Brother 1034D serger reviews in 2019 {Complete explanation in depth}

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​Through Brother 1034D serger reviews we are going to get proper knowledge in depth about this particular product of Brother company. All sorts of questions related to this product will be cleared, and even the mostprofound facts will be dug out. With the help of this review, one will feel confident in making a decision related to the purchase of it.

​Brother 1034D serger reviews

Brother 1034D serger reviews

Brother 1034D serger reviews

Brother 1034 reviews : basic info about company

​When we think about innovative and fully featured computerized sewing machines, the first company that comes to the mind of most of the people is Brother. It is so because of the company’s love and cares towards itsusers. Brother has been working since years in making sewing more luxurious.It is a trustworthy company because complain percentage against its products have always been too low. Besides that, its sewing machines have always been user-friendly to all.

​basic info about the product

​Brother 1034D is a surger which is affordable and its performance is also quite high. Besides that, like other Brother sewing machines, it maintains consistency. This is a kind of serger that people of all generations will like to use. Beginners, Intermediates, experts, experienced, everyone. Right from middle school kid to a grown up grandpa, its fit for all.

This is a type of machine, that efficiently works on vast varieties of fabrics. One can never feel bored while doing decorative designs with the help of this machine because its easy to operate quality makes it fun. You can hardly find out someone who doesn’t feel comfortable while working on Brother 1034D.

specialities of Brother 1034D

Its cost-effectiveness and quality of providing much at less price make it unique. This is an attractive looking machine which contains almost all essentials which are needed by a user. It is colorful, Durable and doesn’t require too much attention in terms of maintenance.Besides that, it has so many features that make working on it more luxuriously. We will explain those special features later on in this Brother 1034D Reviews.

putting light on some of its key features

​Following ar​e some of the key feature of this machine, lets have a look.

​​It is capable of joining laces and creating soft decorativeedges easily. For that, it uses sewing machine needles of standard quality.

Being a serger machine, it is quite easy to thread it. Besides that, it has numbered lower and upper looper threading instructions which are color-coded and attractive.

There are a total of 22 built-in stitches present in this machine. It has all essential stitch functions which help you out with your special decorative projects.

​Easy process of threading on this machine

Although an automatic threader is not present in this machine, still threading this machine is quite an easy task to perform. Most of the people feel frustrated while threading as it is surely a sort of a headache only. Threading is not that simple in most of the sergers out there in the market, but threading is never an issue with Brother 1034D.​The only thing that is needed is practice. That also doesn’t take much time. After that, you will be able to carry on the task of threading this machine easily.Most importantly, patience is required. One can watch related videos on youtube where information is given step-wise. I bet once you learn it, you will never feel the need of relearning it.

​Guidance for threading brother 1034d

​It is essential to follow the process adequately stepwise because it is a bit long process to thread the third and fourth thread lines. One will be doing it correctly after two or three tries. Besides that, threading in proper order is very important. Therefore, you need to follow the instruction manual.

​Functioning of the retractable knife blade

​A retractable knife blade is provided in this serger which does the work of trimming the edge right before being serged for a neat and clean edge with all the fabrics aligned in a perfect way. If you don’t feel the need to trim the edges, you just need to switch ​OFF the knife blade.

Functioning of the differential feed

​The machine has a great feature, that is a differential feed. It helps out the user while he is working on stretchy fabrics .besides that, it avoids waves formation. One can create a professional finish while working on fabrics that vary in terms of thickness and even texture. For example, Jersey knits, cotton, silk, denim, etc.When you are serging pant legs, sleeves, etc. it is possible to remove its arm, and this particular feature is rare to find in a serger.

​Accessories that come along with this product

​There are some sergers which provide accessories in too much abundance, but it happens that some of them don’t even come in use ever. Brother 1034 provides accessories which are essential. Its accessories are mentioned below:

  1. Soft cover
  2. ​Operation manual (English /Spanish)
  3. ​Gathering foot
  4. ​Accessory feet-Multi purpose guide foot
  5. ​CD for instructions
  6. ​Accessory bag
  7. ​Foot controller
  8. ​Tweezers
  9. ​Trim trap
  10. ​Hexl wrench
  11. ​4 Spool nets
  12. ​Cleaning brush
  13. ​Needle set
  14. Other small accessories also come along-with which you can find at Brother website.

​Brother 1034 reviews : how good for beginners?

​Usually, the serger is not a machine that can be operated by beginners just after a few minutes. This one is easy to learn and develop tactics. Besides that, beginners are recommended to view its tutorials provided on youtube and follow it step-wise. Functions of this particular serger are not complicated. Therefore, there is nothing to hesitate for​ the beginners.

​Dimensions, portability and maintenance

​It is 11 x 11.7 x 13.2 inches in dimensions. It is a small and excellent looking machine, which is easy to fit even in a small place. Its weight is 15lbs. We can call it easily portable because other sewers of its matching price limit are comparatively much heavier than this one.A hard case is provided along with this product, which makes its portability much easier and besides that, safe. This case very well protects your machine and preventsany kind of damage that happens to the machine while moving it from one place to another.This machine does not demand maintenance on a regular basis, just by doing normal maintenance, it proves itself highly durable.

​A big pro is its low price

​It is not an easy task for beginners to learn working on sergers if the serger is a bit complicated or too much advanced. Besides that, It might even bring frustration to the beginner’s mind. Most importantly, sergers must be easy to use and operate.A good quality serger having enough features and besides that being user-friendly, is high on rates usually. One has to shed this pocket well to purchase a comfortable serger for beginners and next level sewers as well. Brother 1034D is such a serger that fulfills your desires, and you don’t even need to pay high.It is very price effective and probably the best one of its price matching sewers. Besides that, one will hardly feel a need to replace it ever, because advances tasks can be performed easily with this serger.

​Brother 1034D reviews : cons of the machine

​Although buyer is getting too much at very less price, still we need to put light upon its cons. Most importantly, its cons are not such big enough to over-shadow its pros. Let us go through knowledge related to deficiencies and cons of this brother 1034D serger. Besides that, possible fixes are also mentioned.

​Not that effective on thick materials

​Few problems related to its effectiveness have been noticed through public Brother 1034 Reviews. They complain that this serger does not work effectively on some of thicker materials such as multi-layer denim. Well, the solution is advised in the paragraph below.

​Solving thick material problem

​Well, it must be not counted as a con for sure. This machine already gives you options with a wide range of fabrics and if it doesn’t work very efficiently on some of thicker materials, then what is the big deal?See its price!You are receiving so much in that much money. Most importantly, you cannot demand each and every single luxury relating to serging with that much low amount in your budget. Brother 1034D does work very well on some thick materials, but everything cannot be demanded from it.Still, if you will need that your work will not move on without those thicker and multi-layer materials, then you need to buy some other serger which will be much much costlier than this one for sure. Brother 1034D is not for you then.

​No ability of cover stitch and chain stitch. Makes a loud sound too

​Few users complain that two features are missing in this serger. Those two are Cover Stitch and Chain stitch. Besides that, another issue mentioned is that Brother 1034D serger makes a loud noise and sometimes creates a headache when worked on it for the more extended period.

​clearing both issues right above

​When we talk about those two missing stitches, then once again we will most importantly mention that it already provides you with abundant features and demanding each and every feature from this machine will not be that right. Few buyers always look upon the deficiency of the machine but don’t look at what it is providing.If Chain and Cover stitches are not present, then it will not be the end of the world, you can be creative with other stitches present there as well.Besides that, when we talk about its loud noise, then let us clear one thing most importantly. That one thing is that a serger is a machine that does make noise no matter which serger. Few exceptions are there, but for those few, you will have to shed a massive amount from your pocket.

​Brother 1304d serger :the Final verdict

​We have already gone through all facts related to this serger. Most importantly, now it doesn’t need to be explained that it will be a right decision to purchase it. This serger will never let you down. It’s stitch quality and user-friendly features and outstanding.You have to pay very less for getting this serger at home. Most importantly, once you bring it home, not only you but your teenage children, your wife, your parents, your grandparents, all will be comfortable while using it. It is one for all.


  • ​Affordable price.
  • Hard case for protection
  • User friendly and good for all
  • Easy to set thread tension
  • Easy threading with the help of colored markings
  • Low maintenance
  • ​Decent stitch quality.


  • Unable to do chain stitch and cover stitch
  • Not effective on few thicker materials.

​This serger provides all essential features to the user, and its working ability is decent. Its beautiful looks can attract anyone. Its low price and user-friendliness make it utterly worthy of its price.

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