Janome Magnolia 7330 reviews #2019 {Must read before BUYING}

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​​By ​Janome Magnolia 7330 Reviews, we are going to cover each and everyessential point related to this particular sewing machine which all buyers need toknow. We will come across knowledge about advantages,disadvantages, features,fixes for the problem, etc. We will help you out in deciding whether to purchase it or not.

​Janome Magnolia 7330 reviews – detailed one

​Janome Magnolia 7330 reviews

​Janome Magnolia 7330 reviews

​​Janome Magnol​ia 7330 Reviews : basic info about company

​​Whenever you read about company Janome, you will read good only. This is highlytrusted as well as a recommended brand which has made sewing much luxurious and comfortable by providing us with modern day sewing machines which are fully loaded with features. Besides that, it takes a lot of care of users and complains percentage against any of its products is always low. It is undoubtedly a leading brand in the market of sewing machine manufacturing.

Janome Magnolia 7330 Reviews : basic info about the product

​The Janome Magnolia 7330 is the second best model in the Magnolia list in concern of advancements. This computerized model is a very well built and a decent quality sewing machine which has a lot of features and most importantly is constructed ​ keeping intermediates in mind. This sewing machine can help out intermediates in developing their sewing tactics in quick time.

​Key features of this sewing machine

​Janome has added a lot of features in this machine to make sewing more comfortable and fun. We will come across some of them which are most important. Therefore, let’s have a look at the list mentioned below.

  1. Computerized stitch selection
  2. ​Double lift presser for thicker fabrics
  3. ​Reverse button
  4. ​Start/stop button
  5. ​Needle up/down button
  6. ​Speed control slider
  7. ​Locking stitch
  8. ​30 Built-in stitches
  9. ​6 one-step buttonholes
  10. ​LED screen
  11. ​15 Needle positions
  12. Automatic needle threader

​Stitches number and quality of this machine

​As mentioned before, there are 30 computerized stitches. Although it does not sound enough at this price rate, but there are all essential stitches present. The user will surely not feel something missing regarding stitches. Its stitch quality is double decent. All Janome sewing machines have decent stitch quality. Because it is specially made for intermediates, its neat and clean work doesn’t just satisfy but also motivates. Besides that, it has six one-step buttonholes.

Bobbin setting on this sewing machine

​Most importantly, the bobbin setting is quite easy on this machine. In many other machines, it is a long process which might include removing bobbin cases, removing accessory trays, etc. But in this machine, all you need to do is open the lid, drop the bobbin and shut it, that simple.Besides that, the bobbin is easily visible through the transparent cover. This means you will never face an unwanted break due to thread run out because you can easily see that how much thread is remaining in the bobbin.

​useful button making the work easier

​This machine is very good with the use of buttons. There are buttons present for all main purposes. For On/off, you need to push a button only. If you feel the need of going back to your previous stitches, just push Reverse stitch button. If you want to slow down your sewing speed or fasten it, then there is a speed button.​Besides that, the LCD screen is also controlled by three buttons. Needle up/down process is also made easy by a button which adds on to your consistency, besides that, how can we forget the locking stitch button? Button for everything, too good.

​A big benefit : low noise

One can easily talk on the phone while using this machine, that much quiet it is. Suppose if you are sitting in a room where other people are also present. Then you start your sewing machine, and it starts roaring. You will be thrown out of the room. But if you are having Janome Magnolia 7330, then nobody will feel troubled. Due to its low noise, you can work for a very long period without a headache.

​Thread cutter and thread tension control

An automatic thread cutter is not provided in this machine. One will have to do it manually. Most importantly, the free arm is present. An Automatic thread cutter is also absent in this machine, so you will again have to do it manually. Besides that, you will not have to thread the needle because an automatic needle threader is present.

​How good is it for the beginners?

​This machine is very popular among beginners because of its user-friendly nature. Quality of this machine is so decent that one will hardly find any difficulty in-between of work. That is what a beginner looks for. You can always have an eye over the selection that you make with the help of LCD screen.Besides that, the computer set-up is quite easy. So many buttons are provided for the convenience of the user. All features are very easy to learn, and one would not feel uncomfortable on it, no matter he is on a sewing machine for the very first time. It is a great learning machine.

Janome Magnolia 7330 Reviews : durability

​This attractive looking machine is highly durable the very same way, other Janome machines do. Most importantly, you don’t feel the need for paying much attention to its maintenance. This sewing machine is built strong with decent qualitymaterials. If used in a proper way, it will be with you for years and years. Upgrading or repairing of this machine is hardly required.

​Janome magnolia 7330 reviews : cons

​​We can call this machine con -free as there are no significant cons related to this machine. This machine is high in demand because of this reason only. Hardly anything is missing. Just a couple of minor drawbacks are there, about which you will read further in Janome magnolia 7330 Reviews.​

​Less portability and no carrying case

​It will not be justice if we call this machine less portable. But few users have demanded that it would have been a bit better if it was compacted to 13-14 pounds instead of 18.2 pounds which is its original weight. Besides that, the company has not provided a carrying case, so it becomes difficult to carry it safely.

​justification to the problems mentioned above

​Well, 18.2 pounds is not such a heavyweight that a normal person feels need to get someone’s help to shift it. Although it would have been better if it’s weight was 13-14 pounds, as one would have felt comfortable to carry it to the classes. But a difference of 3-4 pounds must not be counted as a genuine issue. But yes, the company must have provided a carrying case along with it.

​LED light is not bright enough

​Four to five users have mentioned it that the LED light provided along with themachine is not that bright. Most importantly, Janome charges a comparatively price for its products, so they must have provided a better one because it becomes much harsh to work on this machine in certain low light conditions.Well, that is a valid point made. When the company is charging high, then it becomes their duty to provide everything comfortable enough. But still, it must not be counted it as a significant problem. You can buy an additional LED if its LED is troubling you too much.

Janome Magnolia 7330 Reviews : Overall verdict

​One can complain that its price is quite high in comparison with similar kind of sewing machines of other companies. But once you purchase and use it, that complain vanishes because its quality will please you to the max. It is the perfect one for beginners. Its high durability makes it even more worthy of a purchase.​This machine is almost con free.Simplicity and perfection, both are there in this machine. This machine can play a vital role in increasing skill and confidence level of the sewer.


  • Decent machine for beginners
  • User friendly and feature rich
  • Decent stitch quality
  • Time saver machine .
  • Less noise
  • Low maintenance and highly durable.


  • No carrying case.
  • LED light is not that bright.

​This sewing machine is an absolute perfectionist. Being feature-rich, it is so user-friendly that even a complete fresher can start working on it. It is a highly reliable machine and provides much more than what one can expect at this price. This is recommended to be purchased, especially for mid-level sewers and beginners.


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