Janome JW8100 Reviews in 2019 – [Is it the Best?]

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​Today, through Janome JW8100 Reviews we are going to unleash completeknowledge about this product named Janome JW8100 sewing machine. We will be taking you across all the facts related to this sewing machine, and besides that, we will mention all the advantages of having this machine.Not only that, we will make you aware of the cons of this sewing machines. Further, we will honestly give a final verdict in order to let you know that whether this product is worthy of your money or not.

​Janome ​JW8100 Reviews

Janome JW8100 Reviews

Janome JW8100 Reviews

​Janome ​JW8100 Reviews : Basic info about the company

​It is the most important thing to notice before​re making a purchase of any sewing machine that is company really trust-able or not. Suppose you find a fully- featured sewing machine at meager cost and you bring it home. After that, it starts troubling you, and then you feel pity about your quick decision.That is the reason we give basic info about the company before explaining the product in our Reviews.

​Janome is one of the best sewing machine manufacturing company in the world. One can blindly trust this company. It’s sewing machines are always in trend because they do each and everything regarding making sewing machine which makes sewing easiest and most comfortable. Janome has been successful in winning hearts of sewers since very long time.Most importantly, it builds its sewing machines with the top quality material, so its sewing machines are always highly durable.

​Janome ​JW8100 Reviews : Basic info about the product

Janome JW8100 is a very well designed computerized sewing machine. It is a perfect choice for those who are bored of using regular mechanical sewing machines and finally want to switch on to an easy to use computerized sewing machine. This machine is feature-rich. In Janome JW8100 Reviews, our primary target is to make you aware of the cons as well, so yes, this machine also has some drawbacks. We will do justice to public complaints and explain to you about the facts that how dangerous are the cons of this machine. After all, it’s an honest review, and we believe in showing both the sides of the coin.

​Janome JW8100 : Specs of the machine

​This machine comes with 100 built-in stitches. Its top speed is 1000 stitches per minute. It is made up of good quality metal, that adds on to its stability and besides that, makes it more durable. 7 Auto buttonholes are present. Top loading bobbin system is present in this machine. The digital screen is present which display the stitch that is chosen by you.​Besides that, its computerized features compete with each other to make your sewing experience luxurious. A slider is present for controlling the speed of the needle. We will be explained purposes of its various key-features later on in our Janome JW8100 reviews.It comes with 25 years limited warranty. For knowing more about the terms and conditions of the warranty, you will have to visit the company’s website.

​Janome JW8100 : Accessories and extras

​Janome JW8100 comes with accessories in an abundant amount. Janome has tried to provide all crucial accessories in most of its sewing machine. Same is with Janome JW8100. Let’s have a look at the accessories mentioned in the list below:

  1. Extension table
  2. ​Seam ripper
  3. ​Dust cover
  4. ​Screwdriver
  5. ​Needle set
  6. ​Buttonhole opener
  7. ​Horizontal spool holder
  8. ​Lint brush
  9. ​Foot control
  10. ​Instruction book
  11. ​Pincushions
  12. ​Power cable
  13. Automatic buttonhole foot that supports all 7 kinds of feet
  14. ​Screw-on zipper foot
  15. ​Even feed foot
  16. ​Satin stitch foot
  17. ​General purpose foot
  18. ​Zigzag foot
  19. ​half inch seam foot

​Dimensions and portability of machine

​In dimensions, this machine is 16 x 7 x 12 inches. Its weight is 12.7 lbs. You must be getting proper idea about its portability when you know its weight. Yes, this machine is easily portable. You will not feel the need of somebody else to move this machine from one place to another.

​Explaining key features

​In Janome JW8100 sewing machine reviews, we are going to explain the functions and proper utility of key-features of this machine. One can hardly get these many key-features at such a low price. Let’s proceed…

​Number of stitches and stitch quality

​There are 100 built-in stitches in this machine, which are more than enough. These include 20 regular stitches, 27 heirloom stitches, 18 quilting stitches, 28home-decor stitches along with seven buttonhole stitches. One can touch heights of creativity with these many stitches.​Besides that, stitch quality of this machine is decent. It is very consistent with stitch length and width. Most importantly, it never compromises with the neatness of work even when it is running at its top speed. That is a significant benefit.

​Needle-threader system

​Needle threading is quite an easy task to do in this sewing machine. All one needs to do is, follow the diagram that is printed on the exterior in order to thread the machine and after that, you can use the built-in needle threader. It is that simple. It saves a lot of time and effort.

​Bobbin system

​ This machine supports a top- loading bobbin system. In this machine, you have to insert the bobbin in its case, which is near the needle plate. Usually, in other machines, it is situated in front of the machine, but not in this one.Besides that, the bobbin cover is transparent. You can easily keep an eye on the bobbin while working. In this way, you will not run out of thread in-between of your sewing project.

​Reverse button and start/stop button

​If you ever feel the need of going back to your previous stitch, all you need to do is press the reverse button, and you will be in the correct place. The main purpose of this reverse button is to provide strength to your seam by back-stitching. Your stitches will be strong enough that they will not get unraveled even if your project has to undergo several washings.There is a Start/Stop button present there which adds on to ease of the user. With the help of this button, you won’t be needing to use foot pedal as you can Start/Stop the machine in just a blink of a wink.

​Extension table supporting free -motion sewing and quilting

​The company provides you with an extension table, which is wide enough to provide you with much of extra space. If you are among those who like to work on big size projects, then you are going to feel impressed with the presence of this extension table. Besides that, you can detach it when you don’t need it.

​Speed control slider

​You can change your sewing speed in an expeditious and comfortable manner in this machine. The Speed control slider makes it possible. You can use this slider as per according to the needs of the projects on which you are working on. It is such a kind of feature that one needs to have in every single computerized sewing machine.

​Janome JW8100 reviews : Pros

​Well, this machine is full of advantages. A wide variety of stitches and it’s easy to use computerized features are all its pros. The most important benefit of this sewing machines that it works efficiently on thick and tough fabrics as well. This machine is easy to thread, besides that, it has knobs, dials, and buttons that save your time.Besides that, it is fit for beginners as well. Its user-friendly nature and easy to operate features make beginners comfortable. There is not a single piece of complexity in this machine. All setting and adjustments you need can be perfectly carried out with ease. Guiding manual makes the work even easier.Most importantly, this machine neither shivers too much, nor it makes a high noise even at its top speed.

​Janome JW8100 reviews : Cons

​By viewing customer reviews of this machine, we found that it has satisfied a significant percentage of its users. Besides that, there are few complains as well. If honestly said, then there is no such con related to this machine, which we can call a “deal-breaker”. Let’s have a look, shall we?

​Can’t sew multi-layer fabrics

​This machine operates very well on heavy and thick fabrics, but it doesn’t work on multi-layers fabrics. This machine lacks in power when it works on multi-layer fabrics. Besides that, it starts making very high noise while doing so. It is also the truth that this machine is not the best one for quilting purpose.If you want your Janome JW8100 to be long-lasting and durable, then avoid using multi-layer fabrics on this machine. If you feel that you can’t do without multi-layer fabrics, then you need to spend a bit more money and bring some other machine instead of this one.

​Absence of a thread cutter

​Now this proper deficiency was not expected from Janome. Other sewing machines which compete Janome JW8100 at this price level surely have a thread cutter. Either an automatic, or a manual, but yes, a thread cutter.It feels a bit awkward to get the help of a pair of scissors when you are working on such an advanced and highly computerized sewing machine. The company must look upon this particular deficiency.

​Janome JW8100 reviews : Wrapping up the topic

​By Janome JW8100 Reviews, we came to know that this is a decent machine overall. Its small size and easy portability help out a lot to fit it in a small space and carrying it from place to place. Its user-friendly nature makes it comfortable for the beginners. Besides that, advance level sewers will also be pleased with this machine as they get so many options for creativity. Inter-mediates can quickly develop their sewing skills and level with this particular machine. Most importantly, you get so many free accessories along with Janome8100 that make sewing more luxurious.Just a couple of minor deficiencies are there in this machine. Besides that, you can bring this machine home at a very reasonable price. It’s quite beneficial to have Janome JW8100.


  • ​Vast variety of stitches.
  • ​Easily portable.
  • ​25 Years limited warranty.
  • ​Easy adjustments with knobs, dials and buttons.
  • Decent stitch speed and quality.
  • ​Comfortable for sewers of all levels.


  • Can’t sew multi-layer fabrics.
  • Thread cutter is absent.
  • ​Not the best one for quilting.

Janome JW8100 is a kind of machine that provides you with almost all the essentials that you need. One can hardly feel bored on this machine. Its speed, accuracy, and variety of options make it a must buy type of sewing machine. We recommend this machine to everyone.

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