Janome 8077 Reviews 2020– [Don’t Buy Before Reading THIS]

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​Are you in need of a computerized sewing machine which is outstandingly easy to use and also concentrating on the fact that it must be at a reasonable price? Then Janome 8077 reviews say that Janome 8077 sewing machine is like a one-stop destination for you.You can afford it easily and carry on doing lots of creations with your sewing tactics. Just by a touch of your finger, you can access 30 in-built stitches.​

Janome 8077 Reviews

Janome 8077 Reviews

What we loved about this prodcut?
  • Drop feed Dogs
  • Speed control
  • Easy needle positioning
  • Works on heavy fabrics as well.
  • Seven piece good quality feed dogs.
  • Easy and comfortable quilting.
  • Presence of  On/Off button

Janome 8077 Reviews say that overall it is an excellent sewing machine. It’s well-computerized functions makes it easy for users to work efficiently without changing the settings much. It is a totally worth price.



Janome has been a trusted brand over a significant period. It always comes up by launching a sewing machine that takes your comfort to the next level. Janome has tried to make sewing pretty easier and simpler through its sewing machine named as Janome 8077.When we think about switching on a sewing machine, the first that comes to mind is the foot control. Now, Janome has made it much more straightforward and eliminated that old-fashion On/Off technique and simplified it with providing a direct On/Off button.​Now if you want to switch on your sewing machine, what can be simpler than just doing it by pressing a button? You are like, just a couple of touches away from your desired stitch!


Threading has made much easier by an automatic declutch bobbin winder. Earlier on, threading was not among easy tasks to do, but with Janome 8077, it is simplified to its best


Earlier on, you had to make specific changes in adjustments to adjust the stitch width and length. Janome has added a button for it as well in its 8077 model. It undoubtedly doesn’t only save your time but adds on to your creativity as well.

​Janome 8077 Reviews : looks

Looks of Janome 8077 clearly defines its class. One can feel that it is a sewing machine at an expert level just by having a proper look at its body and features.Spend even less than five minutes on it and all adjustments will be done right from switching it on and adjusting the settings as per your desires and even start of work even if you have been on this machine first time.That’s quite impressive and a matter to show-off as well. All of your commands are located at the center position which helps to find the desired button in real quick manner. One more comfortable effect is that the central control is right in front of your eyesight. This feature gives you the feeling of a boss.

​Blanket stitches: improvements required?

It is such a kind of machine, that has decidedly fewer negatives about itself. But it does require attention to be paid in betterment while doing blanketstitches.2.5mm is the max limit of long distance stitch settings.Another problem is that usually blankets are made up of such light-weight fabrics that generally slip too much while you stitch them, making it difficult not only for ​Janome 8077 but almost all the machines. So you need to pay some extra attention while sewing blankets.

​If we honestly compare this particular sewing machine with others, then you will find out that it is much more specialized, but also its automatic feature as far more ahead of others. There is no other sewing machine of the same price level in the market that can compare its specialties.

Janome 8077 Reviews : important features

​This particular sewing machine is fully loaded with extra-ordinary features, so it is the time to mention those features through a list.

  • 30 Stitches
  • 6 One-Step Buttonholes
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Snap-On presser feet
  • memorized needle up/down
  • Superior Feed System
  • 7- piece Feed dog
  • Fire arm
  • drop feed
  • Speed Control Slider
  • Locking Stitch button
  • Easy reverse button
  • auto de-clutch bobbin winder
  • Extra high presser foot lift
  • Backlit LED Screen with easy navigation keys
  • Top Loading Full rotary hook bobbin
  • Maximum stitch width 7mm
  • miximum stitch length 5mm

​Dimensions of ​Janome 8077 sewing machine

Knowing the dimension is an important point to know about the sewing machine that you are going to buy as per which you can plan about where to keep it. Following are the dimensions of ​Janome 8077.

​Machine size​W 14.8” x H 11” x D 6.6”
​Machine Weight​18.2 lbs
​Work spaceW 6.2” x H4.7”.

Explaining Bobbin winder”s work in this sewing machine

It is automated. If you want to stop the needle, you need to push your bobbin winder to your right side. Auto declutch mechanism makes it happen. It automatically stops the bobbin when it gets loaded to its max. There is no need of unwinding any single bobbin manually even if you are working with all four bobbins, no matter all of the different colors. As soon as you automatically bound bobbin, you can put it to its right location and then you can place the transparent cover.Raise the presser foot lifter to fetch up the bottom thread. Then to pick up the bobbin thread, you need to pull the needle thread and press the up and down needle button a couple of times.

​Then fetch up the needle thread so that you can bring up a loop of bobbin thread. Then you will have to slide both the threads something near to four inches each to the back right under the presser foot.

​Top Thread Delivery: Horizontal or vertical?

It is not difficult at all to follow the instructions for top threading on ​Janome 8077. If you want to minimize the thread breaking, then the Horizontal top threaddelivery method must be used. It feeds threat in a graceful way as compared to what vertical thread delivery method offers us.

​Janome bobbin system is jam-proof

It is an absolute headache that sewing off the edge of material or fabric might jam it and it will be a big obstacle right in-between work. Unclogging will be required, which consumes time.If you are working on with Janome 8077 sewing machine, then you are not going to come across this particular problem as this machine is jam-free.

​Size of LED screen of ​Janome 8077

Janome 8077 review

Janome 8077 review

LED screen is present at its exact location where it usually needs to be. Although it is good with its brightness; but some people find it the little bit small. You can easily see your work as LED is over the needle arm.

​number of stitches and how to select them?

It might sound attractive to you when you hear about machines having 60,70,80 or even 100 built-in stitches, but it matters more than how well they do. ​Janome 8077 has 30 Built-in stitches. You need to choose from 6 one-step buttonholes, and you will quickly find the exact one you were looking for.With this machine, you get many Decorative satin and quilting stitches along with many other fancy stitches. Garment constricting stitches are also present, as they are the basic needs.

​To choose your desired stitch, you can see at the LED display. By doing this, you can set both width and the length of the stitch a well. Press ”Mode” key to bringing up the options and then you can adjust the size of the stitch by pressing in plus or minus. Usually, the maximum width of the stitch is 7mm while some stitches can be extended to 5mm

how to do round-end buttonhole, keyhole buttonhole and square buttonhole?

For doing a round end buttonhole, we need to set the stitch number to 17. If you need to do the square buttonhole, then stitch number must be set on 16, it helps out in a perfect manner if the fabric is heavyweight.Number 18 needs to be selected to do a keyhole-shaped buttonhole. It works tremendously on medium and heavyweight fabrics.

​Process for making buttonhole with ​Janome 8077 swing machine

Pressing the Up/Down needle button is required to raise the needle. Then you need to place a button where you want. Before placing, attaching the automatic buttonhole foot and pulling back, the holder is required. It needs to be looked upon that holder accepts the button somewhere in between the diameter of 0.5 cm to 2.5 cm.Then you will have to pull down buttonhole lever till it goes then insert your fabric under the foot. Push the Up/Down needle button two times and move your fabric leftwards to draw the needle thread through the foot hole.

Buttonhole will automatically get sewn when you start the machine, but if you need to sew more buttonholes, then follow the simple steps mentioned below:1. Firstly, raise the presser foot and move the fabric right next to your desired buttonhole location.2. Now just lower the foot and then start your machine and work will be done.

​purpose of up/down needle buttons

If you are doing quilting in free motion style, then up/down needle buttons will make work easier for you as it lets you figure out that where will the needle stop when you stop the action of sewing.

​reverse sewing with ​Janome 8077

If you want to sew in reverse direction, then you will have to press the reversebutton and then after select a zig-zag, straight or multi zig-zag pattern. It will start sewing in reverse. In this machine, reverse button plays the role of auto lock button.

​using the start and stop button

One must remove the foot controller to access the usage of the start/stopbutton. The larger start/stop button allows you to sew without using the foot control pedal.The machine does not directly catch speed when switches on, it accelerates slowly towards the speed limit that you set. To stop the machine, this button needs to be pressed the second time.

​on which all fabrics does ​Janome 8077 work

It is a heavy machine that is made to work not only on regular fabrics but even works on thick layers of leathers with the same efficiency and that too after making minor adjustments. This widens your selection of various varieties.

​Quilting experience with ​Janome 8077 sewing machine

This machine is meant to do high-level quilting as well, but one problem is there. Its throat is so narrow that it does not give you space to do supreme size quilts. This machine does give much concerning payback of its price, but if you want to carry on with supreme size quints, then probably you need to buy a more expensive machine.

needle positioning is so easy in ​Janome 8077

There are basically fifteen needle positions available in ​Janome 8077 sewing machine. You can easily pick out one and start working on your desired point of your fabric. During quilting, you can easily reposition your needle. You are in complete control of your fabric. When you are quilting, consistency and proper control is required, and easy control over needle positioning lets you do it efficiently.

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