Singer 1234 Reviews #2019 {Must read before purchase}

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​Through Singer 1234 Reviews, we have revealed every single piece of knowledge related to this particular product. Throughout Singer 1234 Reviews, you will get all essential knowledge related to pros, Cons, facts, etc. about the Singer 1234 sewing machine and besides that you will get a solution to your every problem here.

​Singer 1234 reviews

​Singer 1234 reviews

​Singer 1234 reviews : brief info about the company

​The singer is an American multi-nation company which is counted among top three leading sewing machine manufacturing companies of the world. This brand has been very successful for a very long period. Its sewing machines are highly dependable and easy to operate. Therefore, this company receives love and support of sewers from all over the world.

Singer 1234 reviews : brief info about the product

​The singer is known for its user-friendly and highly convenient sewing machines. Singer 1234 is a sewing machine which is probably the simplest one that is available in today’s date if we keep toy machines aside. A sewing machine can hardly be as easy as Singer 1234. It is designed primarily for children who are going to start the very first chapter of sewing.Besides that, parents have to pay a minimal amount of money to bring it home. Through Singer 1234 Reviews, you are going to be familiar enough to this sewing machine, and most importantly, you will feel confident enough to decide whether to purchase it or not.

​Features and specs of Singer 1234

​This machine does not come with too much in terms of features and functions. Besides that, it has all that a beginner needs to start on freshly. Six built-in stitches are present along with pre-setting length and width. Oneautomatic 4-stepbuttonhole, besides that, three presser feet(Zipper, Buttonhole and all-purpose). Vinyls are there for customizing the machine. It has a Tote bag project sheet and bobbin winding system is automatic in this machine. It comes with a 25 years limited warranty. If you want to read more about the terms and conditions of the warranty, you need to visit the company’s website.

​dimensions and portability of singer 1234

​This sewing machine measures 13 x 11.5 x 7 inches. This is a small and a very good looking sewing machine. Its look attracts middle school kids especially. Its weight is 9.8lbs. This machine is primarily meant for children, so it is made highly portable.One can easily pick it up and move from one room to another. Besides that, carrying it to the sewing classes regularly is quite an easy task.

​how does it support beginners

​Makers of this sewing machine have looked upon every single point to make it as easy as possible for beginners, especially kids. As mentioned before as well, it is probably the simplest and most straightforward sewing machine out there in the market.Its features are kept, and that is exactly what a beginner needs. Some beginner machines are a little bit complicated, and that even a very little complicity can trouble few beginners. Singer 1234 is such a machine that not a single beginner can complain that this or that feature is a bit tough.

​singer 1234 Reviews : Durability and maintenance

​It is true that no one likes to carry on maintenance of their sewing machine on a regular basis. But this is a sewing machine that hardly requires any maintenance. There are decidedly fewer chances of any part malfunctioning, so one will not need to carry it to repair shops. Just normal wiping with a dry cloth is OK. When we talk about durability, then most importantly this machine is built quitestrong, so it is highly durable. If you gift it to a middle school kid, then this machine will be with him or her even after marriage and for years after that.

​Built-in stitches

​There are 6 built-in stitches in this machine. It might sound a little less, but once again, this machine is for beginners, and basic stitches are provided. These are Zigzag, Satin, Straight, Scallop, Blind hem and a 4-step buttonhole.Its stitch quality is brilliant and clean work boosts the confidence level of the beginner. He feels motivated when he looks upon that how perfectly he is stitched. A guiding manual is also provided with this product, which includes info about usage of these stitches. Most importantly, one will hardly feel the need of even picking up this manual.

Singer 1234 beginner’s sewing machine reviews : which fabrics to use

​That is quite understandable,use only light fabrics. No beginner starts on by sewing a leather hat or shorts from reptile skin. One is smart enough to understand which all fabrics can be counted as light fabrics. Multi-layer fabrics are not meant to be used on this sewing machine.

​singer 1234 reviews : cons of this machine

​This sewing machine has received four stars out of five in terms of public experience. 76% users are well satisfied, and 6% have shown minor faults. But there are a few users who are unhappy with the product. We will highlight their problems in Singer 1234 Reviews and try to give solutions as well.

​This machine jams sometimes

​Few users had mentioned this problem that when they brought this machine home, it was okay, but machine started jamming after a few days. Besides that, guiding manual does not show the proper way to avoid it.  Machine jamming can cause a lot of frustration and besides that, waste a lot of time.

Solving the jamming problem

​If jamming would have been a significant problem, then this machine wouldn’t have received four-star ratings. Most importantly, if interference takes place, then surely there will be a reason behind it. The most common reason for machine jamming is using wrong fabric on this machine.It is mentioned earlier in this Singer 1234 Reviews that this machine is built to work on with only and only light fabrics. Not even medium fabrics, just light fabrics. Be wise enough is a selection of fabrics, and your machine will not jam. If still, it is jamming, then probably any of its parts is malfunctioning, then you need to repair it or replace it. For that, 25 years warranty helps out.

​Bobbin tension is annoying

​Few users have raised the problem that its bobbin tension is annoying. Most of those 13% One-star raters agree with the fact that this machine is not good at consistent bobbin tension. Bobbin does not stand at its place. Besides that, it pops out and then the machine jams.Well, if honestly said, then yes, this one is a significant problem with this machine. We cannot step back from saying that there is no proper fix mentioned in theguiding manual related to this problem. It can be ridiculous for minor age users. We do hope that the company looks upon designing this particular area of the machine in a better way to avoid inconvenience.

​putting back bobbin is a very long process

​Besides the significant problem of bobbin pop out, this one is another significant issue that adds on to inconvenience. What can be a bigger headache that bobbin is popping out in between work and then carrying on a ten-step sort of process of putting it back at its place? The company definitely needs to bring betterment here.

​singer 1234 reviews : final verdict

​After going through the whole Singer 1234 Sewing machine reviews, our personal opinion is a bit balanced between pros and cons. Although this machine is probably the best and the most comfortable sewing machine for beginners, besides that, some significant issues are present. Bobbin department of this machine needs to be improved by the company.Overall, the reviews are quite good. A significant reason for Inconvenience can be the manufacturing defect. If the machine is working quite wrongfully, then you must not question the machine, most importantly, the problem can be a manufacturing fault as well. In such cases, the Singer company is very good at providing repairs and replacements in quick time.Besides that, the 25 years limited warranty adds on to your comfort.


  • Perfect machine for beginners
  • High portability
  • ​Low maintenance and highly durable
  • ​25 years limited warranty.


  • ​Bobbin tension system is not very good.
  • Machine jams sometimes.
  • Bobbin pops out sometimes
  • Putting back bobbin is a long process.

This machine is recommended for beginners. ​You are not going to face any difficulties in learning its features and usage. ​What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get it!

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