Brother CE1100PRW Reviews 2020 [Updated]

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​​By going through Brother CE1100PRW Reviews, we will know about all the positives and negatives about Brother CE1100 Sewing machine.

We will bring “a sense of being sure” about this product for those who want to purchase this particular machine. Not just the benefits, but we will also put light upon problems and their respective solutions.

Brother CE1100PRW Reviews

Brother CE1100PRW Reviews

What we loved about this prodcut?
  • Vast variety of stitches
  • Abundant accessories provided along-with the product
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Highly durable and low maintenance.
  • Easy to set up and user friendly
  • Less margin of complain
  • Neat and tidy results
  • ​25 Years limited warranty

After having a full look over this machine, this machine has got all essential features, and this one is probably the best of its kind. It has pleased more than 90% of its users, and that is enough for one to understand that Brother CE1100PRW project runway sewing machine is entirely worthy of purchase.

Brother CE1100prw reviews: a brief info about the company Brother.

Brother is a company whose Name and Fame are big in the market of sewing machines. It is a well-Trusted and dependable brand, and it always comes up with innovations regarding technology, features, etc. all things related to sewing machines.It successfully attracts a lot of customers by its every single launch that it does after a regular interval of time. This company cares a lot about sewers.

Brother CE1100PRW Computerized Sewing Machine (Certified Refurbished)
  • CERTIFIED REFURBISHED: This Certified Refurbished product is tested and certified by Brother to look and work like-new. The product includes all original accessories, and is backed by a 90-day warranty
  • LIMITED EDITION: Exclusive Project Runway Limited Edition sewing machine
  • LCD SCREEN: Easy to read display with computerized stitch selection
  • EASY SET UP: Quick-set drop-in top bobbin and advanced needle threading system
  • VERSATILE: 100 built-in stitches and 8 one-step auto-size buttonholes

Brother CE1100prw reviews: First look over product

​Brother has launched limited “Project Runway” sewing machines, and brother CE1100PRW is the same kind. Brother Project Runaway machines have most of the times in demand, and so is Brother CE1100PRW. It won’t be too much if we say that Brother CE1100PRW is probably the best andmost satisfying creation in this particular ” Project Runaway” department. While going through Brother Project Runaway CE1100PRW Reviews, we will unleash a lot about the excellence of this machine.

​Knowing about basic KEy-features of this machine

​Ce1100PRW is one of those sewing machines, which are although electronic sewing machine, but not fully computerized. It starts impressing right from the beginning when we come to know about its key features.It has a total of 100 Built-In stitches, so user will be having more than enough options to select. It includes eight types of 1-Step Auto-Size buttonholes along with a sewing Arm which helps out in sewing Sleeves and Cuffs. ComputerizedStitch selection is present which is displayed on the LCD screen.Seven -point Feed Dogs Drop Feed which support free motion Quilting and an easy to operate Feed system. Besides all that, Drop-In top Bobbin is also present. Max stitch width is 7mm and stitch length is 5mm.

​listing​ the accessories that come along with the product

​We will put light on all accessories that come along-with this particular sewing machine that make your sewing experience more fun. We have sorted them in a list, let’s have a look:

  1. Twin Needle
  2. Four Bobbins
  3. ​Accessory bag with needle set
  4. ​Extra spool pin
  5. ​Ballpoint needle
  6. ​Screwdriver
  7. ​Power cord
  8. ​Cleaning Brush
  9. ​Guiding manual
  10. ​Three Spool caps
  11. ​Seam ripper
  12. ​Zigzag foot
  13. ​Button sewing foot
  14. ​Buttonhole foot
  15. ​monogramming foot
  16. ​Zipper foot
  17. ​Overcasting foot
  18. Blind-stitch foot

Brother CE1100prw reviews: pros and cons

This is a sewing machine that has fully satisfied above 90% of its users. You can hardly find a negative remark related to this machine. Still, we have to mention the cons of this machine, no matter how small. Its reviews are pretty high, so lets put light on its positives first.

​user friendly and comfortable for beginners

​It is counted among most comfortable sewing machine to learn on as its controls and adjustments are easy to understand. One does not need to have the experience to start working on this machine. All required is just having a look at the user’s manual provided along with it. After that, even a fresher can start on with his project.A DVD is always there for benefiting the beginners. Brother company is known for putting easy features in the machines, so most of its products are suitable for beginners as well.

​Supportive features are excellent in their jobs

​A lot of feet provided along-with this sewing machine helps in the best way. Besides that, it gives the option to select among 100 Built-In stitches which increases the creativity level of the user and helps him develop his tactics and standards. It is motivating. One-Step buttonholes feature is excellent.You can easily monitor the Bobbin thread supply through the clear cover. Manual thread cutter simplifies the task. Free motion quilting is made comfortable with a lever that drops the feed dogs.Free arm lets you work effortlessly of Cuffs and sleeves. Besides that, this machine is fast with a top speed of 850 stitches per minute.

​dimensions and Easy portability of this sewing machine

​Although it is loaded with so many options and features, still designers of this machine have been successful in making it easily portable. 10.58 lbs is its weight and you will not face a single piece of difficulty in picking it up and moving to other place. Its portability ensures that you just don’t need to get stick to one place to work.

It is 11.65 x 7.01 x 16.26 inches in measurement. Too small for sure. You will not have to worry about deciding a place to store it, as this small machine can fit anywhere without acquiring too much space.

Brother CE1100prw reviews: Low maintenance and high durability​

​Brother CE1100PRW is built with high-quality material, and because of that, it is highly durable. The durability of sewing machines depends much upon its maintenance and proper usage.One can do the necessary cleaning with a soft dry cloth after use. This machine doesn’t need upgrading at regular times as well. Besides that, it will only need upgrading if you work on too much with heavier fabrics and materials like leatherand denim. Proper needle selection is necessary while working on heavier fabrics.This machine, being a low price machine, will be with you for a very long time if used in a proper way. Besides that, it’s parts are built strong enough, that hardly a situation rises to replace them.

​Neat and tidy results

​This machine is fast enough, and at the same time, it nails up the neatness as well. It stitches evenly and in a smooth manner. No one can question its quality of work, that is the reason why beginners feel awesome on this machine, as messing up with work never happens. Its clean work motivates the user.

​Brother CE1100prw reviews: a final Wrap up

​This is a sewing machine that is built to please everyone. There are very few sewing machines is market whose reviews are even better than Brother CE1100PRW reviews.

Not a single thing in the machine is left deficient. Just two small cons are what this machine is having. In contrast, 8 Big advantages it is giving.This machine is just incomparable. One can hardly find a sewing machine which can satisfy this much being low at a price. In short, one cannot demand more than this.

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