Janome 8002d Reviews in # 2020 – {Must Read Before BUY}

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​Are you in need of a sewing machine that is capable of overlock Stitching? Besides that, you want it fully loaded with features and must also look like a professional machine that too at an affordable price? Then undoubtedly, Janome 8002d sewing machine is especially for you only.

Janome 8002D Reviews

Janome 8002D reviews

What we loved about this prodcut?
  • Easy feed adjustments.
  • ​High speed of 1300 stitches per minute
  • ​Easily portable
  • ​High durability and low maintenance
  • ​User friendly
  • Easily affordable

​Janome 8002D is a serger and sewing machine that serves every user to its best, and it is easy to maintain. One cannot demand more than its durability and user-friendly nature at a very reasonable price. It is definitely worth a purchase.


​Janome is a highly trusted brand, and it always provides us with new technology and features through sewing machines and has played a significant role in making tasks like sewing, quilting, etc. very easy and straightforward. It has brought us a decent product named Janome 8002D serger.This particular machine does the work of a serger as well and this machine is available at a low and affordable price. It provides you the feature of adjustable cutting width.

​A quick look over the key features

​By going through Janome 8002D overlocker review, you will come to know key features of this particular sewing machine and also know that in what ways are you beneficial with those key features.​Lets us come to know its key features through the points mentioned below:1. Its feed adjustments are easy to control and use and works in a smooth way on all kinds of fabrics which are below the range of 2.25 mm.2. This machine is designed in such a way that it helps out the user to sew within a minimal footprint, and there is no need for the user to compromise on the results.3. This machine provides us 3- 4 thread overlock stitching competence with adjustable cutting width anything between the size of 3.1 mm to 7.3 mm.

​max stitching speed of janome 8002D

​This sewing machine is an absolute speedster. While top speed of sewing machines of its price level is something near to 700-1000 stitches per minute, but this particular machine’s top speed is 1300 stitches per minute. This much speed saves time, besides that, it thrills the user as well.Your sewing projects will get completed before the estimated time. Although it is too fast in work, still it never compromises with finishing and neatness of work. It additionally works on minimizing puckering along with preventing stretched edges.

​How useful is JAnome 8002D for beginers

​Janome always builds its sewing machines in such a way that it does not bring confusion or complexity in user’s mind in regards to controls and adjustments. So is with this particular machine. Beginners will feel glad working on this machine.This sewing machine provides us color coated threading chart. Some of the beginners feel confused about how to properly thread in case of most of the sewing machine. Keeping it in mind, makers have provided color threading chart to easy the things for beginners.One can read in the chart and do threading. That much simple it is.

​a ‘how to use’ DVD is provided

​It is not a kind of sewing machine that you can unwrap it and start working on it within five minutes. But yes, it is close to that. Things are made lucid with the help of a DVD that comes along with the product.You can watch DVD and practice by working on scraps of fabrics and try out your creativity. After almost an hour you will be comfortable and perfect enough to start working on this machine with actual fabrics.

​janome 8002d serger review: dimensions and portabiliy.

​Its dimensions are 15 x 13.5 x 14.5 inches, and its total weight is 15 pounds. A small looking sewing and serger machine, but its functions are big and attractive.When we talk about portability, then we already get an idea just by knowing its weight. Now, 15 pounds is such a weight that cannot be considered too heavy. But it is not light enough as well that you can pick it up and move from room to room. But you can surely pick it up and keep it on the table without anyone’s help. Rest depends on your physical strength.

​Purpose of tension dial

​This is one of the most crucial significant feature provided in Janome 8002D. Essential work of ​tension dial is to prevent threads from looping. { on the bottom of the seam or on top of it }. This is done by tension dial by distributing equal tension between the top and the bottom threads.

​janome 8002D reviews: Durability and maintenance

This sewing and serger machine is highly durable if maintenance is good and isused in a proper way. You will not have to take a lot of care of this machine because it doe not requires too much maintenance.You need to clean race hook and feed dog after every use. You can wipe its head with a soft dry cloth or a soft damp cloth only when needed. It does not need to be lubricated every now and then. You can do lubricating and servicing only when there is a need.

​a big plus point is its price

​​You can hardly find another serger of its price rate, that can do threading in this much easy way as Janome 8002D does. Its working capacity and speed are much more worthy of its actual price. Although it is low price, still it is built with top class materials.

​space saving feature of janome 8002d serger

​There are decidedly fewer machines out there in the market which provide you with a space-saving feature so that you can carry on your sewing projects with great ease without using much space, that too at a low price. Affordable machines might have useful features, but mostly they don’t provide you space-saving feature.​

​Janome 8002d reviews: serging experience

​You will hardly find a sewing machine which is a perfect serger besides that, fits in small place. Sergers are going to feel awesome while working on this machine because it has made it too easy. This machine can be recommended for minor-age children between 9-12 years as well.Differential feeds are controlled by large size dials, and the size of the stitch is easy for small hands of children. If we talk about operating and adjusting, then even those can easily do it, who have never been on a serger machine. Besides that, it is good enough for expert and experienced serger users also.

​On which all fabrics does it work?

​​This is a machine which does a great job while working on with natural soft fabrics. It is not built for working on heavy fabrics. Let us come to know about which all fabrics are fit to work on with this machine and which all are not.

  • ​Knits
  • ​Synthetic fibers or blends such as Rayon and Polyester.
  • ​Natural fibers such as Cotton and wool.
  • ​Upholstery
  • ​Fine fibers such as Velvet, Satin, Silk,Taffeta, etc.
  • ​Fur
  • ​Reptile skin
  • ​Canvas or Twill
  • Plastic or rubber
  • Leather or Suede
  • Multi-layer extra-thick fabrics

​Some cons related to Janome8002d sewing machine

​There are some of the cons of this machines which are needed to be mentioned in Janome 8002D Serger sewing machine reviews. Buyers must not be unaware of the cons of any machine that they are going to buy. We will mention some cons of this machine and also suggest possible fixes besides that.​In case, there are just a couple of cons related to this particular machine and those are also too minor.

​Threading is not designed that well

​This particular part of this machines needs to be improved. Possibilities are there that the user might find it a bit difficult to thread the lower loop. If you are not present at the machine, then thread might just get broken.This happens because of highly increased tension. If you are present there, then you can try to fix, but what if you are off for that minute? The thread will break, and therefore you will be delayed with work.

​some useful accessories are not provided

​It is true that the accessories that are provided along with this product are limited. There is no case provided to keep regular supplies such a lint brush, tweezers,needles, etc. So need to get separate holders or boxes to keep them and avoid losing them somewhere.

​wrapping up Janome 8002d serger review

​Who does not like to complete sewing and serging at a decent speed withoutsacrificing quality and not compromising with neatness? Janome 8002D is a machine designed with the top quality artistry and a sense of simplifying things up.If you have a limited budget and still want a sewer and serger, two in one machine that runs effectively and is durable, then Janome 8002D is the best one you can get as its speed and stitch quality is unmatchable at that price!

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