Janome HD3000 Reviews # 2019 [A complete Guide] (Must READ)

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​We are going to reveal all knowledge related to Janome HD3000 Reviews. After reading this Janome Hd3000 heavy duty sewing machine reviews, we will help out readers in making a decision about whether to purchase this particular sewingmachine or not. All benefits will be explained. All doubts will be cleared, all through this review.

Janome HD3000 Reviews

Janome HD3000 Reviews

​Janome HD3000 Reviews : Basic info about the company

​Whenever you read about company Janome, you will read good only. This is highly trusted as well as a recommended brand which has made sewing much comfortable and relaxed by providing us with modern sewing machines which are full of features. Besides that, it takes a lot of care of users and complains percentage against any of its products is always low.

​Janome Hd3000 sewing machines reviews: product over view

​This particular sewing machine is meant for those sewists, who like to carry on a wide range of sewing. Besides that, it is too comfortable for beginners as well. Information about settings and adjustments related to various tasks is all informed in an instruction book provided along with the product.A big plus is that Stitch length and its width adjustments; both are located on the front of the machine, which adds on to the convenience of the user.

listing the key features of this machine

​Like most of the sewing machines manufactured by Janome, this one is also fully loaded with advanced features, which makes sewing more luxurious and effortless. Let us have a quick look at the key features of Janome HD3000 through the list mentioned

  1. ​Stitch selection dial
  2. ​Snap-On presser feet
  3. ​Free arm
  4. ​Foot pressure adjustment
  5. ​19 stitches
  6. ​7-Piece feed dog
  7. ​Push-pull bobbin winder
  8. ​Horizontal,full rotatory hook bobbin system
  9. ​One-Step buttonhole
  10. ​Drop feed
  11. ​Heavy-duty frame
  12. ​Built-In needle threader
  13. ​Reverse stitch lever
  14. ​Extra high presser foot lift
  15. Hard cover included
  16. 4mm maximum stitch length
  17. 6.5mm maximum stitch width

​accessories that come along with janome hd3000

​Janome Hd3000 comes with its own army of accessories. Every single thing which a user feels need of is present there. Let’s have a look at its accessories list. Shall we?

  1. Quilter bar​
  2. ​Set of needles
  3. ​spool pin
  4. ​screwdriver ( large )
  5. ​screwdriver ( small )
  6. ​Snap-on presser feet
  7. ​Spool holder ( large )
  8. ​Spool holder ( small )
  9. ​Foot control/Power cord
  10. ​Lint brush
  11. ​Ultra glide foot
  12. ​seam ripper
  13. ​Warranty
  14. ​Felt
  15. ​Hard case
  16. ​Instruction manual
  17. ​Hemmer foot 2mm D
  18. ​Blind Hem foot G
  19. ​Rolled Hem foot D
  20. ​Buttonhole foot B
  21. ​Buttonhole foot R ( automatic )
  22. Over edge foot C
  23. Zipper foot E
  24.  1 pack of bobbins
  25. packs of leather needles
  26. ​1 pack of universal needles

​Info related to Warranty of 25 Years

​Once you purchase Janome HD3000, its warranty ensures its maintenance until 25 years of its purchase date. Labor will be provided by Janome totally free of cost through the first year after purchase. After that, labor charges will be applied. Electric parts can be repaired and supplied until five years after the purchase date.

​Info about stitch quantity and quality

​First of all, let’s come across the fact that Janome HD3000 is a heavy duty sewing machine. It provides 18 built-in stitches and hence, doesn’t overwhelm your choice. These stitches are sufficient for a heavy duty machine.This number of stitches might give you a sense of limitation, but let me put it in your knowledge that usually you get only 10 Built-in stitches with heavy duty machines of such kind.

​Reverse Stitching and foot presser adjustment

​You can pull down the reverse stitch lever which is present at the front of your machine if you want to go back a step.One has to adjust the Foot pressure control by themselves according to the need of fabric, and it is comfortable as well, especially for experienced sewers.

​Purpose of Automatic Push-Pull bobbin winder

​It is true that manually winding the bobbin is a time-consuming process and it is such a pleasure to get it winded automatically. Janome Hd3000 sewing machine’s jam-proof bobbin winder will do it automatically for you. Not only beginners, but even the experts would love that luxury.

​functioning of Thread tension adjuster and Built-In needle threader

​When we think about sewing, the most irritating and challenging task that comes to our mind is squinting eyes and pushing the thread through the eye of the needle. A time-consuming process and besides that, a sort of a headache as well, especially for people with weaker eyesight.Janome HD3000 has a feature named Thread tension adjuster which helps you to adjust the tension of the thread.

​Janome HD3000 sewing machine reviews : pros of this machine

​This machine provides a lot of advantages to the users, and that is what a buyer wants. More advantages of less price. We have highlighted the pros of this sewing machine in Janome HD3000 Reviews. Let’s have a look.

​Smooth running with very less noise

​When we talk about heavy duty sewing machine, the first thing that comes to the mind is a loud noise. It troubles a lot during work. One significant positive portion of Janome HD3000 is that it works smoothly and does not make high noise.  Its low noise quality allows sewers to work for more extended period.

 Besides that, if you share your home or workplace with someone else as well, then they are also not going to feel any trouble. You can work on the machine while enjoying music or radio as well. Doesn’t that bring calmness to mind?

​stitch consistency and dealing with heavier fabrics

​First of all, it is easy to shift from a light fabric to a heavier one on this machine, and just some adjustments need to be made. This is a powerful machine that gives you the option of working on so many kinds of multi-layer and heavy fabrics. Leather, Denim, nylon, etc. are all easily handled.  

Its stitch quality is exceptional. It never compromises with the tidiness of work, and it maintains the same stitch quality while working on heavy fabrics as well. Your completed work will always look clean and therefore, you feel a bit motivated as well.

​Janome Hd3000 reviews : exceptionally powerful machine.

​There is no need to panic if you have to carry on complex sewing projects. Janome HD3000 is such a powerful machine that it can easily handle even more than six layers of heavier fabrics and do work with complete efficiency and ease.Many heavy duty machines have a problem of over-heating, and therefore user sometimes feels hesitated to carry on with heavier projects for a more extended period. There is entirely no problem of overheating with this sewing machine. Its strong-built aluminum body gives it excellent stability and powerful motor inside it deals with overloads of work with ease.

​Durability and low maintenance

​This machine is built strong and highly durable if handled in the right way. Some of the sewing machines need regular attention regarding maintenance, but Janome HD3000 is not of that kind. It is a low maintenance machine.The user can clean its head with a soft dry cloth only when required and so is withoiling. There are very few chances that any of its part malfunctions, but if it happens, it is needed to carry it to experts rather than trying to solve it without having proper knowledge.​The user needs to slow down speed and make proper adjustments while switching to fabrics with different thicknesses, and it will add on to its durability. This machine will be working with the same efficiency even when it is taken out of the storage room after a year.

​Janome HD3000 Reviews : cons of this machine

​There is no sewing machine on the market which we can call totally con free. No matter how wisely it is built and how many features added, something or the otherlefts missing. So is with Janome HD3000. It doesn’t have any significant issues for sure, hardly one or two are there. Let’s find out with Janome HD3000 reviews.

​Janome hd3000 reviews: Just one con, its looks

Nowadays, when the buyer has got so many options for decent sewing machines in the market, looks play a vital role in attracting customers. One needs to invest money in such a sewing machine which is decent at work, besides that, beautiful and attractive enough to show off and make friends feel jealous.​After a complete and overall look, the person will not be able to dig out a single problem with the machine, except its dull looks. In a comparison of modern heavy duty sewing machines, it does not look that much attractive. It seems like a box-shaped old-fashioned sewing machine.

​Are looks really a big issue?

​The straightforward answer is a big “NO.” Hardly any other machine is this much perfect in its work and at the same time, low price as well. Janome HD3000 is like a one-time investment because it is cent percent perfect in its department. What is the need for a machine that looks ultra-modern but creates a lot of problems while working? The sewing machine is not a showpiece, it is a machine needed to carry out some work. Janome HD3000 heavy duty sewing machine fulfills all requirements, so looks must not be counted as a problem.

​Janome hd3000 reviews: a final look

​When we want to complete our heavier sewing projects in less time and without facing any problem in-between work, then Janome HD3000 fulfills these demands. There are too less sewing machines there in the market which are of same price limit and are this much user-friendly and effective. That is what we came to know by Janome HD3000 reviews.Its power defines its class, and besides that, an army of accessories provided along with it brings extra-benefit. This machine is like a one-time investment and user will hardly ever feel the need to replace it with any other heavy duty machine.


  • Works smoothly and neatly on heavy and multi-layer fabrics.
  • User friendly and good for beginners.
  • Structure and motor, both are very strong
  • Makes low noise while sewing
  • 25 Years limited warranty
  • Low in price
  • Low maintenance required and highly durable.


  • ​Dull and non-attracting looks.

This is a machine that makes sewing more enjoyable and fun. It does not create any obstacle in-between of work, so the user stays focus​​​​sed while working. It has satisfied its users very well, and it offers much more than whatit costs. It is an absolute expert in its department. It is worthy of purchase.

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