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​We are going to cover a very interesting topic in  5 Best Embroidery machine reviews and are going to clear many doubts of yours!We know that an embroidery machine is much costlier than a sewing machine, so it becomes necessary to know everything about the product before buying.Our experts have tested more than 50 embroidery machines of various classifications, and have selected 5 best embroidery sewing machine of you, who were most dominating in their respective departments.You are going to get authentic knowledge about all five machines, and we will explain to you the reason that why we selected these machines.​It is going to be quite interesting. So, let’s not waste time and unwrap the best five embroidery machines of today’s date. Let’s proceed.

​5 Best Embroidery machine Reviews

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Brother SE400 Table

Brother SE400​


Brother PE540D Reviews table..

Brother PE540D​


Janome MC12000 Reviews table..

​​Janome memory Craft 12000​


Brother DZ820E Reviews table..

Brother DZ820E​


Brother PE770E Table..

Brother PE770​


1. Brother SE400 Reviews – best sewing and embroidery machine

Brother SE400 Reviews

Brother SE400 Reviews

​Brother SE400 is a decent sewing machine, ​that is perfect in the embroidery department at the very same time. This ​attractive looking sewing and embroidery machine made its mark in our ​5 Best ​Embroidery machine Reviews because of its ​decent performance in both the departments.

Shall we dig deeper? Yes, we should. Read the review further to know its features, functions, and benefits. Don’t forget to have a look at the drawbacks as well.

​spec and features:

​In dimensions, ​this machine measures 20.3 x 15 x 15.2 inches. In weight, this machine is 13.69 pounds. Maximum embroidery field is 4 x 4 inches. There are a total of 67 built-in stitches along with 70 interesting integrated designs in this machine.

In terms of features, this machine is having Five lettering fonts,7-point feed, back-lit LCD​, dogs, automatic thread cutter, automatic needle threader, free arm design, etc. Every essential feature is present in this machine.

Brother SE400 reviews : pros

​Brother SE400 embroidery machine is quite advantageous. We ​ know that it provides you with such a wide range of stitch selections and is ​full of modern- day features, but there are a few more ​benefits of this machine, which we will be​ demonstrating here in our ​5 Best embroidery machine Reviews .

​Easy to operate:

​Although highly computerized sewing and embroidery machines are a bit harder to work on and operate, still it is ​very easy to understand and carry out its features, settings, and adjustments of Brother SE400 sewing and embroidery machine.​ ​This is a big reason for which we recommend this machine to the beginners especially.​Singer SE400​ is ​absolutely a perfect embroidery machine. Embroidery is ​never an easy ​task in comparison of sewing, but with this ​ machine, ​embroidering is simplified to its ​best. ​Singer SE400​ machine ​is a “ready to work,” ​sort of machine, and ​your middle school child can start using it ​in no time after you unwrap it.

​iBroidery : a boon

​With ​this particular feature named iBroidery.com, you ​​can easily to buy thousands and thousands of different embroidery designs​, which you can ​directly download to your Brother SE400 machine.

The ​costing of purchasing such ​types of additional designs is ​very affordable, and most importantly, these designs are exclusive to Brother ​consumers only.​You have to follow a “Pay per design” forma​t.

This surely enhances your creativity and motivates to do fancy work as well. You will never feel limited in terms of embroidery designs.

Brother SE400 reviews : cons

​Although ​this machine provides you with ​so many luxuries, a few ​drawbacks are also there.We will demonstrate those ​drawbacks in our 5 Best ​embroidery machine reviews ​and help you in figuring out that is there something serious to worry about in this machine?

​Stitch selection is a bit tough:

​Although this machine saves a lot of your time with its features, there is one thing, which surely consumes your time, and is not convenient at all. LCD screen displays only six stitches at a time, and there are a total of 67 built-in stitches.So, you can figure out that how much you will have to scroll for reaching your desired stitch if it is the one among the end? By that, we mean, for reaching the 61st stitch, you need to scroll eleven times. Besides that, the LCD is old fashioned black-in-white. Don’t you think that is a foolish mistake made by the makers?

​Limited work area:

​The maker of Brother SE400 sewing and embroidery machine have focussed much on making this machine maximum portable and compact in size. It seems as if they forgot the fact that it actully the work area.What if the user has to cover a bigger size project? Surely he is going to face a lot of inconvenience regarding less space. What you can see regarding this issue in consumer reviews.


  • ​Easily portable
  • ​Automatic needle threading and thread cutter.
  • Can carry multiple tasks.
  • ​USB support for downloading designs
  • ​Low cost price.
  • Vast variety of stitches.
  • Standard 25 years limited warranty.


  • ​Less space to work.
  • Unattractive Black and White LED screen.
  • Selecting designs is a bit difficult.

If you want a perfect combo of a sewing and embroidery machine, at a really reasonable price, then Brother SE400 sewing and embroidery machine is the best for you. This machine provides you with sufficient options for both the departments. We highly recommend Brother SE400 to all.

2. Brother PE540D Reviews – best embroidery machine for beginners

Brother PE540D Reviews

Brother PE540D Reviews

Brother PE540D is among the very few machines in the market, which focus only on one particular department, that is embroidery. Yes, this one is not a sewing and embroidery machine, it is just an embroidery machine, which has nailed in its department.This machine can attract anyone from its looks. Those Disney characters shout at you that this machine is especially for kids.This machine made a mark in our 5 Best Embroidery machine reviews because of its user-friendliness and low-cost factor.Honestly, there are very few embroidery machines in the market, which are this much easy to use and this much comfortable for beginners,especially kids.

Specs and features:

​​​Measurement of this machine is 31 x 20.1 x 23.2 inches. Its weight is exact 40 pounds. There are​35 built-in Disney embroidery designs along with 70 attractive decorative designs, ​ 120 frame pattern combinations​ and besides that five embroidery lettering fonts. Its top stitching speed is 600 embroidery stitches per minute.In terms of features, this machine has 130 onboard embroidery designs, support of iBroidery, onboard tutorials,

Brother PE540D reviews : ​Pros

​One cannot complain that this essential feature is missing in this machine. It has got all basic features, which make your embroidery easier, but if you are mentioning that a feature is missing here, then surely you are getting greedy at that price level. Following are the main benefits of this machine.

​Free upgrades:

​Whenever ​one feels the need, he can connect a USB cable to eat the Brother site and ​enjoy free updates whenever they are​ in availability.

​By that, we want to say that your ​​Brother PE540D Embroidery machine will never be an outdated ​machine, and you ​surely always be having the best beginners embroidery machine on the market in today’s date. You don’t have to pay for the upgrades, what can be more beneficial?

​Support of iBroidery:

​If you have this particular embroidery machine at home, you can take advantage of the iBroidery feature. Now, let us explain the purpose of this feature. If you are a Brother embroidery machine user, then you can directly install many interesting designs at quite low rates.There are thousands of attractive designs ​in iBroidry, so you hardly even feel limited in terms of embroidery designs. This is a feature to show off.

Brother PE540D reviews​​​ : Cons

​Honestly, there are certain things, which you need to know before you invest your money in it. We will be mentioning the drawbacks of this machine, but it is you, who will be able to decide what are these cons deal-breakers or not.We will be demonstrating, and you will be deciding.

Small memory:

​This deficiency was a bit expected one. This issue comes in most of the low price embroidery machine, which we have tested and reviewed till date. In this machine, you can’t save too many embroidery designs, and if you want to save some new ones, then you need to delete a few old ones.

Now decide, is this con a “deal-breaker”, or you can cope up ​with it. As per our opinion, it is surely going to bring a bit of inconvenience, but you are not going face any big problem regarding this.

Want a bigger memory? Spend more bucks then to buy a better embroidery machine.

​limited work area:

​Honestly,​ Brother PE540D Embroidery machine ​doesn’t provide you with sufficient work area​. ​One needs to make a few adjustments, such as moving the fabric a lot, repeating the patterns and ​a few more things, by which you can deal with this problem.

​Surely it is going to affect your working speed. Is this issue quite serious? No, it isn’t. We have tested many embroidery machines, which cost almost double than this one, still lacked a bigger work area.


  • Decent learning machine.
  • Free upgrading.
  • Just one function-embroidery.
  • Low price.
  • Just one function-embroidery.
  • Support of iBroidery.
  • 25 years limited warranty.


  • Stitching speed is a bit slow.
  • ​Less work area.
  • Stitching speed is a bit slow.
  • ​Small memory.

If you are among those, who have newly developed the hobby of embroidery, or are among those, who are curious to learn this art, and don’t want to spend much money, then Brother PE540D is the best one for you.Hardly an embroidery machine can be this much user-friendly. We call it a perfect learning tool and hence, we highly recommend Brother PE540D embroidery machine.

3. Janome Memory craft 12000 Reviews – ​Best embroidery machine for commercial use

Janome Memory craft 12000 Reviews

Janome Memory craft 12000 Reviews

Janome Memory Craft embroidery machine made its mark in our 5 Best Embroidery machine reviews because of its extraordinary performance. Although this much is not trending much, and its consumer reviews are also less, but this machine proved itself the best when we tested eleven other embroidery machines for ​commercial use, near to its price level.

​Specs and Features:

Maximum embroidery size is 9.1 x 11.8 inches. Max stitch width is 9mm. The size of this machine is 22.6 x 12.4 x 9 inches. It weighs 30.2 pounds. Its top speed is 1000 embroidery stitches per minute.​This machine has a total of 425 built-in utility stitches. Automatic cloth guide memorized needle up/down, Stitch composerstitch creation program,Locking stitch button,Adjustable knee lift, AcuViewMagnifier, etc. are few of its many key-features.

Janome Memory craft 12000 Reviews : Pros

​Janome MC12000 surprises you with so many features, and besides that, its accessory list is so long, so long, that the numbers end, but the list doesn’t stop. There are certainly many other benefits, but in our five best embroidery machine reviews we will be mentioning the most important ones.

​User-friendly interactive software:

​If you want to start on a home business of embroidery, but you cannot call yourself an expert in this particular art, then undoubted you can rely on this machine.If you are intermediate, this machine is going to evolve you into an expert in no time. This machine is quite user-friendly, as the features and functions are simplified to their best. The software of this embroidery machine is user-friendly interactive.Most importantly, this embroidery machine supports real-time computer connection.

​Extra large embroidery hoops:

​One of the best thing in this machine, which satisfied our experts to the deepest was its extra large embroidery hoop. Maximum embroidery size is 9.1 x 11.8 inches, which is massive. You don’t have to move your fabrics a lot, no much folding or repeating the patterns, no such adjustments.This large embroidery hoop is surely going to help you out in finishing your project in very less time. Much before your estimated time. This was a significant reason for which this machine dominated rest embroidery machines, who were in its competition.

Janome Memory craft 12000 Reviews : Cons

​Now comes the portion for which you might be waiting. What kind of cons and deficiencies are there in this machine? Good news is, no cons. Yes, this machine isn’t the deficit or anything. While our experts deeply tested this machine, they found it decent in all departments.Whether stitch quality, features, functions, embroidery hoops, accessories, etc., everything is so good and unquestionable in this machine. Overall, there is just one thing, which is going to affect you a bit. It is mentioned below.

​A bit higher price:

​When we talk about home business, then the price of this machine might affect you. The company has fitted tons and tons of things in this machine, for which they have kept a healthy price as well.There are so many modernfeatures, that even if some of them were missing, it never would have been a ​thing to concern. But yes, the price would have been reduced a bit. It surely had attracted more customers then. Its competing machines are having a few features less than this one, but are available at a bit cheaper price than this one. But remember, those having a few more features than this one is a couple of thousand dollars expensive than this one.


  • Abundant stitches.
  • Highly-featured.
  • ​User-friendly interactive software.
  • Extra large embroidery hoops.
  • ​Multiple accessories.
  • performs decent with all kinds of fabrics.
  • Best of its kind.


  • Price is a bit high.
  • Not good for the beginners.

​Janome memory Craft 12000 is an outstanding machine. It has got every single feature that one needs in an embroidery machine for ​commercial use. Besides that, it is comparatively easier to operate than other embroidery machines.In short, this machine is decent at its job, and we highly recommend this machine to all.

4. ​​Brother DZ820E reviews – Best embroidery machine for home business

​​Brother DZ820E reviews

​​Brother DZ820E reviews

​Although there are many decent commercial embroidery machines in the market, we have selected Janome Memory Craft 14000 in our 5 best embroidery machine Reviews because it is a complete pack in comparatively less price than a general ​home business embroidery machine.Most importantly, it provides you with almost everything that you need in a home business embroidery machine, and besides that, no major con.

​Specs and features:

​Max embroidery hoop in Brother DZ820E is 5 x 7 inches. Its max speed is 650 embroidery stitches per minute. It has 136 built-in Embroidery designs. Patterns can be rotated to 1,10 or 90 degrees. It comes with a 25 years limited warranty.PC connectivity, convenient touchscreen LCD, Automatic needle threader,built-in tutorials,design editing feature, etc. and many more other features are present in this machine. Whole list you can check on Brother’s website.

Brother DZ820E reviews : pros

​The biggest benefit of having Brother DZ820E is that it has much more to provide you with, in comparison to what it costs. There are many other benefits of this machine. Most importantly, we are going to make you familiar with the biggest benefits in our 5 best embroidery machine reviews.

​decent performance and well-lit workspace:

​Performance of this machine deeply satisfied our experts. Its stitch quality is outstanding. It is very consistent with stitch quality. Brother DZ820E is strong and sturdy, so you can keep on working on this machine for a quite long time. ​When you are into a home business of embroidery, then it might sometimes happen that you are supposed to complete certain projects in the given time, for which you even need to work at night. For doing that, you surely need a well-lit work area.Brother DZ820E comes with bright enough LED lights, which very well illuminate the work area, and make it possible for you to keep an eye on your project.

​attractive looks and wide embroidery area:

​What is the need for spending such a big amount on a machine, which you cannot show off to your friends and make them feel jealous? Bother DZ820E is such an attractive looking machine, that it looks much costlier than what it is. It surely adds on to the charm of your craft room.

Brother DZ820E reviews : Cons

​There are a few things to concern in this machine. Here, in our 5 best embroidery machine reviews we will be revealing the cons of this machine and give possible advises overcoming those drawbacks.

​A bit complex machine:

​It is true that this machine is not that good for those, who have less experience of working on such kind of machines. A few functions are difficult to understand, especially if you are new in this department, you will surely have to spend time reading the guiding manual.But this machine is meant for the home business purpose, so it was essential to add on abundant features to make this machine efficient and perfect in its department.

​Requires continuous power supply:

Brother DZ820E requires a continuous power supply to work. Now suppose, if the power failure or power cut takes place, then surely you are going to face inconvenience as your work is going to slow down much.This factor affects much when you are carrying on projects, which are meant to be completed in a given time. This is probably the biggest drawback in this machine.


  • Best of its kind.
  • ​Decent stitch quality.
  • Low price.
  • ​Easy to operate.
  • ​Abundant computerized features.
  • PC connectivity.
  • Wide embroidery area.
  • Less maintenance.
  • ​Attractive and modern looks.
  • Good speed.
  • 25 Years limited warranty.


  • A few functions are a bit complex.
  • ​Requires good quality thread only.
  • Requires continuous power supply to work on.

If you are looking forward to starting on a home business of embroidery and most importantly want an embroidery machine, which neither costs much nor brings too much complexity in operating, then Brother DZ820E is the perfect one for you.This embroidery machine is undoubtedly the best one of its kind and of that price level. We highly recommend Brother DZ820E embroidery machine.

5. Brother PE770 Reviews – Best embroidery machine under $1000

Brother PE770 Reviews

Brother PE770 Reviews

​It was quite challenging for our experts to pick out the best embroidery machine under $1000 as the competition was very healthy. After a overall testing, ​Brother PE770 made its mark in our 5 Best embroidery machine reviews as it satisfied the best.Most importantly, this machine offers you much more in comparison of its price tag and has all the qualities to satisfy its user.

​Specs and features:

​The weight of Brother PE770 is 26.6lbs. In dimensions, it measures 21.2 x 16.9 x 17.3 inches. Its max stitching speed is 650 stitches per minute. This machine follows a Drop & Sew Bobbin system, and it has an automatic bobbin thread pick up for quick threading.​This machine comes with a 25 years limited warranty.In terms of features, this machine has 5 x 7 inches embroidery hoop, automatic needle threader,  Built-in memory,Embroidery card slot, auto thread trimmer, iBroidery support, etc.

Brother PE770 Reviews : pros

​This machine surprisingly provides you with such a wide variety of stitches, feature functions, etc. that one can’t even expect. Now it is the time to mention the biggest advantages of this machine. Let’s proceed.

​creativity freedom:

​This machine provides you with a total of 184 built-in decorative ​sewing stitches, which include smocking, shell tuck, scallop, heirloom, etc. there is half a dozen of embroidery lettering fonts along with 136 decorative designs. Besides that, there are 12 border styles and 10 built-in frames.With these many options, you can start a primary home business as well. With these many options, this machine proves itself fit enough for embroidery of all levels.

​additional memory:

​Honestly, this particular feature is not expected much in machines under $1000. This machine surprisingly allows you to download your designs, which is quite joyful. You also get optionsfor storing your favorite designs via Brother embroidery cards.It surely enhances your creativity, and this particular feature makes this machine unique from its competitors.

Brother PE770 Reviews : cons

​Fortunately, there is no major con related to Brother PE770 embroidery machine. It has given very less chances to complain. While testing it, we didn’t find any inconvenience. We went through the consumer reviews and will highlight two issues, which were raised by complainers.

​Limited Embroidery area:

​This machine’s embroidery hoop measures 5 x 7 inches. A few folks complain that it is comparatively small.Let us add to your knowledge that usually, more than 85% of embroidery machines of this price level have 4 x 4 inches embroidery hoop. So, what you are getting with this machine is surely bigger than normal. It is a thing to feel happy about, not a thing to complain about sure.


​First of all, let us mention that embroidery machines are heavier in comparison of sewing machines. Usually, if you get these many features in a single embroidery machine, it is already expected that it will be heavier.This machine is surely not for those, who want to carry their machine to the ​embroidery trade shows. It is 26 pounds, and you can surely lift it and put it on the table, but surely can’t travel with it.​We don’t think that this must be counted as a con either. This machine weighs what it normally should.


  • ​Decent output.
  • User-friendly.
  • Highly durable.
  • Abundant built-in stitches.
  • ​Support of iBroidery feature.
  • Additional memory.
  • Low price.
  • 25 Years limited warranty.


  • Less portability.
  • Might jam after heavy use.

This machine is undoubtedly the best that you can get at that price level. It provides you with so many benefits that you can’t even think of. Brother PE770 is a highly versatile embroidery machine, with no major cons.We would have recommended it even if it was available at $100 more than its actual price.

​5 Best embroidery machine reviews : The wrap up

​We already mentioned you the best embroidery machines in our reviews and now it is the time to do a quick recap. Shall we proceed further?

​Best embroidery and swing machine: Brother SE400

Best embroidery machine for beginners: Brother PE540D

Best embroidery machine for commercial use: Janome memory Craft 12000

Best embroidery machine for home business: Brother DZ820E

Best embroidery machine under $100: Brother PE770

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