Janome Horizon 8900 Reviews in 2019 – is it worth the money?

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Through Janome Horizon 8900 Reviews, we are going to unleash vast knowledge related to this particular product. This machine is having abundant advantages and has satisfied a significant number of its customers. Most importantly, there are some cons as well.This machine is ​available at a comfortable price. Through our Janome Horizon 8900 Reviews we will give a proper explanation of everything related to this machine. Besides that, we will explain it to you that is it really worthy of your money? So, shall we proceed?

Janome Horizon 8900 Reviews

Janome Horizon 8900 Reviews

Janome Horizon 8900 Reviews

​Janome Horizon 8900 Reviews : Basic info about the company

​​Janome is a Japanese company which started providing us with a sewing machine in the year 1954. Janome has been a very successful company and has achieved a very big name and fame concerning manufacturing decent quality and easy to use sewing machines. Janome always brings innovation.

It is a multi-national company and is among top three sewing machine manufacturing companies of the world.

​Janome Horizon 8900 Reviews : Basic info about the product

​Janome Horizon 8900 sewing and quilting machine is a decent learning machine. If you are among those who has newly developed the hobby of sewing, but are a bit afraid of the difficulties related to learning sewing on a modern day computerized machine, then this machine is especially for you.

This machine is user-friendly and very easy to operate, so the learner has not to go through ware and tare of learning. Features are kept soft and simple tounderstand. An instruction book comes along with the product, but you will hardly feel need of spending more time on reading it.

​key features 

​This machine is fully loaded with modern features that save your time and effort. Its features are so easily understandable that hardly anyone will get confused or frustrated. ​Company provides you with a wide range of choice in terms of stitches. there are a total of 270 built-in stitches. Max width of stitches is 9mm and max length is 5mm.

11 One-step buttonholes are included. Never underestimate it because of its size as its top speed is 1000 stitches per minute. A high-resolution touchscreen LCD is present. It supports an auto-declutch bobbin winder and a top loading full rotatory hook bobbin system.

Janome Horizon 8900 Reviews : Accessories

​Janome has always been generous in terms of providing with a lot of accessories and presser feet. same thing is with Janome Horizon 8900. The list is very big, yet we have covered all of them. Lets have a look.

  1. Quarter-inch seam foot
  2. ​Blind hem foot
  3. ​Standard satin stitch foot.
  4. ​Button sewing foot
  5. ​Zigzag foot for free motion quilting
  6. ​Closed toe foot for free-motion quilting
  7. ​Satin stitch foot (Open toe)
  8. ​Automatic buttonhole foot
  9. ​Darning foot
  10. ​Over-edge foot
  11. ​Rolled hem foot
  12. ​Zipper foot
  13. ​Double accessory bins
  14. ​machine cover
  15. ​Dual feed holder
  16. ​Extension table
  17. ​AcuFeed Flex system (Detachable)
  18. ​Ultra-bright LED lamps (5)
  19. ​Bonus bundle from Sew Vac Direct, which includes a walking foot.
  20. ​Pattern stitch length calculator
  21. ​Cloth guide
  22. ​Straight stitch needle plate

​Time saving quality of Janome horizon 8900

​When it comes to beginners, sewing machine must be time and effort saving for sure. Otherwise, it might frustrate and ever bore the user. Janome has provided so many time-saving features for convenience. There are such rare features also which are not present in those machines, which are far more costlier than this one.Let’s have a quick look over the list which indicates all of its time-saving features.

  1. An easy to operate reverse button
  2. ​Locking stitch button
  3. ​Built-in needle threader
  4. ​Speed control slider
  5. ​Auto declutch bobbin winder
  6. One-step needle plate conversion function
  7. ​Start/stop button
  8. ​Adjustable knee lifter
  9. ​Automatic thread cutter
  10. Automatic tension controlling system

​Size and portability

​In dimensions, this machine is W20.4 x H12.4 x D9.1 inches. That is a medium size machine that needs good space to fit in. Its weight is 26.5 lbs. It is quite difficult to move it.It would have been better if it was something near to 15-16 pounds. Being a learning machine, it must not be that much heavy. We can hope that the company looks upon minimizing its size and weight to make it a bit more portable.

Janome Horizon 8900 Reviews : Pros

​This machine is full of advantages. The most significant advantage that makes it expert in its department is the presence of so many time-saving features. Although these many features are there, still they are easily understandable. Sewing and quilting, both are luxurious on this machine. Besides that, free-motion quilting is also done with ease.You can carry craft works of huge sizes because this machine provides you with so much extra space. The extra wide table that comes with the product plays a vital role in providing comfort while doing larger quilts.

​Most importantly, this machine is built very strong and is highly durable is used in a proper way. With its top speed of 1000 stitches per minute, you can complete your projects before the estimated time. One of the most significant advantages of this machine is that it gives you a wide range of fabrics to work on.It deals with heavier fabrics with ease.


​This wonderful machine comes with a 25 years limited warranty. This warranty is undoubtedly a long one. Besides that, company Janome is too good at repairing and replacing the parts of the machine on the grounds of warranty. The process takes quite less time. If your machine is not functioning the way it needs to be, then you can contact Janome’s customer care service.Your replacements and repairs will be done without any inconvenience. For knowing more about the terms and conditions of the warranty, you need to visit the company’s website.Note: Company is not responsible for any damaged caused to the machine due to rough handling.

Janome Horizon 8900 Reviews : Cons

​There is no major con related to this particular machine and complaint percentage against this product is very low. Still, there are a couple of “not so convenient” things which you need to know before purchasing it. Let’s proceed

​Tough portability

​This machine looks very attractive and modern. You would like to show it off. But its weight is something that won’t please you. You surely need someone to help you out when you want to move it. Anyways, the company is providing us much, so we can do nothing except merely accepting this fact that it is not an easily portable machine.

​Buttons are situated at wrong positions

​Before writing Janome memory craft 8900QCP Reviews, we went through public complaint section of this product. This was the only con with which significant percentage of non-satisfied users agreed. Few people feel inconvenient with the locations of the buttons. There is so many buttons present on the machine, which is undoubtedly for making your work easier. But it sometimes happens that you by mistake push the wrong button and thing get messy a bit right in-between of your project. Especially the reverse stitch button is at the most awkward portion.

​​Beginners are going to feel frustrated because of this problem few time when they are new at the machine. It takes time to get used to the button positions. Although after some time, your fingers will be familiar with correct buttons.

Janome 8900 Reviews : Wrapping up the topic

​This is a machine which is especially for beginners, but at the same time, it is fit enough for sewers of all levels. It’s easy to use features motivate you to work on the machine for a longer period of time. Although this machine is not light enough that you can carry on to your learning classes, but it is a kind of one-time investment.Once you bring this machine home, you will never feel bored on this machine no matter you become an advanced level sewer. This machine boosts up your creativity level undoubtedly.


  • Decent learning machine.
  • ​comes with a wide range of accessories.
  • ​easy to operate.
  • Stitch quality is decent.
  • Top speed of 1000 stitch/minute.
  • Extra space for free motion quilting.
  • 25 Years limited warranty.


  • Heavy weight.
  • ​Few buttons present at  wrong positions.

​Janome Horizon 8900 is a decent machine no doubt. It is full of feature, and its user-friendly nature attracts beginners a lot. Intermediates are also going to have a great time on this machine. This machine is worthy of a purchase.

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