Janome DC2014 Reviews in 2020 – Is it THE BEST?

Last updated on April 12th, 2020 at 07:33 pm

Through Janome DC2014 Reviews, we are going to unleash vast knowledge related to this particular product. This machine is having abundant advantages and has satisfied a significant number of its customers.

Most importantly, there are some cons as well.This machine is a bit more expensive than what a person can think of. Through our Janome DC2014 Reviews we will give a proper explanation of everything related to this machine.

Besides that, we will explain it to you that is it really worthy of your money? So, shall we proceed?

Janome DC2014 Reviews

​Janome DC2014 Reviews

​Janome DC2014 Reviews : Basic info about the company

​Janome is a Japanese company which started providing us with a sewing machine in the year 1954. Janome has been a highly successful company and has a very big name and fame concerning manufacturing top quality and easy to use sewing machines. Janome always brings innovation. It is a multi-national company and is among top three sewing machine manufacturing companies of the world.

​Janome DC2014 Reviews : Basic info about the product

​Janome DC2014 is a highly versatile sewing machine that provides you with a lot of benefits. Its stitch quality is perfect. This machine has a quality that can evolve you in terms of sewing. We cannot drag our feet back from the fact that it is an expensive machine so that we will justify this particular point later on in Janome DC2014 Reviews.Advance level sewers especially love this machine as it has almost everything that they need. This machine is a kind of one-time investment because it’s extraordinary durability.

​Janome DC2014 Reviews : Specialties

​Janome DC2014 is a very good looking computerized sewing machine and can attract anyone. Most importantly it fits on very well in a modern day craft room. There are 50 built-in stitches in this machine. It supports top loading full-rotatory hook bobbin system.It is a tough and sturdy machine built with high-quality materials all over. Besides that, this machine needs low maintenance and is highly durable. It comes along with a 25 years limited warranty​. Besides that, we will be demonstrating its key features.

​Accessories and extras

​There are many companies that provide you with more than abundant amount of free accessories. Most importantly, half of them you never feel need to use. Janome is a company that doesn’t provide you unusual accessories, but it very well provides all essentials that a sewer needs. Let’s have a look on the list of accessories.

  1. Extra high presser foot lift
  2. ​Quilting guide barricade
  3. ​Bobbins
  4. ​Auto declutch bobbin winder
  5. ​2 packs of 10 Janome bobbins
  6. ​Tote bag (Purple)
  7. ​2 packs of needles (size=14)
  8. ​Even feed foot
  9. ​Over-edge foot
  10. ​Convertible even foot
  11. ​Blind hem foot
  12. ​satin stitch foot
  13. ​Zipper foot
  14. ​Automatic buttonhole foot
  15. Quarter-inch seam foot

​Dimensions and portability

​In dimensions, this machine measures 22.8 x 18 x 12.4 inches. We put this machine in medium-size category. This machine is 27.1 lbs. That is quite heavy. One can surely not lift it up and move from room to room. Besides that, you will need someone’s help to run it for sure. Few users complain that the company must do something to reduce its weight and make it a little bit more portable.

​Janome DC2014 Reviews : Key features

​This machine is undoubtedly feature-rich. Its features compete with each other to save you time and effort. We will be explaining a few essential key features of this machine and besides that, their proper utility as well. Shall we proceed?

​Number of stitches and quality

​There are 50 built-in stitches in this machine. Few complain that at this price rate, sewing machines of other companies very well break the 70-80 stitch barrier.

But honestly, what is the need of those extra stitches which you will hardly feel the need of throughout your life?

50 stitches in Janome DC2014 include all important stitches that a sewer needs.

You can choose any of them through stitch selector. One can hardly complain that this is missing, and that is missing. Most importantly, stitch quality of this machine is double awesome. Its output looks professional.

​Button for all essential tasks

​This machine provides you with a lot of buttons that makes you feel luxurious while working on this machine. If you want to control the needle positioning, you can do that with a press of a button.

Besides that, there is an Auto-Lock button that works when you select various stitch patterns. It works for locking the stitch, and once it is done, it automatically stops.

If you ever feel need to go back a couple of stitches, all you need to do is, push the reverse stitch button and you will be back at the desired stitch. Reverse stitching prevents any damage to the stitches even if your project has to undergo various washings.

​Purpose of drop feed and free arm

​If you love to do free motion quilting and sewing, then you will surely feel blessed to have both these features. Free arm helps out in garment making, especially sleeves, cuffs, collars, etc. If you want to utilize drop feed, you will have to press the lever to the right. This will automatically lower the feed dogs.Similarly, if you want to raise feed dogs, you need to push the lever to the left.

​Speed controlling and adjusting the size

​For controlling of stitch speed on this machine, there is a speed control slider. You can select the desired rate of your stitching by merely sliding the controller.

This particular feature helps out a lot, especially those, who lack sewing experience.besides that, you can also adjust the length and width of the stitch through the LCD screen, which is not a very big one though, but it is bright and clear enough.

​Purpose of Built in needle threader

Needle threading is probably the most irritating task to do when you talk about sewing. It is a sort of a headache only. Just spend a couple of minutes in needle threading, and you will feel that those two minutes were equal to fifteen minutes.

For making your sewing experience luxurious, there is an automatic needle threader present in this machine. Needle threading is just a normal four-step process in this machine.

Note: This automatic needle threader will only work if you are using needles between the sizes 11 and 16. If not, then you will have to do the process manually.

​How good is it for the beginners?

​There are no extra bells and whistles present in this machine, besides that, its functions are also quite simple. Just some practice is needed to get perfect.

This machine is more comfortable for intermediates and advanced level sewers. Although Janome DC2014 is quite comfortable, we don’t recommend it much for beginners.

The main reason behind it is that, it is a costly machine and there are other machines in the market which are more straightforward and less expensive at the same time.

​Janome DC2014 computerized sewing machine reviews : Pros

​Through Dc2014 sewing machine Reviews, we have already explained many of its advantages. Now its time to mention few more. Let’s sort things out point-wise.

 1. ​This machine doesn’t get jammed. The main reason behind is the accuracy behind making this machine. Besides that, usage of high-quality parts.

2.  You get both speed and accuracy on this machine. The output looks quite professional. It develops confidence in users and helps out in developing more creativity.

3.  ​This machine is quite simple and straightforward. Not a single piece of complexity is there that can confuse you.

 4.  Settings and adjustments on this machines are quite simple. Even a beginner would feel awesome. Buttons are present for all important tasks.​

​5. It gives you a lot of creative freedom. This machine is loved by advanced level sewers most importantly for that reason.

​Janome DC2014 computerized sewing machine reviews : Cons

​We went through public reviews of this product. We found that complaint and dissatisfaction percentage against this product is quite low. There is no such con which we can call a “deal-breaker“. Let’s explain the cons of this machine.


​This problem is the one at the top. Its 27.1 lbs weight makes it extremely difficult to shift it. It is the work of two people if you want to shift this machine.

If you are having this machine, you need to put it in one place and settle down there only for work. We hope that the company brings certain changes in its composition to make it a bit more portable and bring its weight below 20lbs.

​Automatic thread-cutter is absent

​This one is the most unexpected issue. Janome charges a pretty good amount for this sewing machine and provides a lot of automatic features as well. Then why is an Automatic thread cutter absent?

​It feels quite awkward and uneven when you have paid this much for your sewing machine and then also you have to take help from a pair of scissors for cutting thread ends. This troubles even more because many other sewing machines which are much cheaper than this one are having an automatic thread cutter.

​High cost price

​Not only Janome DC2014, but many other sewing machines of Janome complain for high price. Competing companies of Janome provide similar kind of products at cheaper rates than Janome.

But that is never an issue. Its simple, more you pay, better you get.

When you deeply compare this machine with its competitors, you will surely find that this one is better than them. Its features, durability, low maintenance, etc. do justification to its price tag. It is not costly, and it is just better.

​Janome dc2014 reviews : The final wrap up

​Through Janome HD2014 Reviews we conclude that his machine is highly versatile and gives you a lot of creative freedom. This machine has the ability to satisfy everyone. Its luxurious features make it unique.

Besides that, it is built in such a decent way that one will hardly feel the need for upgrading or repairing it.

We have already justified that its price is high, but at the same time, it is providing you with enough for that. It is highly durable. Once you bring it home, it will stay with you for more than a couple of decades if appropriately used.

Besides that, it is good at sewing medium and heavy fabrics as well.


  • Supports free motion sewing and quilting.
  • High durable.
  • Gives you a lot of creativity freedom.
  • Easy to operate.
  • very good with buttons.
  • 25 Years limited warranty.
  • Decent stitch quality and consistency.


  • Less mobility.
  • A bit costly.
  • Absence of an automatic thread cutter.

This machine is simply awesome. It is a kind of one-time investment. One can surely spend a bit more money for better quality. We highly recommend this machine for intermediates and advanced level sewers, but it is not the best one for beginners.

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