5 Best sewing machine for quilting (You can BUY Today ) 2019

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​Here comes our Best sewing machine for quilting reviews to help you out in investing your money in the best and mo0st advantageous machine possible.

We know that there is such heavy competition is the sewing machines market, that anyone might get confused about which product is the best from the rest.

Our experts have spent 70+ hours in fetching out the best five sewing machines for quilting after testing more than 50 machines. Really interesting!

These five machines satisfied our experts to the deepest, and now we will be revealing those top five quilting machines, which heavily dominate their respective departments. Shall we proceed?

Best Sewing Machines for quilting

1. brother pq1500sl high speed quilting and sewing machine – Best high-speed quilting machine

Brother PQ1500SL Reviews.jpg

Brother PQ1500SL Reviews.jpg

​​Brother PQ1500SL is an “absolute professional quilter”. This ​sewing and quilting machine is designed in such a way that ​one gets a lot of ​workspace. This one is a ​decent high-speed quilting machine and ​undoubtedly the best one of 2017. This machine marked its place in our Best sewing machines reviews (Top 10) where it proved itself the best quilting machine.

Now lets explain how is this machine best from the rest.

​Specs and features:

​Bbrother PQ150SL is a  heavy mechanical sewing machine and it weighs 33.4 pounds. In dimensions, it measures 25 x 11.8 x 14.8 inches. It has a ​thrilling top speed of 1500 Stitches per minute. It ​has vertical bobbin, and it comes with a 25 years limited warranty. ​The​most significant feature of ​brother PQ150SL sewing and quilting machine​ which makes it best from the rest is that it makes free-motion quilting most comfortable and luxusrious.

An automatic thread cutter, Feed dog adjustment knob, Thread tension dial, fast needle threader,  Knee lifter, Needle position adjuster, and much more is present in this single machine. One can’t demand more features from it.

Brother PQ1500SL : Pros

​Brother PQ1500SL provides you with so many benefits, that hardly you can demand something more. This machine is here in our reviews due to its abundant advantages and decent performance only. Let’s explore its benefits now.

​Prefect sewing and quilting supportive machine:

​You can easily complete your large size quilting projects with ​such perfection and ease on this machine. Thanks to its rapid speed which allows you to finish up your projects in ​a very quick time. Besides that, if you ​love working on heavy fabrics, then also no problem, as the way it deals with heavy fabrics is worthy of applause.​We have tested thousands of sewing machines, but if you ask that which machine is equally balanced in both sewing and quilting departments, then we will suggest Brother PQ1500SL undoubtedly.

​Easy to operate and low price factor:

​This particular high speed sewing and quilting machine is so perfect for everyone, including the beginners, because of its user-friendly nature. All features and func​tions are quite easily accessible and understandable.

Now, here comes the biggest advantage. This out standing machine is available at such a low price that hardly one can think of. We would have recommended this machine even if it was available at ​40% more price than its actual price.

Brother PQ1500SL : Cons

​One of the biggest reason for which it is one of the most highly rated machine in today’s date is that it is a con-free machine. Yes, a very rare case. No matter how deeply you try to test this machine, but you are going to find nothing under the heading “cons”.

Our experts spend so many hours in testing it and keenly studied the consumer reviews as well. No issue mentioned there as well.

Just a few folks complain that this function is not easy, or that one is not easy. All you need is to spend some time in practicing its features, as it is not  a set up and go kind of machine. Especially needle threader and thread cutter might be a bit complex for few users.

Again we say, practice them, and you will be perfect.


  • Excellent for free motion quilting.
  • Top speed of 1500 Stitches/Minute.
  • User friendly and easy to operate.
  • Multi-featured
  • Low noise and high stability.
  • Perfect stability and stitch quality
  • Decent with bigger sewing and quilting projects.
  • ​Easily affordable.
  • 25 Years limited warranty.


  • Needle threader and cutter are a bit complex to use.
  • You need to practice few features to understand them properly.

​If you ​are searching a perfect blend of a sewing machine and quilting machine, that too in a ​very reasonable price, then Brother PQ1500SL is the perfect ​one for you. ​This machine is fully featured and decent for ​sewers of all levels.

 Besides that, ​quilters are going to feel heavenly while working of this machine. ​Brother PQ1500SL is the best machine for larger quilts and is undoubtedly the best one of it’s kind. We highly recommend Brother PQ1500SL to all.

2. Singer 7258 Reviews – Best for bigger size quilts

Singer 7258 Reviews

Singer 7258 Reviews

​Singer 7258 sewing and quilting machine is an award-winning machine. We have added it here in our Best sewing machine for quilting reviews because of its extra-large extension table, which makes it the best sewing machine for bigger size quilting.

​Specs and features:

​​Singer 7258 has surprisingly touched the 100 built-in stitch barrier ​at that much low price level. ​There are 7 one-step buttonholes. In dimensions, it measures 12 x 7.5 x 14.5 inches, and ​it weighs 14.6 pounds. It is easily portable as you won’t feel the need of ​someone for lifting or moving it. It​’s max stitch speed ​is 750 stitches per minute.It is fully loaded with several features. Its key features are Needle Up/Down, Easy speed control, Start/Stop button, bright LCD, reverse button, Twin need the capability, free-arm, automatic bobbin winding clutch, and much more.

Singer 7258 : Pros

​This machine is full of ​benefits. It has made sewing much more ​comfortable. Let us explain ​some of the most significant features of having​ Singer Stylist 7258 machine at home. Shall we proceed?

​Wide range of stitch selection options:

​As we mentioned earlier in our best sewing machine for quilting reviews that one ​might surely get surprised by knowing that this quilting machine provides you with 100 built-in stitches ​most importantly at such a low price. It is ​very rare. ​

For that reason, this machine is very suitable not just for beginners, but for advance level sewers as well.

​built-in storage:

​A built-in-storage is ​surely required in any  sewing machine of modern day for the storage of all the ​accessories of regular use while you are sewing. ​Built-in storage is provided by the company so that ​accessories of regular usage can be kept well-organized.​​Most importantly, you will not lose your bobbins, needles,  screwdrivers, etc. as they will all be organized well in the box that is quite close to your hand.

​Best for bigger size quilting projects:

​This is the main reason for which this machine made a mark in our Best sewing machine for beginner Reviews . This machine comes with an extension table, which is very large in size. It gives you a lot of space to work on and supports free-motion quilting. This is the best thing in this machine, as many other quilting machines don’t provide this much workspace.

Singer 7258 reviews : cons

​Singer 7258 is an absolutely pleasing machine, but it has a few cons as well, which we need to make aware of cons in our Best sewing machine for quilting reviews​. We will also explain that how serious are they.

pressure of presser foot is not adjustable and low stitch width:

​A few users complaint that presser foot pressure is not adjustable and they find it​ very uncomfortable. It is automatic, still, if an option of adjusting presser foot pressure was ​available, then it had been more convenient and comfortable, especially for those sewers, who are not in the habit of using computerized machines.

Besides that,​ Stitch width in this machine is limited to 5mm, and it is often ​mentioned in the consumer’s reviews that it would have been better if it was ​adjustable.

​Usage of plastic for making few parts:

​Although the whole Singer 7258 sewing and quilting machine are made up of top quality material, but we don’t know why the makers have made the pedal​ with regular quality plastic. It would have been more comfortable and acceptable if a better material ​was used instead of plastic.


  • Highly computerized multi- features
  • Best for bigger size quilts
  • ​Strongly built
  • Low maintenance
  • highly durable
  • Fit enough for sewers of all levels
  • Decent stitch quality


  • Foot Pedal is made of plastic.
  • Carrying case is absent.

If you are among those, who love to ​carry on bigger size sewing and quilting projects, on a machine, that is portable and easily affordable as well, then Singer 7258 stylist is the perfect choice for you. We highly recommend Singer 7258 to sewers of all levels.

3. Singer 7469Q Reviews – Cheap best sewing machine for quilting

Singer 7469Q Confidence quilter Reviews

Singer 7469Q Confidence quilter Reviews

​​Singer 7469Q Sewing and quilting machine is a highly versatile machine. It successfully fulfills all the needs and ​ requirements all levels sewers. ​Singer 7469Q comes with a very wide range of features with the help of which you can do endless creativity.  Most importantly this sewing machine is quite efficient in ​sewing a very wide range of fabrics which include almost all thicker size fabrics and multilayer fabrics as well. ​Besides that, Singer 7469Q is a user-friendly kind of machine.

​Specs and features:

​There are a total of 98 built-in stitches in ​Singer 7469Q sewing machine. ​Besides that, there are  7 one-step buttonholes. This computerized sewing machine ​has a drop in Bobbin system which is ​very convenient. It comes with a 25 years Limited warranty the very same way you get with Most of other Singer sewing machines.

Stitch chart, extension table, 13 needle postions, automatic needle threader, jam resistant top drop in bobbin system, etc. are a few of its key features.

Singers and 7469Q Confidence quilter machine review : Pros

​One of the biggest advantages of Singer 7469Q is that it is available at a very cheap price. Still, this machine hardly lacks anything. Now it is the time to explain you a few more biggest advantages of Singer 7469Q.

​Convenient The Stitch chart:

​There is an added stitch chart in this machine, which helps you out in quickly and easily finding your desired stitches. Besides that, this added stitch chart also helps you out in discovering new stitches. This feature is loved by beginners a lot as it plays a vital role in enhancing your mood to do some experimenting.

Presence of the extension table for quilting:

​You receive a wide enough extension table with your Singer 7469​. This table proves itself ​very ​advantageous for both sewers and quilters who like to ​do larger size projects.

It provides you with so much convenience while ​carrying on larger size projects because it ​gives you a larger working space and helps you in dealing with the confusion which​arises due to the complexity a bigger size ​quilting projects.

​Singer 7469q reviews : Cons

​If we don’t include a couple of minor inconveniences, then this machine is a con-free machine. No issue regarding any of its feature or usage. Singer 7469Q works quite efficiently. Lets put some light on a couple of minor drawbacks of Singer 7469Q sewing and quilting machine.

​The voltage issue:

​There is a voltage issue with ​this machine. although it is a​ decent machine, but we don’t recommend you to take this machine outside of USA or Canada.We suggest ​that because of the fact that your Singer 7469Q won’t be able to ​adapt the voltage difference because it is ​designed to work on in the voltage of US and Canada only which is quite low in comparison of ​the voltage in Asia, Europe or Africa. We also don’t recommend you to use an adapter, it might affect the durability of your Singer 7469Q.​

LED light is quite dull:

Singer 74692 comes with a LED light that is dull and does not ​allow you to work in low light conditions. If you can’t ​carry on without working in low light conditions or at night time, then you will have to spend more money to buy an additional LED device.​We hope that ​Singer provides with a better LED light in Singer 7469Q Sewing and quilting machine.


  • Abundant stitch selections.
  • Highly versatile and fit for sewers of all levels.
  • Elegant with larger size sewing and quilting projects.
  • Effective on thicker and multi-layer fabrics.
  • Low noise
  • Easy and convenient features.
  • Decent stitch quality.
  • ​Low price.


  • LED light isn’t bright enough.
  • This quilter is only for USA and Canada.

​You can hardly find a better ​sewing and quilting machine with that price tag. It provides you with every sort of comfort when you work on bigger size sewing or quilting projects.Its stitch quality, durability, noise, etc. everything is perfect. We highly recommend this machine to everyone.

4. Juki HZL F600 Reviews – Best sewing machine for quilting with all kinds of fabrics

Juki HZL F600 reviews

Juki HZL F600 reviews

Juki HZL F600 full-sized computer sewing and quilting machine grabbed the spot of the Best sewing machine for quilting Reviews as it ​is the best machine to deal with all kinds of fabrics. It can sew ten layers of denim as if it is sewing a couple of layers of cotton. It stitches quality is worthy of applause. Perfection and elegance of Juki HZL f600 are going to make you a fan of it.

​Specs and features:

There are a total of 225 built-in stitches in this machine, which is more than enough. It has Four font options largeLED display which ​is 33mm x 66mm​ in measurement. Its top stitching speed is 900 stitches per minute.

​Some of it’s m​ost important features are Presser foot pressure, a​utomatic needle threader,  control, Dual LED light, A randomized Stitch option,  bright enough to be easily visible and an easy to operate bobbin thread winder.

​Juki HZL F600 Reviews : Pros

​Juki HZL might be a bit expensive one for a few people, but the fact is that it does justice to its price tag. It provides you with so many features, with which you get heavenly sewing and quilting experience. Let’s have a look at the most significant benefits of Juki HZL F600 sewing and quilting machine.

​​Never ending creativity:

​This is a true fact that once you bring this machine home, you can do endless creativity with it ​throughout your life long. Its abundant features and wide stitch selection gives you so many creative options that one can hardly feel bored on this machine.Most importantly, nothing is missing in this machine. It has successfully satisfied 94% of its users. You will never hear a complaint of even a small thing missing in this machine.It is highly durable as well, so not only you but your next generation will also be doing creativity with this machine.

​Abundant accessories:

​Just before this, we talked that no feature is missing in this machine, now we ​add on to that, there is no accessory missing either. Juki HZL F600 comes with its own army of accessories, extras, extensions, and attachments. You surely need to spend sometime understand the proper utilization of all that.​Throughout your life, you will hardly feel the need of buying anything from outside.

​Juki HZL F600 Reviews : Cons

​There are no major cons in this machine. When our testers tested Juki HZL F600 full-sized computer sewing and quilting machine in our lab, a few minor issues came out. We will mention and explain those drawbacks in the paragraphs below.


​If we honestly say, then the highest noise of this machine didn’t cross our “high noise barrier” when we tested it at top speed and on various fabrics. Few people complain of its high pitching clunking sound. This came out as a complain because people want the best of the best when they pay that much money for a sewing machine. It is true that it is sometimes a bit louder than other sewing machines of its price level. But the noise that it makes doesn’t make you feel that uncomfortable.

​not fit for the beginners:

​It is true that we can’t call this machine a good one for the beginners. This machine does have a big learning curve. There are so many features and functions in Juki HZL F600 that it can easily confuse those, who have less experience of working on such machines. When we talk about intermediates, then again we say that bring this machine home only if you already have experience of working on the highly specialized computerized sewing machine. Otherwise, you will feel frustrated and overwhelmed while understanding the features and functions of this machine.We do not recommend Juki HZL F600 to beginners or you less experienced sewers.


  • Highly durable.
  • Multiple features.
  • Highly computerized and automatic.
  • Plenty of built-in stitches.
  • Wide options for creativity.
  • ​Wide range of free accessories.
  • Decent for committed inter-mediates and experts.
  • Can easily work on all kinds of fabrics.


  • High noise.
  • Heavy weight and less portability
  • Not fit for beginners and learners.

If you want a complete pack kind of machine, which does all the work which you want from it in a perfect way, without any exception, then Juki HZL F600 is the best sewing and quilting machine for you.​Juki HZL F600 has all the abilities to satisfy you, and it gives you a wide option of everything including stitches, creativity, fabrics selection, etc. We highly recommend this machine, but not to beginners.

5. Brother CS6000i Reviews – Best sewing machine for quilting for beginners

Brother CS6000i Reviews

Brother CS6000i Reviews

Now what to say about this machine. Whenever we talk about the best sewing machine,  Brother CS600i surely makes its mark. It marked its spot in our Best sewing machines (Top 10) Reviews, Best cheap sewing machine reviews, Best sewing machine for beginner Reviews, and now in this review. Such an extraordinary machine this one is, that we got less words to describe it. It can do each and everything for you, except sewing through multi-layer fabrics. This award-winning sewing machine is undoubtedly the best one for beginners on all grounds.

specs and features:

​Dimensions of Brother CS6000i are 16 x 6.7 x 11.4 x inches. Its weight is 13.1 lbs. ​This machine is undoubtedly a perfect ​quilter because carrying on bigger size quilting projects ​is ​very easy on this machine beca​use of ​two features, which are wide table and free arm.

There are 60 built-in stitches in this computerized sewing machine, which include all essential stitches. its top speed is 850 stitches per minute.​There is a ​A Quick-set,top-drop in bobbin system in this machine ​, which is quite convenient​. ​

It comes with a 25 years limited warranty​ which stands besides you whenever you feel inconvenience regarding functioning of the machine.

​Brother CS6000i reviews : Pros

​We have already mentioned that this machine is outstandingly advantageous. Now it is the time to mention a few more significant advantages of Brother CS6000i sewing and quilting machine. So, shall we proceed?

​User friendly and fit for all:

​Brother CS6000i is having so many features, but this machine is probably one of the most convenient and easy to use. That is the reason due to which it dominates all other beginner sewing machines in the market. No feature or function will confuse you.Most importantly, this machine is not a decent learning machine, but it is fit enough for sewers of all levels. It is something or the other to offer to all level sewers.

Excellent stitch quality:

​Stitch quality of brother CS6000i is double awesome. You can try any fabric on this machine, at your desired speed. Nothing will happen to its stitch quality. Its output looks quite professional. You will never face issues of stitch skipping, puckering, inconsistency in stitch width/length on Brother CS6000i sewing machine.It is capable of supporting larger size quilting and sewing projects. This machine doesn’t heat up easily, so you can work on it for a very long time as well.

Brother cs6000i Reviews : cons

​Honestly, ​Brother CS6000i sewing machine can be called con-free up to some extent. ​Our experts deeply studied the consumer reviews of this machine, and they found nothing that serious ​under the word “con.” ​Just one inconvenience or we can say deficiency was mentioned in the consumer reviews. Let us explain what that was.

Non-efficient on multi-layer fabrics:

​This machine offers you so much and hardly gives you a chance to complain. But this is the only deficiency in this machine that it doesn’t stitch through multi-layer fabrics.

At a very less price, this machine provides you with so much, that you can’t even expect, but if it is unable to stitch through multi-layer fabrics, then that must not be counted as an issue.Most importantly, this machine easily sews through heavier fabrics, and it has got mastery in sewing leather. So, no need to worry, you have got much to do on Brother CS6000i sewing and quilting machine.


  • 60 built-in stitches.
  • ​Perfect for the beginners.
  • Supports bigger size quilting projects.
  • ​Highly featured.
  • ​Highly portable.
  • Decent for large size quilting.
  • Low price.
  • 25 Years limited warranty.


  • Can’t sew multi-layer fabrics.

​In short, we say, that don’t miss the chance of grabbing this machine, because you can’t find such a sewing machine at that price level, not even something near to it. We are so ​pleased with this product that we highly recommend brother CS6000i to all with both the hands up.

​Best sewing machine for quilting Reviews : The final wrap-up

​We pointed out the best sewing machine for quilting of every department. Now, you can easily and undoubtedly invest your money in anyone of those five sewing machines.

Now let us do a revision of the same thing, but in a very brief manner.

​Best sewing machine for quilting regarding high speed: Brother PQ1500SL

​Best sewing machine for quilting regarding ​bigger quilts: Singer 7258

​Best sewing machine for quilting regarding low price: Singer 7469Q

​Best sewing machine for quilting for all kinds of fabrics: Juki HZL F600

​Best sewing machine for quilting for beginners: Brother CS6000i

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