Juki TL2010q Reviews 2019 – [Is it THE Best?] (Let’s find out)

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​With the help of JukiTL2010q Reviews, we will help you in figuring out that howgood it will be to purchase this sewing machine. After spending more than 25 hours on reviewing this machine, hence we will give you complete knowledge in depth about this product. Plus points, minus points, user’s experiences, etc.​ all topics are very well covered in Juki TL2010q Reviews.

Juki TL2010q Reviews

Juki TL2010q Reviews

Juki TL2010q Reviews

​Juki TL2010q Reviews : basic info about the company

​Juki is a Japanese company involved in manufacturing perfect quality sewing machines since years. Since very long period, Juki has been providing with sewing machines of both home use and industrial purpose. Besides that, this company has always been up in providing the latest technology and features in concern of sewing machines.Juki manufactures in over one hundred countries across six continents, and the main reason behind the success of Juki is their care for its customers and bringing them a sense of satisfaction. Similarly, their primary target has always been providing convenience to its consumers.

​Basic info about the product

​Juki TL2010q Long-arm sewing and quilting machine is a very powerful and professional looking machine. So, It has successfully attracted a lot of customers because of its abundant features and user-friendly nature. It can be described as a workhorse. It is so speedy that it can complete your projects in a blink of an eye.​Likewise, there are very less sewing machines of this price range in the market that can match its quality, speed and accuracy in work. This machine stands somewhere in-between of a home and an industrial sewing machine. Its structure is built very strong. Most importantly, this machine can do almost everything you want from it.

​Stitch speed and stitch quality of the machine

​Minimum stitching speed of this sewing machine is 200stitches per minute, and max speed is 1500 stitches per minute. So, its speed really thrills the user. Even working at its top speed, it does not shiver much. Most importantly, does not make a thunderous noise.Above all it is a very fast machine, still it has most importantly not compromised with its stitch quality. Therefore, output is always neat and cleans no matter you are working at its lowest speed or at its highest speed.

Juki TL2010q Reviews : Accessories that come along with the product

​Juki is such a sewing machine that does not come much of extra accessories that get you into complexity. So, it provides all essentials needed by a user, and one cannot exclaim that this is missing or that is missing. Finally, let’s have a look at the accessories that come along with this product and also all detachable presser feet that add on to your convenience.

  1. Extension table
  2. ​Needles
  3. ​lint brush
  4. ​Spool cap
  5. ​2 screw drivers
  6. ​4 Bobbins
  7. ​Owner’s manual
  8. ​Oil dispenser
  9. ​  dust cover
  10. ​Standard foot
  11. ​Even feed foot
  12. ​half inch quilt foot
  13. ​Walking foot
  14. ​Two different darning feet
  15. Zipper foot
  16. Blind hem foot
  17. Piercing foot

Juki TL2010q Reviews : Key features

​Juki TL 2010q is loaded with many advanced features, and now, it is the time to explain some essential features out of them. Besides that, we will tell you about how do they work and how to utilize them.

​Extension table

​This particular machine is a big one in size, and it requires a bit more space to fit in your crafts room as compared to other sewing machines. One big reason is the extension table that comes along with it, which is really big in size. Besides that, this large size table does a great job as well. One might feel uncomfortable while doing larger quilts or other such heavier projects on another sewing machine, but above all, definitely not on this machine. Heavy projects are too easy to be carried on all because of this extension table. Similarly, the throat portion of this machine is designed for keeping large quilts in mind.

​Automatic needle-threader

​This particular feature is the most time-saving feature in this machine. What can be more ridiculous than squinting eyes and trying hard to put the thread into the needle’s eye? When the word “Automatic” gets added to “needle threader,” sewers eyes start sparking for sure because it saves so much effort.One needs to learn the functioning of automatic needle threader by user’s guiding manual. Besides that, you can rather visit company’s website and view videos over there related to this function.

​adjustable stitch length

Stitch length in this sewing machine can be adjusted up to 6mm, which is its max limit. It provides you benefit while you are working on fabrics of different thickness or structure. One must be wise while selecting proper stitch length when you are switching on from one fabric to another. Again, most noteworthy guiding manual helps.

​easy adjustments of speed

​You will be comfortable with the speed of stitches first of all. Right from 200 to 1500 stitches per minute, you can adjust speed as per requirements and most importantly, without troubling legs. Yes, the foot pedal is not required. This option is going to help those people much who are old enough to trouble legs too much while sewing and besides that, lazy people are also beneficial.

​benefits of having juki Tl 2010q at home

​If we start counting, there are so many benefits to having this wonderful sewing machine at home. Through JukiTL2010q Reviews we will put light on some of the more significant benefits which please its user to the deepest point. These plus points are inevitably going to make you feel greedy to purchase it.

​low noise is a big plus point

​This enormous looking powerhouse kind of sewing machine looks like as it will be making a thunderous noise when you are working on it, especially when you hear about its top speed of 1500 stitches per minute. But if you are also thinking the same way, then you are wrong. This machine does not make very loud noise even at top speed.One can work on this machine without a headache for a long time. This quality makes it much better than other sewing machines which are meant for heavy duty sewing. Some of them really make a deafening noise. It doesn’t mean that you actually get deaf, but yes, using those sewing machine may lead to a fight between you and your neighbors.

​So, it’s much better to look upon the noise fact before purchasing a heavy duty mechanical sewing machine. Therefore, if you don’t want heavy noise, buy one Juki TL2010q

​very well built structure

​Its structure is very strong which add-on to its steadiness. Besides that, it makes the machine even more durable. Structure’s shape also matters a lot because it affects your visibility when you are working on heavier projects like larger quilts. One might feel a big headache if he is not able to see his work properly. It might even spoil your whole task.Juki TL2010q is built with a slender arm along with extra throat space. Intelligent sewers will surely understand what benefits do both these things provide. So instead troubling your neck, one would surely like to work on Juki TL2010q.

​Extra space makes quilting experience better

​Working on such machines which are the combo of sewer and quilter, it is more focused to make sewing easier, and it is true that the quilting department is not looked after much. This is because quilting is an additional feature of the machine, while sewing is primary. Juki TL2010q is a perfect and equal blend of sewer and quilter.If you purchase this machine, you will be very comfortable to do heavy quilts on it because of good visibility and extra space provided by the extension table. Free-motion quilting is much easier on this machine in comparison to other machines which are suitable for baby quilts, but very disappointing when you try to do heavy quilts.

​its efficiency of working on heavy fabrics

​This machine is so powerful that at first look, you will feel like as it will sew everything that comes its way. This machine gives you options of an extensive range of fabrics to work upon. Just make sure you are making proper adjustments in the machine while switching on between different fabrics.​Most importantly, let us come across the facts that with which all fabrics does it efficiently work on.

  • Fine fabrics such as silk, taffeta, velvet, satin, etc.
  • Natural fabrics such as cotton, wool , linen, etc.
  • synthetic fibers and blends such as rayon, nylon, polyester, etc.
  • Leather/suede
  • Fur
  • Canvas/Twill
  • knits
  • Plastic/Rubber
  • Extra thick/multi-layer fabrics
  • upholstery
  • reptile skin

​​Juki TL2010q reviews : a perfect all-rounder

​If honestly said, then there are too fewer options for sewing machine present in the market which can ​be classified as the perfect all-rounder. Juki TL2010q is such a machine which has proved itself perfect in almost all departments.Sometimes it happens that you buy a multi-purpose sewing machine and later on come to know that it is not doing well in one or the other department. Then you have to spend money to buy another machine for that purpose which is lacking in your previous machine.Juki TL2010q is a wonderful blend, and besides that, it provides you so so many options and features. This is the machine which can be used for the homepurpose as well as industrial purpose just a few changes in settings is required.

Juki TL2010q reviews : cons

​Yes, there are few cons in this machine as well in a similar way all other machines have. But the Pro-Con ratio is quite heavier on the Pro side as this machine has very fewer deficiencies. Let us come to know what all it lacks. Shall we?

​High maintenance is needed

​Before raising this question, we must concentrate on the fact that most importantly, it is a mechanical sewing machine, not a computerized sewing machine. If you are using this machine on a regular basis, then you need to be ready with regular oiling as well. If not, then it might cause damage to your machine.Not only this but any sewing machine that is meant for heavy-duty use, need a regular look after. The machine is providing much to you, so can’t you spend fiveminutes maintaining it? Yes, five minutes every day is what you require to take care of this wonderful machine. Well, that thing cant be called as “high maintenance.”

​LED light is not bright enough

​Few users complain that its LED is not bright enough. Therefore, the user feels uncomfortable while working in certain light conditions. Well, that is a valid point. Dim LED light disturbs focus. The company has worked so well in building this machine in the best way possible, but if they had provided a brighter LED, then it would have been better.

​solving issue of led light

​There is a very simple and straightforward solution to this problem. One can spend a bit of money and purchase a better-LED light. Yes, one small replacement is needed, and the issue is solved. Still cursing this sewing machine just for a low quality LED light will be nothing, but foolishness, or maybe extravagantness.

​Juki Tl2010q  is quite expensive

​​Some companies focus on quality and not on price. The more you pay, the better you get. Juki is that kind of company. Price of Juki products are sometimes a bit higher than others, but the quality which they provide us cannot be overshadowed.

Juki Tl 2010q reviews : The final verdict

​Juki TL2010q public reviews are excellent. Quality of electronic parts and material used in this machine are best. This machine is a powerhouse and besides that, highly durable. Most importantly, it nails all-around work. One can buy it for fulfilling hobby and for making a career in sewing as well. This reliable machine hardly lacks anything.If one is strict with spending money, then Juki TL2010 is probably not for you. Besides that, if you are a beginner and want to start on a sewing machine that is extremely simple and straightforward, then also this sewing machine is not perfect for you. It’s not like that a beginner cant work on Juki TL2010. The thing that matters is the adaptation. Otherwise, Juki is a machine, that is good for all.


  • Strongly built and highly durable.
  • A perfect all-rounder machine
  • ​Extra space for heavy quilts.
  • Low noise
  • Very effective on heavy and multi layer fabrics
  • ​works on reptile skins
  • ​Abundant features for an ease.
  • Very fast speed of 1500 Stitches per minute.


  • High price.
  • High maintenance is required.
  • ​LED light is not bright enough.

​If you want an all in one sort of machine, which is decent in every department and besides that, is highly durable, then Juki TL 2010q is the best choice undoubtedly. The only thing that might affect is its high price. But if you are in need of the best from the rest, then yes, it’s Juki TL 2010q and nothing else.

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