Top 5 Best sewing machines for leather Reviews #2018 – Awesome List

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​First of all, leather is fabric, that is a bit difficult to sew on. A special powerful heavy duty sewing machine is required for doing that. Now the very first question arises that which is the best sewing machine ​for leather ?Our main objective of writing Best sewing machine for leather review is to guide you and recommend you the best sewing machines for leather by explaining their benefits and efficiency. ​

​There are abundant heavy duty machines of various companies that claim that they are the best to do the job of sewing leather. These many options might surely confuse you. There are many requirements in sewing machines that make it work efficiently on thick fabrics such as leather.

​Now one has not to go through several reviews to get info. You are on the one stop destination to gain info about the best sewing machines for leather in today’s market. Shall we proceed towards the Review?

​Top 5 Best Sewing machines for Leather

​Sewing Machine



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Brother PQ1500SL​


Janome HD3000​


Singer Quantum Stylist 9960​


Singer 4411​


Singer 4423​


1. Brother PQ1500SLBest sewing machines for leather

Brother PQ1500SL Reviews

Brother PQ1500SL Reviews

Brother PQ1500SL high speed quilting and sewing machine stands the tallest among the best leather sewing machine in today’s date. We reviewed a lot of sewing machine on the basis of their leather sewing ability and overall performance. We found that ​Brother PQ1500SL dominates the rest.

Specs and features:

​Brother PQ1500SL is a heavy mechanical sewing machine and its weight is 33.4 pounds. In dimensions, it measures 25 x 11.8 x 14.8 inches. It has a top speed of 1500 Stitches per minute. It supports vertical bobbin system, and it comes along with a 25 years limited warranty.

An automatic thread cutter, fast needle threader, Needle position adjuster, Feed dog adjustment knob, Thread tension dial,  Knee lifter and much more is present in Brother PQ1500SL high speed quilting and sewing machine.​ It sew through thick leather like a breeze.

​Brother PQ1500SL reviews-Pros

​Brother PQ1500SL high speed industrial sewing machine provides you with much more benefits for what you pay for it. Now lets give a brief explanation about having a Brother PQ1500SL.

Decent one for quilting and multi-layers fabrics:

​​This was our best pick among sewing machines which do excellent quilting as well in our top ten best sewing machine reviews.​This machine has a decent stitch quality which remains consistent while working at top speed and on heavy fabrics.

​You can complete your large size quilting projects and sew through multi-layer fabrics with such ease and that too at a very quick time, thanks to its quick speed. Besides that​.

​Easy to use features:

​​This machine is having so feature rich that it hardly lacks anything. Most importantly, when a single machine is having so many features, then it sometimes becomes quite difficult for the makers of the machine to make all features easy and convenient to use.

But this is very user-friendly at the same time. One can hardly feel frustrated or confused  in learning and understanding its features.

​Its stability supports leather sewing:

​Its sturdy and strongly built metal frames provides it with extra-ordinary stability. Stability is a very necessary factor which helps in sewing leather. If the machine isn’t stable, then surely it will effect the stitch quality when you try to sew leather on it. 

But the decent stability of Brother PQ1500SL makes it the best sewing machine for leather in today’s date.

​The only con-a Bit of practice is needed

​​Well, we don’t call that a con. Few people complain that this thing is not easy and that thing is not convenient in this machine. Such complains are completely useless. We fully tested this machine and didn’t found a single con, which is quite a rear case. You don’t have to learn tons and tons of adjustments.

 You just have to read the manual properly for few minutes and practice on this machine for a while.


  • Excellent for free motion quilting.
  • Top speed of 1500 Stitches/Minute.
  • Best leather sewing machine in today’s date.
  • User friendly and easy to operate.
  • 25 Years limited warranty.
  • Low noise and high stability.
  • Decent with bigger sewing and quilting projects.


  • ​Needle threader and cutter might be a bit difficult to use.
  • Practice is needed in getting properly used to on this machine.

​Brother PQ1500SL high speed quilting and sewing machines proves itself perfect in every department. We concluded in our Best sewing machine for leather reviews that no other machine can compare itself with Brother PQ1500SL at that price level.

If you want a user-friendly and highly durable machine, which sew leather like a breeze, then no other machine can be better that Brother PQ1500SL for you. We highly recommend this machine to everybody.

2. ​janome HD3000 reviewBest for leather and denim

Janome HD3000 Reviews

Janome HD3000 Reviews

​This particular sewing machine is especially for those sewers, who like to carry on sewing with a wide range of fabrics. Besides that, it is quite comfortable for beginners as well. ​This machine made it place in our best sewing machines for leather reviews because of its efficiency and elegance while dealing with heavier fabrics.A big plus is that Stitch length and width adjustments; both are situated the front of the machine, which is quite convenient.

​Specs and features:

​​Snap-On presser feet, ​Free arm, ​18 stitches, ​Horizontal, full rotatory hook bobbin system, ​Built-In needle threader, ​Reverse stitch lever, ​Extra high presser foot left, etc. and many other such features are available with Janome HD3000​. Maximum stitch length is 4mm and width is ​6.5mm.

Its weight is 18.7 pounds and it measures 10 x 19 x 15 inches in dimensions. Top speed of this mechanic sewing machine is 860 stitches per minute. Janome HD3000 heavy duty sewing machine comes with a 25 years limited warranty.

​janome HD3000 review : Pros

​Janome HD3000 heavy duty sewing machine comes with a big bundle of benefits, because of which, this machine trend so much among sewers of all levels. Lets know about the major benefits of this machine.

​exceptionally powerful machine:

​There is no need to panic if you have to carry on with heavier fabrics like leather. Janome HD3000 is outstandingly powerful machine. When we tested it, it was easily handling even more than six layers of heavier fabrics and ​that shows how elegant Janome HD3000 is.

​Many heavy duty machines suffer problem of over-heating​. Therefore user sometimes feels hesitated to work on with heavier projects for a longer time. There is absolutely no problem of overheating with this sewing machine. Its strong and sturdy aluminum body gives it decent stability and  the powerful motor inside it deals with overloads of work like a breeze.

​high Durability:

​Janome HD3000 is a low maintenance machine. The user has to slow down the speed of the machine and make proper adjustments while switching to fabrics with various thicknesses, and it will add on to the durability of your machine. ​

If taken proper care of, then this machine will be with you more more than a couple of decades.

​janome HD3000 Reviews : Cons

​While we deeply tested this machine, it proved itself decent at every grounds. the only and only deficiency in this machine is that it doesn’t look attractive. Neither it fits well in a modern day crafts room. Its looks are dull, but its performance is mind blowing.


  • Structure and motor, both are very strong.
  • Makes low noise while sewing.
  • Works smoothly and neatly on heavy and multi-layer fabrics.
  • User friendly and good for beginners.
  • Low maintenance and highly durable.
  • 25 Years limited warranty.


  • It looks dull and unattractive.

​This machine can be called a con-free machine, which is a rare case. Janome HD3000 heavy duty sewing machine is perfect in all departments, especially in dealing with heavier fabrics such as leather. We highly recommend this machine to everyone.

3. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 ReviewsBest for leather and multi layer fabrics

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Reviews

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Reviews

Singer Quantum stylist is a heavy and sturdy kind of machine that sews leather as if it is sewing cotton. This highly durable and highly reliable machine got decent response in the consumer reviews. In short, this machine is built to sew thicker and heavier fabrics especially.

​Specs and features:

​Weight of Singer 9960 is 28.2 pounds, and you might feel a need of somebody to shift it from a place to another. Its dimensions are 17.2 x 8.2 x 12 inches . Top drop-in bobbin system is supported in this machine..​This machine has a very enormous range of 600 built-in stitches along with 13 automatic step buttonhole. Top speed of this heavy duty computerized sewing machine is 850 stitches per minute. Following are the key features of Singer 9960.

  1. Start/Stop button
  2. ​LCD screen along with Digital Information Advisor
  3. Extendable needle threader
  4. ​Speed slider
  5. LED that consists of a 600-stitch chart
  6. ​Top drop-in bobbin with clear cover
  7. ​Automatic needle threader

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Reviews : Pros

​Singer 9960 provides you with abundant features, out of which, a few are really rare to have in sewing machine of this price level. We have mentioned most important features in our best sewing machines for leather reviews.

​Electronic autopilot along with a speed slider:

​A user-friendly kind of feature is present in this machine, that is known as Electronic autopilot. This feature is especially for those who are uncomfortable in using foot control. This feature is smart enough to read an error and also, mentioning the area where an error occurred.Speed slider is also present in this machine. It controls the maximum stitch speed. It is very helpful for those who don’t have much experience regarding sewing.

​Bright sewing area and decent stitch speed:

Two LED lights that come with Singer 9960 which are bright enough. Even in low light conditions, you will not face any difficulties because the work area is well illuminated. Just imagine of carrying on a sewing project under low light. It’s irritating no doubt. But if you are working on Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine, your whole work is visible all the time.You can have a keen eye throughout your project. Its structure is also built for the same purpose. ​Besides that, this sewing machine is ​very fast. On this machine, you can complete your work even before your estimated time. Most importantly, its speed is adjustable quite easily.

​Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Reviews : Cons

​There are a few cons related to this sewing machine, which we need to mention and explain in our Best sewing machines for leather reviews.

​Not that suitable for beginners:

​​Singer 9960 is built and designed especially for mid-level and advanced level sewers. undoubtedly this machine is user-friendly, still its abundant features might  confuse or overwhelm the beginners. ​One needs to read its guiding manual properly to know about its functions.

work area of singer 9960 is limited:

​Singer 9960 provides less work area. This particular d​rawback effects quilting. Because of this reason, carrying on bigger size quilts is a very ​challenging task on this machine. Besides that, one cannot add much embroidery to his project on​Singer 9960.​

​your own patters can’t be saved:

​​This is probably the worst thing with ​Singer 9960 sewing machine. You can’t save your own ​patterns, and this can be looked upon as a ​serious limitation. It is such a highly computerized and feature-rich sewing machine that the feature of saving self-patterns must be there. ​


  • Stability and low noise
  • Decent for clothes making and decent stitch quality
  • Abundant free accessories
  • Bright sewing area
  • Versatility
  • User-friendly
  • Decent at sewing heavy and multi layer-fabrics.


  • Not that suitable for beginners.
  • Not suitable for larger quilts and heavy embroidery.
  • Less portability
  • Can’t save patterns created by you 

Singer 9960 is a perfect heavy duty sewing machine and the way it sews through leather is quite impressive. If you want to work on heavy fabrics such as leather, or multi layer fabrics, this Singer Quantum 9960 is very suitable for you. We highly recommend this machine to all.

4. Singer 4411 heavy duty sewing machine reviews ​- Best leather sewing machine for beginners

Singer 4411 Reviews

Singer 4411 Reviews

​Singer 4411 is an excellent heavy duty sewing machine, and it is in high demand. This high-speed heavy duty sewing machine is available at a very low cost. Most importantly it is a master at dealing with heavy and multi-layer fabrics.

​Singer heavy duty 4411 is a highly reliable machine and besides that, highly durable as well.

​Specs and features

​Dimensions of Singer heavy duty 4411 are 15.5 x 602 x 12 inches, and weight is 14.5 pounds. It is an easily portable machine. There are 11 Built-in stitches and one automatic four-step buttonhole as well. Most importantly, its top speed is 1100 stitches per minute, which is quite fast.An easy Top drop-in bobbin system is also present in this machine, which is quite convenient. It comes with a 25 years limited warranty.

Reverse stitch switch60% stronger motor​Tension dialNeedle position dialAdjustable presser foot pressure, etc are few of its key features.

Singer heavy duty 4411 Review​​​​​s : Pros

​Singer 4411 Heavy duty sewing machine comes with a lot of advantages. At its price level, hardly any other machine is this much elegant and beneficial. Lets have a look at the benefits of Singer 4411.

​Low maintenance and Low sound

​This machine requires very less maintenance. You will not have to feel tense regarding lubricating it every now and then, taking it for upgrading or to the repair shops for repair purpose, cleaning its parts, etc.. Most importantly, Singer 4411 sewing machine is very strongly built, and it is highly durable as well.Most of the heavy-duty sewing machines which are available at low prices make quite high noise when they reach their top speed . It indicates that if your machine’s top speed is 1100 stitches per minute, then you are supposed to work up to 900-950 stitches speed only. This is so because if you move further regarding speed, it will make high noise.

​There is no such case with singer 4411. We tested it at its top speed of 1100 stitches per minute, and it won’t make high noise. You can work on headache free for a longer time.

​decent stitch speed and quality

​​It can sew up to 1100 stitches per minute in rapid style. singer 4411 is a kind of machine on which you can complete your projects much before then the estimated time. Its quick speed and less margin of error makes that possible.When we talk about the stitch quality of this machine, then let us inform you, there are almost no complaints in terms of stitch quality​. Even at the top speed, this machine doesn’t shiver much, and because of that, it is very consistent with its stitch width and length. Its output is quite neat and clean.

​Singer 4411 Review : Cons

​Our experts deeply tested Singer heavy duty 4411 and they found few deficiencies in this machine. This machine requires a bit of improvement for sure. Let us mention the drawbacks of Singer 4411 in our Best sew9ing machine for leather reviews.

​4-step buttonhole and plastic casing:

​​There is a 4-step buttonhole present in Singer 4411, which is not that convenient in comparison of a 1-Step Buttonhole. Besides that, the needles that are provided along with the product are not of good quality. You might mess up with your project if you are not smart enough in needle selection for your fabric. ​This machine comes with a plastic casing which doesn’t look good. Other machines of a matching price range come with a metal case normally. Plastic casing makes it look quite cheap​.

​Automatic needle threader is absent:

​​Absence of an Automatic needle threader is the ​biggest inconvenience with Singer 4411. There are abundant features, but the most required one is missing. Threading this machine is undoubtedly not a difficult task, but it might create frustration in beginners mind. ​ ​You need to read the instructions properly mentioned in the guiding manual For completing the process of needle threading properly,. Still, we count this one as a deficiency.


  • High durability and low maintenance.
  • Low noise and easily portable.
  • Decent at dealing with heavy fabrics such as leather.
  • ​User-friendly and easy to operate.
  • 25 Years limited warranty.


  • 4-Step buttonhole.
  • Plastic casing.
  • Absence of Automatic needle threader.

​If you want a strong and stable sewing machine that deals with heavier fabrics such as leather and denim with ease, that too at a very low price, then you must buy Singer heavy duty 4411. We recommend this machine.

5. Singer 4423 Reviews ​- Best leather sewing machine under 200$

Singer 4423 Reviews

Singer 4423 Reviews

​Here comes another Singer machine that market its place in our Best sewing machine for leather reviews. Singer 4423 is like the elder brother of Singer 4111 model. It has the same efficiency of dealing smartly with leather. 

​Singer heavy duty 4423 is a strong, sturdy and highly durable machine, very much like 4411 model.

​Specs and features

​Singer 4423 Heavy duty has 23 built-in stitches along with one style buttonhole. ​Dimensions of this machine are 15.5 x 6.2 x 12 inches, and its weight is 14.5 lbs. Its top speed is 1100 stitches per minute. Stitch length and width are adjustable. Its highest noise level is 71.4 decibles. It comes with three extra feet.

Three needle positions, Adjustable Presser Foot Presser Control, ​Top Drop-In Bobbin along-with Clear View Cover, ​Automatic Sew In Reverse Feature,  ​Free ArmAutomatic Needle Threader are few of its key features.

​Singer heavy duty 4423 reviews : Pros

​You get a lot of advantages from this machine. Singer 4423 provides you with much more in comparison to what you pay for it. Lets reveal the major advantages of Singer 4423 in our Best sewing machines for leather reviews.

​Special app for enhancing your techniques:

​Singer has provided us with a decent app named Single sewing Assistant App. This app can be downloaded at iTunes and Google Play store. It provides with many tutorials for different projects and tasks. It also answers all the questions asked of it about the machine and clears all your doubts.

This heavy duty sewing machine has got extra strength:

​​It is a decent heavy duty machine. We tested it by sewing five layers of denim at the same time, it did its job in style and perfection. The output was as straight and neat as a couple of layers of thin cotton. Heavy metal structure of Singer 4423 is reliable and highly durable.

​Presser foot control and stitching speed:

​Few machines are there in the market which can match the versatility of Singer 4423  heavy duty sewing machine. The user doesn’t feel any problem in switching among fabrics of different thickness. You can adjust the presser foot control quite quickly and easily.It is very rapid with its top speed limit. You can finish your projects before estimated time because Singer 4423 heavy duty model is capable of sewing up to 1100stitches per minute. It is possible because of the heavy and strong motor that is fitted in it which provides it with extra strength.

​Singer 4423 Review : Cons

​Although you are getting quite much with Singer 4423 at such a low price level, but unfortunately, a few cons come along with. Let us make you aware of the cons of this machine.

​The loud noise Issue:

​​Its top speed is 1100 stitches per minute. It might consume some time to practice for working and its top speed because working at 1100 stitches per minute is time-saving, but at the same time, it is difficult to handle as well.One major issue with Singer 4423 heavy duty model is that it makes a thunderous noise when you run it at its top speeds. If we calculate properly, then at its max speed, its sound touches 71.4 decibels which is not easy to cope up with. Most importantly, it might even trouble others as well. ​

​Less number of features:

​​​Although this machine is having more features than Singer 4411, but we can’t deny from the fact that this machine surely lacks some features.​When we compare features of Singer heavy duty 4423 sewing machine with other ​mechanical sewing machines of its price level, then it is true that some of them are missing. Especially the number of built-in stitches (23) is very limited, and it limits the creativity of the user for sure.


  • Easy portability
  • Decent at sewing heavier fabrics.
  • Low price 
  • ​Low maintenance.
  • Top speed of 1100 stitches per minute.
  • 25 Years limited warranty


  • It  makes high noise at it’s top speed.
  • ​It lacks some extra features.
  • Stitching patterns are limited.

​​This professional looking machine has got all the qualities to please its users, and it works on heavy fabrics such as leather like a breeze. It is loaded with many accessories and working on it is quite comfortable for sewers of all levels. Its low price and high durability make it entirely worthy of its price.

​We have mentioned 5 sewing machine for leather that were best in their respective departments in our best sewing machine for leather reviews. Now it’s the time to suggest you the best machines as per your needs in the shortest way possible.

​Best sewing machine for leather:​ Brother PQ1500SL

Best sewing machine for leather​ and Denim: Janome 3000 HD

Best sewing machine for leather and multi-layer fabrics: Singer quantum stylist 9960

​Best sewing machine for leather for beginners: Singer 4411

​Best sewing machine for leather under 200 dollars: Singer 4423

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