4 Best juki sewing machine Reviews – [Must read before you buy]

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​Today, through our 4 Best Juki sewing machine reviews we are going to reveal the names of those Juki machines, which prove themselves the best to invest.These sewing machines belong to separate departments. We will be explaining about the pros and cons of these machines, which our experts have selected after testing so many sewing machines. So are you ready to get knowledgeable about the best?

​basic info about the company Juki

​Juki is one of the most successful sewing machine manufacturing companies in today’s world. Its manufacturing arms are spread over 150 countries on six continents.This Japan-based company usually manufactures industrial level sewing machines. ​They do manufacture all kinds of sewing machines, but their ​beginners and intermediates sewing machines are not that trendy.But many of its sewing machines dominate at the industrial level.

4 Best juki sewing machine Reviews

​Sewing Machine​Speed/Minute​Ratings​Check Price
Juki DDL 8700 Table..

​Juki DDL 8700​

Juki HZL F600 Table..

​Juki HZL F600

JUKI TL-2000Qi table..

​Juki TL2000QI​

Juki MO654DE​ table..

Juki MO654DE​


1. Juki DDL 8700 reviews – Best Juki industrial sewing machine

Juki DDL 8700 reviews

Juki DDL 8700 reviews

​We have selected Juki DDL 8700 in our 4 best Juki sewing machine reviews as the best one for industrial purpose. Juki DDL 8700 is very efficient in dealing with multiple layers and thicker fabrics.No heating issue with this machine, so this machine can tackle heavy fabrics projects for a longer time. Undoubtedly, one of the best for you, if you are a garment manufacturer or into clothes repairing business.

​specs and features:

​This machine is very speedy as it can sew up to 5500 stitches per minute. Max stitch length in 5mm. In dimensions, this machine measure 48 x 20 x 20 inches. This machine has got auto lubrication system. This machine weighs 28 pounds.Adjustable stitch length, self-lubrication, adjustable foot pressure, independent Bobbin winder, extra high presser foot height, bottom loading rotatory hook, etc. are few of its features.

Juki DDL 8700 reviews : pros

Juki DDL 8700 is highly beneficial in many ways. High durability and abundant features are just basic advantages of this machine. There are many more. Here, we will put light on the main two.

Fast speed:

​​​We already added on to your knowledge that the top speed of this machine is 5500 stitches per minute. You can surely​ figure out that how ​vigorous ​Juki DDL 8700 is​. Your projects will start and end of in just a blink of a wink.Are you wondering that its stitch quality might get disturbed when you work at such a vigorous speed? Sorry, you are wrong. The stitch quality remains the same.

No assembly required:

​You get your Juki DDL 8700 in fully assembled position when it arrives your home. Yes, no need to waste time and trouble your brain in assembling it. ​Getting rid of frustrating process of assembling an industrial sewing machine feels like a ready to eat cake. Doesn’t it?


  • Low maintenance.
  • ​Decent top speed of 5500 stitches per minute.
  • ​Perfect for garments construction.
  • Highly durable.
  • Excellent stitch quality.
  • Efficient in tackling heavy loads of work.

​Although a few cons are there, certain fabric limitation as well if you ask that how does this machine perform in its own department, then only one word for your answer, “Awesome”!​If you are involved in garment construction business, then this machine suits the best for you. We recommend Juki DDL 8700 industrial sewing machine, but not for beginners.

2. Juki HZL F600 reviews – Best Juki sewing macihne for home use

Juki HZL F600 reviews

Juki HZL F600 reviews

​If you are looking for a Juki sewing machine, which is a perfect one for carrying on a day to day home sewing tasks, and besides that, you can do a lot of decoration work with that machine as well, then Juki HZL F600 sewing machine fits the best for you.​We selected this machine in our 4 Best Juki sewing machine reviews because of its abundant automatic features, user-friendliness, dependability, and high versatility.

​Specs and features:

​Juki HZL F600 comes with a total of 225 built-in stitches. Top speed of this machine is 900 stitches per minute. Its LCD measures 33mm x 66 mm. In dimensions, this machine measures 14 x 23 x 16 inches in dimensions. It weighs 33.4 pounds.​Regarding features, it has got ​an automatic needle threader, pressure control, presser foot,  dual LED light,bright enough to be easily visible, a randomized Stitch option, bobbin thread winder.

​Juki HZL F600 sewing machine reviews : Pros

​A few people have got problems related to its purchase, but through our 4 Best Juki sewing machine reviews we will be showing how beneficial this machine is and how well it justifies its price tag.

We won’t be mentioning each benefit, but yes, a couple of most prominent we will be mentioning and giving a brief explanation.

​abundant features in stitches with a compact size:

​Now that is one of the biggest challenges for makers of a sewing machine to fit these many features. The makers of Juki HZL F600 deserve a salute (Because when you see other machines of such kind, they are much bigger than this).This machine looks so compact that hardly you can figure out that this machine will be having this much fitted inside it.With this machine, you can do endless creativity, no shortage of anything in this machine. Besides that, you can fit it in your cupboard. ​33.4 pounds is surely a heavyweight, but in comparison to other sewing machines of such kind, it is much more light.

​Abundance of accessories:

​If you go out in the market to purchase the accessories of this machine, they might cost you over $150. The accessories included with this machine are so much, that you, as a user don’t even feel the need to buy something from outside.Isn’t that a big convenience that all you need regarding accessories is all present just a foot away from you, kept well organized in an accessory box?


  • Best juki sewing machine for home use.
  • Decent for dedicated learners and experts.
  • High-level computerized and multiple features
  • Can carry heavy workload.

Juki HZL F600 is an absolute dependable sewing machine. So many features are there that throughout your life you won’t feel bored. Regarding decoration, hardly any other machine of its price level can overcome it.We highly recommend Juki HZL F600 sewing machine.

3. juki TL2000QI Reviews – best juki sewing machine For quilting

Juki TL2000QI Reviews

Juki TL2000QI Reviews

Juki TL2000QI, the real pro machine, marked its place in our 4 Best Juki sewing machine reviews as it proved itself best regarding quilting in comparison to other Juki sewing machines.​This one is surely not that good for beginners as well, and also lacks a bit of versatility, but in quilting, this machine beats most of the sewing machines of dominating companies in the market.

​Specs and features:

​In dimensions, this machine measures 17.8 x 8.6 x 13.8 inches, and it weighs 37.8 pounds. The top speed of Juki TL2000QI is 1500 stitches per minute.This mechanic sewing machine has a side load in bobbin system, which is located on the left side of the machine. There is two years warranty for the mechanized parts and five years warranty for all the other parts.Few of the most important key features of this machine are Needle up/down, automatic needle threader, Bright LED lights, Raise and lower feed dogs, Stitch length control, automatic thread cutter, etc.

juki TL2000QI Reviews :  Pros

​Undoubtedly, the stitch quality of not only this machine but almost all Juki sewing machines is excellent. There are several more benefits of this machine. Here we are going to make you familiar with two of them.

​brisk speed:

​This machine is capable of finishing your projects quite briskly. Now, 1500 stitches per minute sounds very attractive and thrilling. But remember, you will surely have to practice to make yourself comfortable in working at its top speed.Once you get used to working on its top speed, you will never feel short of time with any of your projects. It sews like a breeze and most importantly, you don’t have to bother about the stitch quality, as it remains what it is no matter you are going on at its top speed.

​Large work area:

​This machine proves itself one of the best machines for quilting as it provides you with such a wide area. Besides that, you have lots of throat space. Your bigger size quilting projects are not going to trouble you much.Not only the ideal shape of this machine, but the wide table that comes along with it also provides you with a big arena to work on.


  • Speed of 1500 stitches per minute.
  • Good at hemming and mending.
  • Feature rich.
  • High durability.
  • Low shivering and low noise.
  • ​Large work area.
  • Quilter supportive shape and structure.
  • Excellent stitch quality.

​Juki TL2000QI is a machine, that is highly loved by professionals. It is a heavy duty sewing machine, that is very fast. If you want to complete your bigger size quilting and sewing projects, then this machine fits the best for you. We highly recommend Juki TL2000QI, but not to beginners.

4. Juki MO654DE Reviews – Best Juki sewing machine serger

Juki MO654DE Reviews

Juki MO654DE Reviews

Juki has manufactured many top quality sergers, but Juki MO654DE sewing machine serger marked its place in our 4 Best Juki sewing machine reviews as this machine is dual beneficial.Not only as a serger but as a sewing machine also, this machine is excellent. This modern looking serger is highly durable as well.

​Specs and features:

​The weight of ​Juki MO654DE is 15.5 pounds, and in dimensions, it ​is12.4 x 13.6 x 11.6 inches. The top sewing speed of this serger is 1500 stitches per minute. The weight of this machine is 15 pounds. Hence it can be called easily portable one.

Regarding features, it has 2/3/4 Thread options, Built-in rolled hemming, Color-coded thread paths, Snap-on presser foot, Disengaging loopers, Micro safety switch, etc.

Juki MO654DE Reviews : pros

​​High durability and user-friendliness are the two basic benefits of this machine. Now it is the time to mention more important plus points of this machine. Are you ready?

​Wide range of fabric selection:

​This small looking serger is capable of sewing through most of the fabrics. No matter thicker, or multilayer, it stitches everything. This machine deals with thick seams with such elegance.But one thing that you as a user have to look after is to be up in making right adjustments while you change up fabrics thicknesses on this machine.

​Presence of a safety switch:

There is a safety switch present in Juki MO654DE serger.Its work is to automatically disables the motor of the ​machine when ​the user opens the swing cover for threading purpose. ​It might ​be very challenging if the serger runs simultaneously when ​the user is threading it. So, this safety switch ensures ​that no problems occur, and ensure that the user is safe.


  • Highly versatile.
  • Highly featured.
  • Abundance of free accessories..
  • User-friendly.
  • Easily portability.
  • Capable of dealing with thick and multi-layer fabrics.

​Juki MO654DE is undoubtedly the best of its kind. In short, it is a complete package. No major cons are there in this serger sewing machine. We highly recommend Juki MO654DE to all.

​By reading our 4 Best Juki sewing machine reviews you got vast info about the best Juki sewing machines of various departments. You can now undoubtedly invest your valuable money in the right and most advantageous product. It’s time for a quick revision now.

​Best Juki industrial sewing machine: Juki DDL 8700

​Best Juki sewing machine for home use: Juki HZL F600

Best Juki sewing machine for quilting: Juki TL2000QI

Best Juki sewing machine serger: Juki MO654DE

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