best serger sewing machine

Juki MCS 1500 reviews.jpg

Juki MCS 1500 reviews.jpg

​Juki MCS 1500 made its mark in our 5 Best serger reviews because it is a perfect blend of a serger and a sewing machine. It provides you with all essential features for both the tasks. besides that, Juki MCS 1500 gives your garments a professional look.

Most importantly, it is a cover stitch only serger, which does chains stitching well.Now lets dig out more info about this particular serger and sewing machine.

​Specs and features:

​This machine follows 2-3-4 threading.The Top speed of tyhis machie is 1350 stitches per minute. stitch width can be adjusted to 2.5 mm or 5 mm. Stitch length can be adjusted to 1-4mm. weight of this machine is 20 pounds and in dimensions, it is 11.4 x 13.2 x 11.2 inches.

In terms of features, it has presser foot lifeeter,easy looper threading, Adjustable differencial feed, extension plate, seam guides, thread cutter, adjustable presser foot pressure, etc.

Juki MCS 1500 Reviews : pros

​This machine is having color coded guide, which makes it quite simple for the user to thread this machine. there are certain more benefits of Juki MCS 1500 which we are going to explain here.

​Feature rich and convenient:

​One big factor for which this machine attracts you to buy it is that it is highly featured and hardly any feature is missing. Not only that, there is no complexity present in this machine, all features are easy to utilize. Its chain stitch feature is excellent. It works out great especially for those areas which get stretched out when the person puts it on. In the public complain section also, there is no inconvenience mentioned due to any of its features.

​Abundance of accessories:

​Juki MCS 1500 serger sewing machine provides you with all essential accessories for both sewing and serging department. Its accessories are worthy of more than a hundred dollars. So, you can figure out your benefit.What is the need of a machine, which comes at a low cost, but you have to spend much on buying its accessories? So, Juki MCS 1500 included accessories help out in justifying its price tag.


  • ​Decent combo of a serger and a sewing machine.
  • Abundant accessories.
  • Multiple computerized features.
  • User friendly.
  • ​Perfect stitch quality.
  • The extension plate feature.
  • easily understandable guiding manual.

Juki MCS 1500 doesn’t make you just beneficial, but it makes you dual beneficial with its performance in both the sewing and serging department. With this machine, you are not going to face any inconvenience for sure. We highly recommend Juki MCS 1500 to sewers of all levels.

Janome ​CoverPro 1000CPX Reviews ​- Best serger ​to buy

Janome ​CoverPro 1000CPX Reviews.jpg

Janome ​CoverPro 1000CPX Reviews.jpg

​Janome ​CoverPro 1000CPX serger made its mark in our 5 best serger reviews due to the perfection and elegance with which it deals with ​your projects. It is the best serger machine for the money. We can also call it the best cheap serger machine.​This serger has got all the qualities and abilities to please its user to the deepest. Adjustable cutting width feature is also present in this machine.

​Specs and features:

​​In dimensions​, ​​Janome ​CoverPro 1000CPX serger measures​ 11.2 x 13.2 x 11.3 inches, and its ​weight is​ 20 pounds. Topmost stitching speed of this machine is 1350 stitches in one minute.​​Regarding features, this machine has got Presser foot lifter, Chain stitch feature, Adjustable differential feed, extension table with seam guides, Adjustable presser foot pressure, thread cutter, thread cover feature, etc.

Janome ​CoverPro 1000CPX Reviews : pros

​Now it is the time to explain to you that in what ways you can be beneficial by bringing this particular serger at home. Although there is a big bunch of advantages, here in our 5 Best serger reviews, we will be mentioning the best two.

​user friednly:

​Although we do not suggest this machine for the beginners, still it is very easily operatable, and a beginner can work on it with somebody’s guidance. The guiding manual is very well explained. Besides that, there are easy to understand onboard tutorials graphics, so you don’t have to open the pages of the manual again and again.

​Decent stitch quality:

​Although this serger is quite speedy, but it doesn’t mean that in haste, it is going to compromise with the stitch quality. You can compare its stitch quality to the workmanship of a professional sewing room. Hardly any other serger​ of this price level can be this much elegant and consistent with stitches.


  • Feature rich.
  • ​Decent speed.
  • Perfect stitch quality.
  • User-friendly.
  • The best at its price level.

If you want to invest your money in such a serger, that doesn’t just serve you the best but serves you the best for years and years, then Janome CoverPro 1000CPX is the best item to pick for you. We highly recommend this serger due to its perfection and class.

​Through our 5 Best serger reviews we made you familiar with the best sergers of various departments. We explained their excellence and suggested the best from the rest. Now it is the time to do a quick recap. Shall we?

Best serger 2018: Brother Designo DZ1234

Best serger for beginners: Brother 1034D 

Best serger for denim: Juki MO644D

Best serger sewing machine: Juki MCS 1500

Best serger to buy: Janome CoverPro 1000CPX

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