Brother PE525 Review is it worth the MONEY?

Last updated on July 20th, 2019 at 10:16 am

​We have written Brother PE525 Review to clear all your doubts regarding the purchase of this particular product.

We know there are plenty of attractive embroidery machines available in today’s market and it happens many times that the buyer gets confused about which one is the best for purchasing.

We are here to demonstrate all the features, function, pros, cons, etc. of this particular product so that you can make a perfect decision regarding its purchase. Not only that you can compare it with other similar kind of products as well.

Brother PE525 Reviews

Brother PE525 Reviews

​Brother PE525 Review : Basic Info about the product

​​Brother PE525 embroidery machine is an attractive looking embroidery machine with flower patterns on it.

It provides you with all essential features, and this machine is the best for home embroiders and ​for those who want to learn this art. You can do a lot of experimenting and creativity on this machine.


​The weight of ​brother PE525 embroidery machine is 18.3 pounds, and in dimensions, this machine measures 6.9 x 11.7 x 15 inches.

Brother PE525 embroidery machine is an easily portable machine. There are total 70 building embroidery designs lettering fonts and 120 frame patterns. Its top stitching speed ​varies from 400 to 500 stitches per minute. It might also reach 600 stitch per minute. All depends upon your maintenance of the machine.​This computerized embroidery machine supports a quick set drop-in Bobbin system. This machine comes with a standard 25 years Limited warranty.


​Brother PE525 embroidery machine is an embroidery machine with which you do not require so many accessories as you require with the ​sewing machine. Let’s reveal all the accessories that come with this product.

  1. Brush for cleaning
  2. ​Light thread
  3. ​​Three prewound bobins
  4. ​Spool covers
  5. ​Sets of needles
  6. ​Accessory bag
  7. ​Embroidery foot
  8. ​Guiding manual
  9. ​Scissors
  10. ​USB cable
  11. ​Seam ripper
  12. ​Dust cover
  13. Screw drivers (2)
  14. 4×4 inches embroidery hoop

Brother PE525 Review : ​Features

​Brother PE525 embroidery machine is loaded with many modern and attractive features which force you to buy it. Innova ​Brother PE525 review we will be mentioning and explaining a few of the most important features of ​Brother PE525 embroidery machine .

​4 x 4 inches embroidery area

​This machine provides you 4 x 4 inches embroidery area which is undoubtedly a good size. A few people do complain that the size of the embroidery area in this machine is a bit is smaller, so they feel inconvenience a few times.

​​​​What all you need to do is a little bit of adaptation and repeat the same pattern many times are breaking down a larger project in smaller pieces to carry on your work.

​Convenient Bobbin system

​This machine follows a quick set drop-in Bobbin system which is jam resistant and hence very suitable for beginners. Besides that, the Bobbin winding system in this machine is also equally comfortable and convenient which keeps you away from fussing with you​Brother PE525 embroidery machine .

​Support of iBroidery

​Although there are several buil​t-in designs in this machine. Still if you ever feel that you want to break the shutters and Discover some new ones, then it is surely possible with this machine.

Brother company provides you with an extraordinary site called iBroidery where you can find the number of stunning designs. With the help of USB cable provided alog with the product, you can directly downloaded those designs. Besides that, you can also do the work of adding new fonts on your Brother PE525 embroidery machine .

​Design rotation option

​You don’t only get abundant embroidery designs in this machine but also additional options. One of them is design rotation option. You can add on extraordinary artistic touches to your designs by changing the angle by 1, 10 or 90 degrees.

Brother PE525 Review : Pros

​​Undoubtedly, it is quite beneficial to have a Brother PE525 embroidery machine. We will be demonstrating the major advantages of this machine. So, excited or not?

​Top quality touch screen

​The touchscreen of Brother PE525 is of decent quality. It is quite informative and sensitive. This LCD surely cuts off the learning curve and make you very comfortable while working on this machine.All instruction is well displayed, in an easily understandable manner.

​Bright LED lights

​The LED lights that come this Brother PE525 are very bright and convenient. It happens many times that with the embroidery machines of this price level, the LED that is provided, is not bright enough.But with your Brother PE525 embroidery machine, you can easily have an eye on your fabric, even when you are working at night time. Your eyes are well protected and besides that, no need to spend more money to bring an additional LED.

​Low price

​Whenever you think of buying a good quality computerized embroidery machine, the very first thing that affects you is the price. Surely, you need to spend a good amount for bringing one home. Thanks to Brother, for providing you such a decent embroidery machine, at that much comfortable price.If you have newly developed the hobby of embroidery,  or are an occasional embroidery, who doesn’t want to shed the pocket weight much, then bring home a Brother PE525 embroidery machine.

​Brother CE525 Review : The final wrap-up

​We made you familiar with all essential info related to this machine in our Brother CE525 embroidery machine. Now you already know that the ratio of Pros and Cons is quite bulkier on the Pros side. You can hardly find this much convenient and featured embroidery machine at that price level. The output of this machine is fantastic, and its efficiency is remarkable. A few drawbacks are sur​​​​ely the​​​​re, but remember, there is no deal-breaking Con.One can learn the art of embroidery in a very short time, without facing any difficulties. Most importantly, it has been successful in satisfying its users, and complain percentage against Brother PE525 is quite low.


  • User-friendly.
  • Low noise.
  • Support of iBroidery.
  • Low price.
  • Abundant accessories.
  • 25 Years limited warranty.


  • The voltage issue
  • Only one function-Embroidery.
  • A bit of practice is needed.

Brother PE525 is an embroidery machine, which provides you with much more benefits in return of its price. It has all the abilities that a good beginner’s embroidery machine should have.We highly recommend this machine as its working ability and elegance are surely going to make you a fan of this machine.

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