Juki DDL5550 Reviews in 2019 – [Must read]

​Through Juki DDL5550 Reviews, we will unleash all facts related to Juki DDL5550 sewing machine. You will come across various advantages, key features, theirproper utilization, etc. Besides that, we will explain you the cons that are related to this machine. Most importantly, we will justify that is this machine worthy of purchase? If yes, then why? If no, then why not? You are at the perfect place to get knowledgeable about this product.

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Juki DDL5550 Reviews.jpg

​Juki DDL5550 Reviews : Basic info about the company

​​Juki is a Japanese company which is manufacturing perfect quality sewing machines since many decades. Since very long period, Juki has been providing with sewing machines for both home users as well as for industrial purpose. Besides that, this company has always been good at providing the latest technology and features in concern of sewing machines.Juki manufactures in over one hundred countries across six continents, and the main reason behind the success of this company is their care for its customers and bringing them deep satisfaction. Most importantly, their primary target has always been providing convenience to its consumers.

​Juki DDL5550 reviews : basic info about the product

​Juki is a powerful sewing machine that is built in a very strong manner. This is a straight Stitch sewing machine. This particular machine is a master in its department. It is a bit more expensive than what one can think of, and we will explain it later on in Juki DDL5550 Reviews. It won’t be much if we say that this one is the best one of its kind on the market in current time.This machine is feature-rich, yet working on it is not difficult. Its dimensions are 48 x 36 x 48 inches. It measures  Operating its settings and adjustments is easy as there are no bells and whistles that might confuse the user.

​Juki DDL5550 reviews : specialties

​Juki DDl5550 is a very heavy and massive mechanical machine because it is for industrial use. Its max stitching speed is 5500 stitches per minute. Yes, you got it right, 5500 Stitches. Most importantly, its speed can be easily adjusted. Everything that one needs in a heavy duty industrial sewing machine is present in this machine. A 5 years standard warranty is there for convenience.We will detail its key features and specialties later on in Juki DDL5550 Reviews.

​accessories and extras

Juki never overwhelms its users by providing with unnecessary extra accessories. Most importantly, it provides everything that is essential. With Juki DDL5550, you get everything which you need right from adjusting it at its place and start off your work, till you complete your project. We have mentioned essential accessories in the list given below.

  1. ​A bobbin case
  2. ​2 Screwdrivers
  3. ​One packet of extra needles.
  4. ​Oil bottle
  5. ​Owner’s manual

​A quick view over key features

​This machine comes with a lot of key-features which can attract anyone. Let us have a quick look over the key features of this list through the list mentioned below.

  1. Fabric edge sensor
  2. ​Powerful Servo motor
  3. ​Thread-trimmer
  4. ​Finger guard
  5. ​On board bobbin winder with separate motor.
  6. ​Knee lifter
  7. ​Needle plate along with seam guides
  8. ​Top speed of 5500 stitches per minute
  9. ​Adjustable presser foot pressure.
  10. ​Adjustable stitch length up to 5mm
  11. ​On-board 30 inches ruler
  12. ​Reverse stitch control
  13. ​Bobbin thread sensor

​Fit for which level sewers?

​The very straight answer is intermediates and advanced level sewers. This machine is strictly not for learners and beginners. One might say that I can work on this machine by reading and following the guiding manual. The answer is NO; you can’t.Guiding manual is written in the typical language, so if you are not much experienced in operating the industrial sewing machine, then you are not even going to figure out the parts of the machine by reading their names. The manual is easy to follow by the way. The complication is only for the freshers, not for experienced sewers.

describing servo motor

​There is a very powerful servo motor inside this machine. When we talk about the industrial sewing machine, the first thing that might come to the mind is heavynoise. Well, this machine is surprisingly quiet. One can work on this machine for a very long time without a headache. Besides that, it doesn’t vibrate much even at its top speed.

​structure of juki ddl5550

​Juki’s firm and strong structure play a vital role in minimising its noise and vibration. There are dual cone thread holders on its table. A lamp, as well as bobbin winder, is also present. A needle plate with etches seam guides is present. A spring tension adjustment dial is there along with a large stitch lever on the right side of the table. On/Off button is also on the right side.

​On which all fabrics does it work?

​Being a heavy duty industrial sewing machine, this machine is an expert in sewing heavy and multi-layer fabrics. Natural fibres (Cotton, wool, linen), Denim, Upholstery, fur, reptile skin, Suede, Denim Canvas, Twill, plastic, rubber, etc. are all sewn quite easily and flawlessly on this machine.One must avoid using very thin fabrics such  Silk, Satin, Taffeta, velvet Rayon, Polyester, knits etc. on this machine. This machine is so strong that you can sew ten layers all together.

​juki ddl5550 Reviews : maintenance and durability

​This machine surprisingly requires very less maintenance. Usually, Industrial sewing machines do require a look-after at regular times, but not this one. One must surely Clean the race hook and feed dogs after every single use. Rest, you can clean it with soft dry cloth only when you feel the need of. Same is with lubricating this machine.

​juki ddl5550 Reviews : pros

​Till here, we came across a lot of advantages of having this sewing machine. Now, it is time for mentioning some more crucial advantages. Shall we proceed?

​Stitching speed and quality along with assembling of the machine

​As we mentioned earlier as well, its top speed is 5500 stitches per minute, which is quite thundering. Most importantly, Its high speed never affects neatness of its stitch quality. Its stitches are very consistent with length and width. Besides that, they are very strong as well. Reverse stitch features strengthen your stitches even more.One of the most significant advantages of this machine is that it comes pre-assembled. You don’t need to spend time and effort in assembling this machine after you take it out of the box. This feature is quite rare.This machine comes to you correctly put together. After taking out of the box, all you need to do is plug in the switch, add thread, add oil, and done. You can start working on straight away.

​does justification to its price tag

​This one cannot be called an expensive machine. The company has provided as much comfort as possible. You get the whole system in Juki DDL5550 machine’s box. Table, stand, accessories, etc. everything you get along with it. No need to spend money on buying any such things separately because the company has provided you with every single essential thing.

​juki ddl5550 Reviews : cons

​In the column of Cons, we hardly have anything to fill in. As a result, a huge percentage of its users have given excellent rating and remarks to this product. Here, we need to explain just a couple of minor cons related to this machine.

​only straight stitching

​If honestly said, then this is not even worthy of being called a con. It is a kind of straight stitching machine only. When it is pre-defined, then how can someone demand more kinds of stitches? This machine is not for bedroom cushion decorations, creative stitching or carrying it to craft shows. It is simply a straight stitch machine, and it is almost impossible to beat this machine in its department.


​Well, there is no such industrial sewing machine made which you can keep on your lap or move from one room to another. In this machine, a table and a stand are in inclusion. You are not recommended to shift this machine by yourself. Try to adjust it at the very exact place when you get it the first time. Once you place it, just keep it there.One must not be having any problem with its weight. It is meant for industrial purpose strictly. Even if someone complains about its weight, that actually doesn’t make any sense.

​juki ddl5550 Reviews : wrapping up the topic

​Juki DDL5550 is a perfectly designed sewing machine, and if honestly said, then hardly any other industrial sewing machine can beat this sewing machine in terms of perfection. Its speed is incomparable. Professionals are going to love this machine.It’s easy to operate features and straightforwardness make it a decent choice for intermediates as well. As we mentioned before, Juki DDL5550 is strictly not for beginners. It has got each and every facility and features that an advanced level sewer needs. Besides that, it doesn’t even make a loud noise. No extra look-after and maintenance required. We highly recommend this machine because it gives you much much more in comparison of what you pay for it.


  • Doesn’t make high noise.
  • Very strong and stable.
  • Doesn’t shiver much even at top speed.
  • Thundering speed of 5500 Stitches per minute.
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Decent stitch quality.
  • ​Low maintenance.
  • ​Best of its kind.


  • ​Non-portable.
  • Straight stitch only.

​Juki DDl5550 is probably the best of its kind. This machine is master at its job. Most importantly, this machine does not have any big con to mention. You will be delighted with its performance and it is worth of every single penny you pay for it.

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