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​This topic is going to be really very interesting one. Brother is undoubtedly the most dominating sewing machine manufacturing brand in today’s world.It is true that its products are so decent, that most of them dominate in their respective fields. But confusion doesn’t end up here.Sometimes, a number of products of the same company bring confusion to you. Like if we say a beginners sewing machine. Ok, you say that Brother’s beginner’s sewing machine is the best. But which beginners machine?

​Yes, Brother itself produces so many decent beginner sewing machines, that you again feel confused about which one to buy. We are here to solve your problems through our ​best brother sewing machine reviews .We will be mentioning the best from the rest sewing machines of Brother, who dominate their respective departments, or we say are the best of their kinds. We will be explaining the product as well. I’ts going to be interesting.Read the review till the end to gain perfect knowledge.

​Best Brother sewing machine reviews

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Brother PQ1500SL Reviews Table..

Brother PQ1500SL​


Brother SE400 Table

Brother SE400​


Brother cs6000i Table..

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Brother HC1850 Table..

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Brother XM2701 Table.

​Brother XM2701​


1. Brother PQ1500SL Reviews – Best high-speed industrial sewing machine

Brother PQ1500SL Reviews

Brother PQ1500SL Reviews

Brother PQ1500SL made a mark in our 5 Best Brother sewing machine Reviews due to its decent working speed and extraordinary strength. This is undoubtedly the best industrial sewing machine of Brother, which our experts chose after testing several other industrial sewing machines of the same company.

Brother PQ1500SL satisfied our testers to the deepest on every grounds of testing and, now it is the time to explain that why is this machine perfect. Let’s proceed.

Specs and features:

​It is already understood that industrial sewing machines are much heavier than the domestic ones. Brother PQ1500SL weighs 33.4 pounds. Regarding dimensions, it is 25 x 11.8 x 14.8 inches. It can reach an impressive top speed of 1500 Stitches per minute. It supports vertical bobbin system​.

It comes with a 25 years limited warranty​ about which you can gain deeper info on the company’s website.The biggest feature of this machine that ​attracts you to purchase it is that it makes free-motion quilting most comfortable. An automatic thread cutter, Feed dog adjustment knob, Thread tension dial, fast needle threader Knee lifter, Needle position adjuster, and much more are present in this single machine. One can’t ​think of more features from it.

Brother PQ1500SL : Pros

​​Brother PQ1500SL machine is ​loaded with advantages. This machine has almost everything in itself that ​you need is a sewer or quilter ​. Besides that, you can surely work with a very wide range of fabrics on this particular machine. Let’s ​explain you a few more advantages of ​Brother PQ1500SL sewing machine.

​outstanding one for quilting:

​This is ​best from the rest sewing machines which do ex​tra-ordinary quilting as well. Brother PQ1500SL industrial sewing machine is a perfect blend of​ quilting and sewing machine. ​One can ​finish large size quilting projects with such ease, most importantly, in a very quick time. ​

Most importantly, it does not compromise with the stitch quality even if you are working at the first speed. It is decent in dealing with extra thick and multi-layer fabrics as well.

Low noise and decent stability:

​​When we talk about the industrial machines, the very first thing that brings inconvenience is the high noise issue. There is no such issue with Brother PQ1500SL as this machine was not making high noise at all, while our experts were testing it at different speeds and on various fabrics.Most importantly, its stability is remarkable. This machine is built of decent quality metal, and its structure is quite strong.

​Brother PQ1500SL Reviews : cons

​Maybe surprise you? Then listen, there is not a single piece of the con in this machine. You are surprised. Even our testers got surprised. After digging deep and deeper, we only found that this machine has a small learning curve, and that’s all that comes under the heading “con.”Surprisingly, even being an industrial sewing machine, this machine is so user-friendly, that committed beginners can try out themselves on this machine. A pretty rare case to find an industrial sewing machine, which is comfortable for the beginners as well.


  • Top speed of 1500 Stitches/Minute.
  • Low noise and decent stability.
  • Decent with bigger sewing and quilting projects.
  • User friendly and easy to operate.
  • Excellent for free motion quilting.
  • Low price
  • 25 Years limited warranty.


  • You need a bit of practice to use this machine.

We suggest you, not to spend a single second and grab this machine as quickly as possible, if you are looking for a low price industrial sewing machine. Brother PQ1500SL is undoubtedly the best of its kind, and dominates its department. We highly recommend this machine.

2. Brother SE400 reviews ​- ​best brother sewing and embroidery machine

Brother SE400 reviews

Brother SE400 reviews

Now, when we talk about a sewing machine, which is perfect in the embroidery department at the same time, then Brother SE400 stands the tallest. This beautiful looking sewing and embroidery machine made its mark in our ​5 Best Brother sewing machine Reviews because of its perfection in both the departments. ​This machine is highly dependable, and you will be knowing more abilities of this machine when you further read the upcoming paragraphs after this one.

​Specs and features:

​In dimensions, Brother SE400 measures 20.3 x 15 x 15.2 inches. In weight, it is 13.69 pounds. Maximum embroidery field is 4 x 4 inches. There are 67 built-in stitches along with 70 integrated designs in this machine.

In terms of features, this machine is having Five lettering fonts, back-lit LCD​, 7-point feed dogs, free arm design, automatic thread cutter, automatic needle threader, etc. Every essential feature is present.

Brother SE400 reviews : pros

​Brother SE400 provides you with so many advantages. We already know that it provides such a wide range of stitch selections and is loaded with so many modern features, but there are a few more advantages, which we will be mentioning here in our ​5 Best Brother sewing machine Reviews .

​Outstandingly user-friendly:

​Although ​Brother SE400 is highly computerized sewing and embroidery machine, still it is quite easy to understand and carry out its features and adjustments.​ For this much user-friendliness, this machine is very suitable for the beginners.It​ is undoubtedly a perfect embroidery machine. Embroidery is not an easy ​task, but with this particular machine, It is simplified to its ​best. This machine ​is a “ready to work,” kind of machine, and ​you can start using it to its best just after four orfive minutes of unwrapping it.

​Support of ibroidery:

​With the help of iBroidery.com, you ​are able to buy thousands of different designs of embroidery​, which can be directly downloaded to your Brother SE400. The price of purchasing such kind of designs is quite affordable ,and these designs are exclusive to Brother users only. A “Pay per design” format is ​carried on.​One gets a very wide variety of designs here, ​which include limited editions designs as well. In this way, ​one will not have to waste precious time finding out ​the desired design as ​one can directly get it from iBroidery.com. Thanks to Brother for providing such an amazing feature.

Brother SE400 reviews : cons

Although Brother SE400 provides you with a lot of luxuries, a few unwanted cons come along with. We will demonstrate those cons in our 5 Best Brother sewing machine reviews and explain that how serious these cons are.

​Limited space issue:

​​Designers of this sewing and embroidery machines have tried their best to minimize its size to make it ​as portable as possible.​ This thing has led to one disadvantage. Its size and scope prove to be ​very limited for a few users who usually feel comfortable with more space to work on ​in comparison to the space ​provided in this particular machine.​Few users ​complain that it must be more spacious ​because​ less space makes sewing and especially quilting difficult for them. ​Besides that, the throat portion of this machine is quite narrow.

​Tough selection of stitches:

​​​​​​​A few users complain that it requires ​time to select the desired stitch. The stylus pen is also ​missing, that adds on to ​inconvenience. LCD must be well colored, but in ​Brother SE400, it is black and white, which makes it look old fashioned.​At one time, only six stitches are displayed on the screen, and ​one has to scroll a lot if ​his desired design is in the lasts of 67 built-in stitches ​. Suppose if ​anyone wants to select anything right  between of 61 and 67, then​ he has to scroll down 12 pages, now that is irritating.


  • Can carry multiple tasks.
  • ​Easily portable.
  • Vast variety of stitches.
  • ​USB support for downloading designs.
  • ​Automatic needle threading and thread cutter.
  • ​Low cost price.
  • Standard 25 years limited warranty.


  • Selecting designs is a bit difficult.
  • ​Less space to work.
  • Unattractive Black and White LED screen.

Brother SE400 is a highly versatile machine, which is a decent blend of a sewing and embroidery machine, most importantly, available at a very reasonable price.We highly recommend Brother SE400 to all.

3. brother CS6000i reviews ​- best brother sewing machine for beginners

​Brother CS6000i Reviews

​Brother CS6000i Reviews

We call Brother CS6000i one of the finest creations of Brother company till date. This machine has taken perfection to the next level. Whenever you get into the topic of the “best sewing machine,” Brother CS6000i surely and surely makes its mark.​Performance of this machine is outstanding, and most importantly, this machine hardly gives you any chance to complain. Its stitch quality, portability, user friendliness, durability, etc. everything is so good that its competitors are left miles behind.

​Specs and features:

​​60 built-in stitches are there in this computerized machine. Its top speed is 850 stitches per minute. A Quick-set,top-drop in bobbin system is there, and this p​articular sewing machine and it comes with a 25 years limited warranty. ​

​Brother CS6000i provides you with ​plenty of workspace for your bigger size sewing and quilting projects. There is​ a convenient LCD stitch selector through which ​one can easily select ​the desired stitch.

​Besides that, an automatic needle threader is present in this machine, and a ​bobbin winder is there too. ​One can easily adjust stitching speed on this machine.​brother CS6000i measures 16 x 6.7 x 11.4 x inches.​ The weight of this machine is 13.1 lbs. 

brother CS6000i reviews : Pros

​Brother CS6000i sewing machine is this much successful due to the abundant plus points that it brings with itself. This machine is very easy to operate, that is its first advantage. It marked its place in our five best brother sewing machine reviews as the best one for beginners due to its user-friendliness and modern features only.Now let’s show you a few more benefits of Brother Cs6000i sewing and quilting machine. Let’s proceed.

​Equally balanced sewing and quilting machine:

​There are very few machines in the market, which are this much perfectly balanced in both sewing and quilting department. Both sewing and quilting features are present. You can use thicker materials on this machine and besides that, ​if you are a quilter ​who likes to work on larger size quilts, then ​brother CS6000i is the perfect one for you. 

Most importantly, ​its wide table and free arm  give you a lot of freedom ​to carry on bigger quilting tasks.

​ low price:

​The biggest surprising element in this machine is its price. One can hardly imagine that this much highly featured sewing machine can be available at such a low price. We have tested many sewing machines, but this one has beaten even those machines, which were double of its rate.Nothing is missing in this machine, and if you want a similar kind of machine, you surely need to spend much more money. So, its price makes it very beneficial for you to buy it.

brother CS6000i reviews : Cons

​When we talk about the cons, then sorry, we didn’t find a single con in this machine. Just one deficiency is there in this machine that it can’t stitch through multi-layer fabrics. We say, one can’t demand each and everything from a single machine, which you are getting at such a low price.Brother CS6000i doesn’t work on with multiple layered fabrics, that isn’t a thing to worry about.


  • ​Best machine for beginners.
  • Low price.
  • Highly featured.
  • No major con.
  • ​Highly portable.
  • Low maintenance
  • Perfect for bigger size sewing and quilting projects.
  • 25 Years limited warranty.


  • Unable to sew multi-layer fabrics.

​Brother CS6000i proves itself beneficial in every single ground. Its perfection is surely non-matchable. Most importantly, you are getting such a decent machine at that much low price. Undoubtedly, this one is the best that you can get with that much money. This non-matchable machine is entirely worthy of purchase.We highly recommend brother CS6000i to sewers of all levels, and especially for beginners.

4. Brother HC1850 Reviews ​- best brother sewing machine for quilting

Brother HC1850 Reviews

Brother HC1850 Reviews

​Brother DC1850 is not just the best sewing machine for quilting among Brother machines, but overall also, there is no other machine, which can beat it in its department at its price level. Brother DC1850 is a perfect blend of a perfect sewing and a perfect quilting machine. It is loaded for the best features for both the departments.​Now it is the time to justify that why this machine made its mark in our 5 Best Brother sewing machine reviews by making you familiar with its advantages, features, functions, etc.

​Specs and features:

​Brother HC1850 has a total of 130 built-in stitches and comes with a quite​ wide range of sewing feet.I​ in dimensions, it measures 12.5 x 19.25 x 15.25 inches, and weight is 13.2 pounds. its topmost speed is 850 stitches per minute. It also has Six different buttonholes.

​In terms of features, this machine has the quick-set bobbin, bobbin winding, Bright LCD, Built-in monogramming sew font, Easy feed system, automatic needle threader manual thread tension,  and much more.

Brother HC1800 : Pros

​​​Brother HC1850 sewing and quilting machine provides you with a lot of ​advantages. We are going to ​give you knowledge about a few of them which are ​most important. Let’s proceed now.

Quilting table and abundant accessories:

​This machine proves itself a perfect quilting machine very much because of the wide quilting table, that comes with it. You ​have enough space to ​carry on free motion quilting, and​ can easily complete your bigger size quilting projects without facing any inconvenience.

Most importantly, this machine comes with all essential accessories for both the sewing and quilting departments. if you want to know that which all accessories come with this product, you can visit company’s website.

Brother HC1800 : cons

​One of the major factors for which this machine made its mark in you our 5 Best Brother sewing machine reviews is that there is no major con related to this particular machine. You might face just a few inconveniences with this machine, with which you can surely deal up.​Following are the drawbacks of this machine.

A Knee-lifter is absent:

​This is the only needed feature that is absent from this machine. ​Brother HC1850 is providing you with​much, so even if a thing is missing, then it is not a ​thing to complain. There is no such sewing machine in the ​market, which ​is having everything in it. So, if a knee lifter is absent,​ then also there is no need to worry.

​Absence of Accessory storage:

​Although you receive a lot of accessories with this machine as we mentioned earlier also, a very unexpected thing is missing. That is accessory storage. Now that not a big issue either. One can surely buy an additional accessory pouch or box and keep the accessories in that.


  • Highly featured.
  • Easy to operate and ​perfect for beginners.
  • Abundant accessories.
  • Bigger size Quilting is very comfortable.
  • ​Easily portable.
  • 25 Years limited warranty.


  • An accessory storage is absent.
  • A knee-lifter is absent.

If you are interested both in sewing and quilting, then you surely need a perfect machine, rightly balanced between both the functions. Brother HC1850 will undoubtedly be the best pick for you.We highly recommend Brother HC1850 sewing and quilting machine to all as it will make you double advantageous.

5. Brother XM2701 Reviews ​- best brother sewing machine under $100

 Brother XM2701 Reviews

Brother XM2701 Reviews

It is quite difficult to find a machine, which is cheap and the best. This is because when you look for a cheap sewing machine, surely one or two major drawbacks come with it no such issue with Brother XM2701 sewing machine.This machine made it mark in our 5 Best Brother sewing machine reviews because this machine is having much more to offer you in return of what you are paying for it. Most importantly, its consumer satisfaction percentage is 91%.

​Specs and features:

​The weight of ​Brother XM2701 is 15.8 Pounds. In dimensions, ​this machine measures 17.8 x 7.6 x 15.1 inches.​ It can sew up to 800 stitches in one minute. It is hard to find this much speed in a sewing machine of that price level. ​It supports a drop-in bobbin.

Brother XM2701 has 27 Built-in stitches along with a one-step auto-size buttonhole​. This product comes with a 25 years warranty.

​Functions and features of Brother XM2701 are so easily understandable and convenient to operate that ​hardly anyone feels needs to practice. An Automatic needle threader, Jam-resistant Top Drop-In bobbin system, twin needle capability,  Easy dial for stitch selection, Jam-resistant Top Drop-In bobbin system, etc. and many other such attractive features ​are present in this machine, which make ​it ​so much comfortable for the beginners.

​Brother XM2701 Reviews : Pros

​​Brother XM2701 ma​rked its spot in our ​5 Best Brother sewing machine review due to its quality of providing you with ​so many unexpected benefits in very less money. Let’s describe ​those essential benefits now.


Brother XM2701 sewing machine  is ​very simple to operate. Beginners don’t want bells and whistles in their machine ​because it brings irritation and frustration. ​This particular sewing machine is ​​efficient in completing​ basic sewing projects of the beginners​ with such elegance and most importantly, in less time.​This machine is ​strong and sturdy. ​ As a result, there are very very fever chances ​of malfunctioning ​in any part of the machine, or the machine itself.​One hardly feels the need of upgrading it for carrying it to the repair shop, which is undoubtedly a very big supportive factor.

​More features at less price:

​Honestly, if you look for a similar kind of machine, which can match its elegance, durability and stitch quality with brother XM2701, then surely you have to pay at least $50-$60 extra. At its price level, no other sewing machines look even close to it.In this way, Brother XM2701 is the kind of all the sewing machines under $100.

Brother XM2701 : Cons

​​Now here comes the main part for which you will be waiting for. This question surely arises that how can be a machine this much beneficial and perfect at that price level. Surely some major cons will be there. the answer is “NO.” No major drawbacks, just a couple of minor inconveniences are there. Have a look.

​Issue with the speed control:

​The foot pedal of this machine isn’t the perfect one. Suppose if you want to increase or decrease your stitching speed just a little bit, then it is quite hard for you to do so. Its foot pedal is quite sensitive, and just by a minor push, a rapid increase or decrease is seen in the speed.For dealing up with this problem, there is just one thing you need to do, and that is practice.

LED light is not bright enough:

​We have tested so many machines near of $200 mark, which was having a dim LED light. So, this deficiency was already expected with this machine. You surely can’t work at night on your Brother XM2701 sewing machines. If you want to do that, then spend some bucks to buy an additional LED, and that is the only solution.


  • Low price.
  • ​decent sewing machines for beginners.
  • ​User-friendly and highly durable.
  • Abundant automatic features.
  • 25 Years limited warranty.


  • ​Foot pedal is sensitive.
  • LED light is dim.

If you are having a quite low budget, and want a sewing machine for yourself, which has certain automatic features and besides that, is highly durable as well, then you must surely buy Brother XM2701, as it is the best that you can get under $100 mark.We highly recommend Brother XM2701, especially for beginners.

Now here comes the main part for which you will be waiting for. This question surely arises that how can be a machine this much beneficial and perfect at that price level. Surely some major cons will be there. the answer is “NO.” No major drawbacks, just a couple of minor inconveniences are there. Have a look.

5 Best Brother sewing machine reviews ​- The Final wrap-up

​Through our 5 Best brother sewing machine reviews we made you familiar with the top machines, which dominated their respective departments. Now you can surely invest your money in the product, which is the best of its kind.Let us once again mention the names of those 5 Best Brother sewing machine in a shorter manner.

​Best Brother high speed industrial sewing machine : Brother PQ1500SL

Best brother sewing and embroidery machine : Brother SE400

Best brother sewing machine for beginners : Brother CS6000i

Best Brother sewing machine for quilting : Brother DC1850

Best Brother sewing machine under $100 : Brother XM2701

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