Brother PQ1500SL Complete Review in # 2019

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​Through Brother PQ1500SL Reviews, we are going to provide you with knowledge related to all facts of this sewing and embroidery machine. Advantages​ and disadvantages are well covered to the deepest point. Besides that, we will let you know about the perfect utilization of this machine.Most importantly, we will explain evrything in depth. ​There is nothing left behind in terms of knowledge.

Brother PQ1500SL reviews

Brother PQ1500SL reviews

Brother PQ1500SL reviews

​Brother PQ1500SL reviews : Basic info about the company

​Before you buy any sewing machine, it is very important to know about the company very well before making a proper choice. In Brother PQ1500SL high-speed quilting and sewing machine reviews we are talking about the company Brother. We are providing you with all the necessary info about the company.Brother is a Japanese company which has been manufacturing sewing machine for almost 120 years and across over 100 nations. It has been providing us with the top quality sewing machines that are easy to use and highly durable​. Brother is a highly dependable company that has been successful in winning the hearts of sewers for a very long time.

​Brother PQ1500SL reviews : Basic info about the product

​Brother PQ1500SL is an “absolute quilter“. This particular machine is designed in such a way that you get a lot of space to work on. This is a fantastic high-speed quilting machine and probably the best one of 2017.This machine is full of advantages. Besides that, there are few cons as well the same way it happens with all other machines. In our Brother PQ1500SL Reviews, we will mention those cons in depth and give honest advice in regards to how serious these cons are. So, shall we proceed?

​Specs of Brother ​PQ1500SL

​This machine is marketed as a “dream machine” for quilters. That is true up to some extent. This machine is a master in dealing with heavy and multi-layer fabrics and very powerful as well. This machine is built very steady and strong, especially for dealing with bigger size quilts. Besides that, It is highly durable.​The most significant specialty of this machine is that it never compromises with the quality even when it is thundering at top speed. ​Its top speed is 1500 stitchesper minute. It supports vertical bobbin system. It comes with a warranty of 25 years.

​Brother PQ1500​SL reviews : Accessories

​This machine comes with a long list of accessories and presser feet that compete with each other in making your quilting experience absolutely awesome. Let ‘s have a look upon the list.

  1. ​Seam guide
  2. ​Cleaning brush
  3. ​Power cord
  4. ​Spool cap
  5. ​fabric separator
  6. ​Guiding manual
  7. ​Foot control
  8. ​Ballpoint needle
  9. ​Metal bobbin (5)
  10. ​Screwdrivers
  11. ​Rolled hem foot
  12. ​Adjustable zipper foot
  13. ​Straight stitch sewing foot
  14. ​Spring action quilting foot
  15. ​Invisible zipper foot
  16. ​walking foot
  17. ​Quarter inch foot

​Key features of this machine

​This machine comes with a lot of critical features which help you out in saving time and effort. Settings and adjustments of this machine are not tough. Although, it requires some time to understand them properly. Besides that, the user needs to do some practice work before starting on with the main project. If you want to be perfect in controlling the adjustments of this machine, then you need to spend some time reading the guiding manual carefully. One needs to get proper knowledge about setting the right combinations for your various fabrics. We will explain some of its significant key-features.

​Adjusting needle position and regulating stitch length

​To adjust the needle position, one needs to turn the hand-wheel on the side of the machine. If you want to adjust your desired stitch length right from one to seven, you need to shift the Stitch length regulating dial that is present on the front side of the machine.

​Purpose of knee lifter

​If you need to adjust the tension without stopping your quilting process in-between, this feature is going to help you out. Knee lifter just needs to be operated at the proper pressure, and it will boost your quicker speed as well. You will not have to shift your hands away from work.

​Needle threader of this machine

​An automatic needle threader is not present on this machine. Instead of that, a quick load kind of needle threader is there. Its job is to pull the thread into the needle’s eye. This process might not go this much smoothly sometimes, but for dealing with that, one needs to be patient.

​Automatic thread cutter

​There is an automatic thread cutter present in this machine. Its work is to cut off the upper and lower thread ends for you. It is undoubted a time-saving feature as you don’t have to pick up the pair of scissors for doing this task.

​Free-motion quilting feature

Now, this the feature that is a sort of blessing for the quilters who like to do biggersize quilting. A large table is there which provides you with extra space to work on. If you are working on a large table, then you lower the adjustable table feet, and then slide out the fabric extension table.Throat portion of this machine also plays a vital role in making bigger quilts easier. Mostly machine does not have that throat region good enough to work on heavy quilts, but the structure of this machine makes it a decent quilter.

​Dimensions and portability

​In dimensions, this machine is 25 x 11.8 x 14.8 inches. Yes, this one is a bigger size machine. Make sure you have space that is big enough to store this machine before you purchase it. The weight of this machine is 33.4lbs. This machine is so bulky. Clearly non portable. 33.4 lbs is a weight that you cannot shift without somebody’s help. We hope that the company brings specific changes to reduce the weight of this machine.

​Stitch speed and quality of ​Brother PQ1500​SL

​Honestly, this machine’s speed is going to thrill you. 1500 stitches per minute are such a thundering speed. You will be able to complete your projects much before expected time. Besides that, this machine doesn’t give you jerks, puckerings, etc. This machine is quite smooth and efficient. There is hardly any chance of machine jamming.​Most importantly, this machine is very decent in terms of stitch quality. It never compromises with neatness and consistency of stitches even at its top speed.

​​Advantages of this machine

​Till now, we have explained many advantages of this machine. We are going to mention even more. You can get this machine at home at a very affordable price. It is very easy to operate and use. Its setting and adjustments can be learned and practiced in quick time. Although, this machine is not a recommendation for beginners.Bobbin winding process is quite simple, and so is needle threading. This machine has so many features that save your time. Most importantly, this machine is highly durable. It is a kind of one-time investment as it is going to be with you for a very long time if used properly.At the top of all, you get a standard 25 years warranty that helps you out whenever the machine is not doing good.

Brother PQ1500SL reviews : Cons

​When we went through the public reviews of this product, we got good results. Few people have complained concerning few tough to understand adjustments. Mostly, all cons are related to adjustments only. You don’t get any significant con with this machine. Let ‘s explain the cons of Brother PQ1500SL.

​It needs a lot of trials to learn right adjustments

​This is true that this is not a kind of machine which one can start working on right after taken out of the box. It requires time to get properly used to. Some people say that bobbin tension is not perfect, some say threader and cutter are not working correctly, this and that is not working correctly. But at last, there is no problem with this machine, and it’s the right setting and adjustment that is required.Once you get proper knowledge about various functions of the machine, you are going to spend quality time on it. If this machine needs some time for learning, then we don’t think that this fact needs to come under cons.

Needle threader and cutter aren’t easy to adjust

​The same thing we mentioned in the paragraph above. Yes, it does require some time to practice some of its features. You are not going to do everything correctly on the very first time on this machine. One needs to read the guiding manual properly, and besides that, there are many videos there on youtube which can help you out in learning features.

Brother PQ1500SL reviews : The final wrap up

​Throughout Brother PQ1500SL reviews, we took you across vast knowledge about the product. After knowing about its extraordinary  features and plenty of benefits, we don’t think that just some minor cons of this machine are going to overshadow them.​This is really a dream machine for heavy quilters. Its thundering speed, high durability, and low maintenance make it unique. Besides that, it is so smart in dealing with heavy fabrics, what else can one demand? Just going through a few learning curves, you will be entirely pleased with the performance of this machine. We highly recommend it for everyone, but not for beginners.


  • Very good for free-motion quilting.
  • ​Extra space for larger quilts.
  • Smart in dealing with heavy and multi-layer fabrics.
  • ​Low price
  • Very fast with top speed of 1500 stitch/minute.
  • Loaded with many time saving features.
  • Highly durable
  • 25 Years limited warranty.


  • very heavy and non-portable.
  • Adjustments need to be practiced.
  • Few learning curves.

​This machine is undoubtedly the best of its kind and its price level. There is hardly anything to complain about this machine, and in contrast to that, there are abundant advantages. This machine is entirely worthy of what you pay for it.

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