Brother Se400 Reviews in # 2020 – [DON’T Buy Before Reading this]

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​With the help of Brother SE400 computerized embroidery and sewing machine reviews, We will come across all facts related to this sewing machine. Benefits, disadvantages, and points are all covered very well in this Brother se400 reviews.

We will not only get all critical knowledge about this product but will also mark problems of this particular sewing machine, besides that, we will give proper fixes of those problems as well.

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​Brother Se400 Reviews

Brother SE400 reviews

What we loved about this prodcut?
  • Vast variety of stitches.
  • ​Carrying on Multi tasks.
  • ​Smooth and clean work
  • ​Slider for controlling speed.
  • ​Huge variety in embroidery.
  • ​Automatic needle threading and thread cutter.
  • ​Low cost price
  • ​USB support for downloading designs
  • ​Easily portable

​This sewing machine provides with maximum features in the price you pay for it. Multitasking abilities make it unique, and its automatic features are attractive. It pays you back every single penny that you paid. It is the best of its type and entirely worthy of purchase.

​Basic info About the company

​Brother is a very trusted company because of its user-friendly products and has won its customer’s hearts over the years. Brother sewing machine company is known for providing top quality and very well designed sewing machines for all sorts of sewers that too at very comfortable prices. Its products can’t be doubted.

One of the finest creations of Brother company is SE400 sewing and embroidery machine, which provides an attractive combo of sewing and embroidery in one.​ ​​It will not be much if we say that it is top of all​​​​​​.You will come to know that it is one of the best home embroidery machines by experiencing its fantastic features. It is fully loaded with features that have made working on this sewing machine so much easier. It has been successful in developing innovation in its users and motivating them in this art.

​A quick look at the key features of se400 sewing machine

​It is a highly computerized sewing machine and a 4 x 4 embroidery machine. It has 67 built-in stitches along with 70 integrated designs which are more than enough to please users. Five lettering fonts are there and a back-lit LCD.Some of the other key features of this machine are7-point feed dogs, free arm design, needle threader and thread cutter {both automatic} and most important one is​”import patterns into the sewer”.

​Easy embroidery with integration

​It is a fact that it takes a lot of time when you want to choose a design or pattern for your self-done embroidery. Those people who do embroidery themselves will know that it might sometimes happen that you even have to purchase a design at high cost. This thing is looked upon in SE400 sewing machine.

​How does work?

With the help of, you can buy thousands of different designs of embroidery and such designs can be directly downloaded to SE400. The price of purchasing such designs affordable and are exclusive to brother users only. A “Payper design” format is followed.You get a vast variety of designs here, including limited editions designs as well. In this way, you will not have to waste your time in finding out your desired design as you can directly get it from

​You will not feel bored on this sewing machine even if you have to carry on big embroidery projects. Not only this, you can create so many cartoon designs foryour children and they will be pleased and say a charming ‘thanks’ to you. How sweet!

​Brother se400 Reviews : how useful for beginners?

​Although it is highly computerized sewing and embroidery machine, still it is easy to understand its features and adjustments. Its controls will not confuse the user and beginners are going to love it.It’s a perfect embroidery machine. Embroidery is not an easy art, but with this machine, It is simplified to its least. This machine does not require much time to get “ready to work,” and one can start using it to its best just after five minutes of unwrapping it.

​Extras alongwith it make set up so simple and easy

​as we mentioned before, embroidering is not an easy task, its an art. There are chances that needle might prick to your finger when you are going through needle threading. In this sewing and embroidery machine, automatic needle threader is present to make things easier.

Automatic thread cutter adds on to your comfort and now, there is no need of picking up scissors and cutting of thread after you have done. Besides that, there are eight sewing feet which change quickly , allowing you to switch from one task to another easily. following are eight sewing feet provided:

1. Buttonhole            2. Embroidery             3. Blind Stitch            4. Button fitting

5. Zipper                    6. overcasting             7. monogramming       8. Zigzag

​It hardly takes Five seconds to remove and replace feet.

​Editing experience with brother sE400

​Editing is quite simple to perform on Ce400 swing and embroidery machine. One can choose the desired editing feature through the display, and it is not confusing at all. The digital display has Built-in tutorials with which you can learn the usage of the machine through nine easily understandable steps.

​Dimensions of brother se400 sewing machine

LED screen size

​Maximum embroidery field


​Total weight of the machine


​2.7 x 1.4 inches

4 x 4 inches

​20.3 x 15 x 15.2 inches

​13.69 pounds

110 Volts

​Portability of Brother se400

​This machine is made for multi-tasking. This is the reason that many devices needed to be fitted in the machine and for long lasting durability, it is built toughas well.​ In add of that, it is easily portable.Being just 13.69 pounds, this machine is the one to carry from one room to another. It is now possible to fit all these features in a single machine and making it light enough to be very easily portable as well. It is far more easily portable as compared to another multitasking sewing machine which involves embroidery as well.

​Some cons related to the usage of brother se400

​ Through Brother sewing machines SE400 Reviews we have come to know about some disadvantages related to Brother Se sewing and embroidery machine. We will be mentioning them and beside them, providing you with their possible fixes as well.

​Problems regarding Less space

​​Makers of this machines have tried to minimize its size to make it more portable, but this has led to one disadvantage. Its size and scope prove to be a kind of limited factor for few users who feel comfortable with more space to work as compared to the space given in this particular sewing and embroidery machine.​Few users say that it must be a bit more spacious as it makes sewing and especially quilting difficult for them. It is substantially less room to work on with a larger quantity of fabrics no matter you judicially fold or roll it. Even the throat area of the machine is too narrow.

​Dealing with less space

​​Well, folding and rolling the fabrics is the only way possible. It is just not possible to make a multi-tasking machine which is light in weight, easily portable and besides that, gives you larger workspace as well.​One or the other thing will be missing somewhere. In this machine, space is missing. If this factor troubles you, then you need to buy some other multitasking sewing machine and not this one.

​The max size of embroidery is too small

Enter your text here…​It is a minus point in this machine for sure. You can surely reposition embroideries and create several hooped kind of designs, but if you want to do big size embroidery, then it is not going to happen on this particular machine. You need to purchase a machine having large design capabilities rather than Brother Se400 if you prefer larger sized embroideries.

​Selection of stitches requires much scrolling

​​​​​​It is a complaint that it requires much to select the desired stitch. The stylus pen is also not provided, that adds on to difficulties. LCD must be colored, but in this sewing machine, it is black and white.Only six stitches are displayed on the screen at one time, and you have to scroll a lot if your design in the lasts of 67 built-in stitches provided. Suppose if you want to select anything between 61 and 67, then you need to scroll down 12 pages.Not on this, the bobbin case has got built-in sensors, so you have to clean it after regular periods of time otherwise it might start to create the problems.

Brother se400 reviews : Pros

​We already mentioned that in what all ways this machine proves itself useful. Now it is the time to mention few more major advantages of Brother SE400 sewing machine.

​The user friendly manual of brother se400

​Although it is full of functions and highly computerized as well, still it is the simpleone to operate. One will not feel confused because there is a manual provided by the company which helps you in dealing with your problems, questions, etc. It is available in English and Spanish.

​What makes brother se400 unique?

If we start counting, there are several factors that make it unique. The biggest one is its low price. You don’t have to shed too much money to buy a fantasticmultitasking sewing machine. This one is like cheap and best and has a little bit ofeverything within it.Getting desired features in less budget is the factor that glows faces of buyers. Very less sewing machines of this price level are there in the market which can compare its advanced features with brother SE400.​Besides that, it can directly import designs from computer or laptops. Brother SE400 exposes you to a total of 165 different formats, quite exciting! It makes you even more creative.

​Brother se400 computerized embroidery and sewing machine reviews : Final take

​When we have a look at Brother SE400 sewing and embroidery machine, it is an attractive looking pretty small machine, but undoubtedly a powerhouse. It is one of the best a person can expect because of its un-matchable features. A machine that provides with a vast variety of sewing and embroidery options is so easily portable as well at the same time. Besides that, it is low in cost. One can’t demand more than that. Its cons are no big deal as this machine is giving you much in low budget.This machine has the ability to develop the creativity level of beginners as well because of its user-friendly features.

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