Janome 2212 Sewing Machine Review 2020 [Updated]

Last updated on May 4th, 2020 at 08:37 pm

​​Are you looking for reviews of Janome 2212 sewing machine? Then you are at the right post.


First of all, let’s come to know all about ​Janome 2212 sewing machine. Is it worth of trust and a reliable product or not and is it really worth its price?

Since a really long period, ​Janome is counted among the most trust-ablecompanies and its products have also been user-friendly.

With the time, it got public support and appreciation.

Let’s move to the review.

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine Review

Janome 2212 Reviews

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What we loved about this prodcut?
  • Best machine for beginners.
  • User friendly.
  • Easily portable.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Sewing results are clean and neat.
  • Low cost.
  • Wide table for better quilting.
  • Helpful accessories provided.

Although it is a decent choice for those who have spent years over sewing, the most significant factor about this particular sewing machine is that a completefresher can also work with it who never had any experience of sewing before.


About Janome 2212

The main reason behind it is that its mechanism is straight forward. So simple that even a kid can use it. This thing can be figured out just by rolling gaze over ​Janome Its large stitch selections, length, and width adjustment dials and its green motif proves entirely that it as a great learning sewing machine.

Its bobbins are outside which does make it comfortable enough for the freshers. There is a needle plate with seam guides on either side of the needle, drop feed is present there.

Also, there is an onboard case of accessories which needs to be removed to take out or expose the convenient free arm which is also present there.Other than all these, essential equipment like the large reverse stitch button along with a front-loading bobbin is also present.​


  • 12 Utility stitches
  • Drop feed
  • Free arm
  • Two spool pins that can react.
  • Free arm
  • 1 Four-step buttonhole.
  • Accessories holding compartment present on board.

​Accessories of Janome 2212

It is buyer’s nature that he or she really loves it whenever a ”free” thing is provided. ​Janome is too handy in accessories providing and they have provided a lot of extras with ​Janome 2212 sewing machine also.Let us quickly go through the list of all accessories which you get along with ​Janome 2212 sewing machine.

  1. Seam Ripper
  2. ​Ripper set
  3. Bobbin
  4. Blind foot
  5. Instruction book
  6. Vinyl dust cover
  7. Buttonhole foot
  8. Zipper foot
  9. Foot control
  10. Needle set

​What more can you demand ?

​​This sewing machine really pleases up the user by the standard of its neat and tidy work. If you try to look at its stitches with a keen eye, you will come to know about it. This is the reason that ​Janome is trusted. It does satisfy you.


​How does this sewing machine really work

​​Makers of this machine have simplified the mechanism at its best so that even the freshers don’t feel any problem. It doesn’t do anything too fancy. It just works basically.Threading and winding the Bobbin makes it feel like simplest work to do. If you want to disengage the needle for winding, then all you need to do is pull the balance wheel until it makes a light sound. Loading the upper thread is also a very easy work.

When the bobbin is loaded and fitted in the race hook, you can start sewing by shifting the balance wheel back to the place and then turn the stitch selection dial to the letter that indicates the stitch that you want.​

Set the stitch width adjustment dial on SS if you want to work on with lower level stitches. It is shown in yellow. The width gets locked itself when you are adjusting the stitch length.

​On which all fabrics does ​Janome 2212 work

​​Don’t under-estimate this sewing machine by looking at its size; this simple looking machine does work brilliantly on many fabrics. Still, there are many fabrics on which it doesn’t work. Lets clear up things by listing into two separate parts.

​Janome 2212 works on:

  • ​Knits
  • ​Upholstery
  • ​Natural fabrics like Wool and cotton.
  • Silk, Taffeta, Velvet , Satin and other such soft fabrics.
  • Synthetic fabrics or blends like polyester, Rayon and Nylon.

​Janome 2212 sewing machine: How comfortable for higher level sewers

​​Now, this particular product is made especially by keeping those people in mind who are absolute beginners or are in the first stage of sewing. It is true that many beginners and primarily children of minor age feel hesitated to use a sewing machine which is computerized.

But a machine like Janome 2212 (Check it on amazon) fetches out that fear out of them that they might spoil the whole task. When they use it, they gain confidence in their skills and feel motivated to do something even more with their sewing tactics.

Now the question arises that how can a sewing machine that is this much cool for starter be exact that much more relaxed for the intermediates and experts as well.

Inter-mediates will be all OK, but if we come to the topic of sewers of expert and advanced level, then it is true that they are not going to feel that awesome. A big reason behind it is the limitation of the fabrics on which it works. Suppose you want to stitch up a leather hat for yourself, then Janome 2212 is surely not going to do.

It means that you will need to have one more sewing machine that works on moresubstantial materials. Who will like to loosen their pocket twice? Neither me nor you I guess. But expert level sewing does not mean that you want to sew heavy fabrics and materials always. If you like to work more on natural and soft fabrics, then you must trust Janome 2212 due to its neatness of work.

​Comparing Janome 2212 with other sewing machines in market

​​This is like an instinct of buyers to compare the desired product with others out there available in the market, which is not bad because you want to invest money on such the thing which is better than others and expect better results.

Comparison of Janome 2212 sewing machine with another sewing machine primarily depends on the primary purpose of your purchase.

By this, we mean if you are a middle school student who does not want to ask his mom always to sew his torn clothes still, or you are a housewife who wants to bring creativity to bed-sheets and pillows, then ​Janome 2212 is the best you can get.

Suppose you are a college guy who wants to sew a button. You will surely not like to do it on a highly computerized sewing machine. Why will you need to? it is not your hobby, you just need to fix back the buttons. ​Janome 2212 sewing machine is exactly for fixing regular stuff in quick and clean style.

So, if you need a sewing machine just for basic purpose or learning, then you don’t need to waste time in comparing Janome2212 with others as it is the best one in its department.

​Maintenance of ​Janome 2212

​​Well, it is a kind of sewing machine that does not require to look after much. Still, if we take care of it in fundamental ways such as cleaning the race hook right after you finish your work, it will work well always.

You can wipe the head of the machine with​ a soft piece of dry cloth if you want.

You will not have to carry it to sewing machine repair professionals but you need to lubricate it, not always, but when it is required. Maintenance is required if you work on the machine for a more extended period.

Solving the problem of needle bending, breaking and getting struck in the fabric

​​This is a kind of machine that is not meant to be used in rough and tough manner. You need to operate it in a proper way.

It might happen that the needle gets bent or entirely broken while working, but it only happens when you work on with wrong tension.​

The possibility is there that the needle might get stuck in the fabric, if the material is too thick and if you are working on slow settings, otherwise it will not happen if you figure out correctly, which structure and what thickness of it is fit to be used for sewing in ​Janome 2212.

​​If you are a beginner or a newbie in terms of sewing, then ​Janome 2212 sewing machine is undoubtedly a perfect machine for you and it is surely going to help you out.

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