Singer 1304 Start basic review in #2018 – [Must Read Before you Buy]

We are going to explain each and every single point about the sewing machine mode Singer 1304We will be mentioning all the advantages of this machine and besides that, will expose its minus points.

We will write about problems related to this product and also suggest possible fixes. All through this Singer 1304 Start basic review.

Singer 1304 start basic review

Singer 1304 start basic review

Singer 1304 is a product of the Singer company. Most importantly, this company is a trustworthy and dependable company. Besides that, it has earned a big name especially in manufacture comfortable and full of features sewing machines.

When we talk about this particular product, the first thing that is needed to be mentioned is that it is an extra-ordinary sewing machine specially designed for beginners and learners. Inter-mediate level sewers will also be pleased. This immediate learning tool is highly portable and durable.

​specs of singer 1304 basic learning machine

​As mentioned before, it is meant especially for beginners. Most importantly, its makers have looked upon factors to make it as simple as possible regarding learning. It has six built-in stitches. All built-in stitches are marked on the selection dial.

Those six built-in stitches are- Zigzag, satin, scallop, straight, blind hem, and the 4-step buttonhole. Its top speed is 750 stitches per minute. Its stitch width is 5mm. An automatic bobbin winding system is present. The company assures a 25 years limited warranty.

​Singer 1304 start basic review : accessories

​The company provides a lot of accessories along with this sewing machine. These accessories make work easier for learners, beginners and experienced sewers. Besides that, the company offers a free arm accessory storage tray for storing its accessories. Let's have a quick look upon the list of accessories.

  1. 3 Snap-on presser feet (buttonhole foot, all-purpose foot and zipper foot)
  2. ​Needle plate screwdriver
  3. ​Seam ripper and lint brush
  4. ​Instruction manual
  5. ​Class 15 bobbins
  6. ​Quick-start guiding manual
  7. ​LED sewing space light
  8. ​Dual spool pins.
  9. ​Darning plate for free-motion sewing
  10. ​Preset stitch length and width
  11. ​Pack of needles
  12. ​Power line cord
  13. ​Carry handle
  14. ​Foot control
  15. ​Spool pin felts
  16. ​Automatic 4-step buttonhole
  17. ​Extra-high presser foot lifter

​All about warranty

​Warranty of this product is of 25 years from the date of purchase. It ensures free manufacturing defect repair for the first year of purchase warranty. Throughout 25 years of warranty, the company is responsible for replacing parts of the sewing machine free of cost, but labor will be charged.

Within five years of purchase, the company replaces the electric parts of the machine for free but again, labor will be charged. Most important there are remarkably few cases of manufacturing default.

​explaining the features of singer ​1304

​Its features are very much supportive, and no one can feel confused with any of settings and adjustments. Purposes are too simple. We will one by one explain these features which play a vital role in motivating the sewers.

​Variety of stitches and interchangeable feet

​The company has provided various built-in stitches which help you out in dealing with sewing projects of multiple varieties. Therefore, it enhances the creativity level of sewers. A well-labeled knob helps out in Switching between stitches.

Once you gain confidence with your basic sewing, you will be able to approach heavier and more complex sewing projects. It is quite easy to snap ON/OFF presser feet. Overall, no extra efforts are required in working with any sort of adjustments with this machine.

​Free arm that is too easy to remove

​A beginner must not feel tension while working on collars, cuffs and pant hems. Therefore a removable free arm is provided by the company for easiness. It ensures easy access to various parts of clothes. A beginner's sewing machine must have this particular option.

​Automatic features for saving time

​This machine is full of the automatic feature that saves time and avoids frustration. 4- Step buttonhole feature, bobbin winding system, tension adjusting feature, etc. are all automatic.

If we try to do all these things manually, then it does bring frustration and besides that, is time-consuming as well. Singer company has simplified the job in style.

​some other pros : a motivation for beginners

​What does a beginner require in a machine? Easy access to features is the first thing. Easy to use nature of Singer 1304 makes this sewing machine probably the best one for the beginners. Suppose your middle-school child has shown interest in learning sewing and you bring him a costly and multi-featured sewing machine,

​The complexity of features will disturb your child, and he will not be able to do desired work just because of sharp features. Therefore it might happen that he totally loses interest in learning sewing which does not sound good at all. Suppose you bring him Singer 1304. He will surely develop even more interest in sewing.

After that, he will give you a big sweet "thanks."

singer start 1304 reviews : Dimensions and easy portability

​In dimensions, it is 13 x 7 x 11.5 inches. It is a small and excellent looking machine. Its weight is ​11.5 pounds. Yes, just ​11.5 pounds. One can hardly find a sewing machine which is loaded with so many features and is this much compact and lightweight.

This is a machine which even a kid can carry to sewing classes every day. A fold-down carry handle is also present there, which adds on to its easy portability. It is very good for even those, who travel distances with their sewing machine. Besides that, it requires very less area for setting itself for work.

One must not underestimate its capabilities by looking at its size, as most importantly, it is powerful enough to handle thicker fabrics. Besides that, its motor is very smooth, and because of that, a machine does not make high noise even at top speed.

​Singer 1304 start essential sewing machine reviews : cons

​Until now, we became familiar with all the positives and advantages related to this machine. Now it is the time to mention some negatives of this machine, besides that, solving some usual issues.

​Speed control is limited

​In Singer 1304, the needle is controlled only by the foot pedal. Few users complain that a speed adjusting knob must be there to make sewing speed more adjustable.

This particular deficiency of this machine brings difficulty for beginners to control speed. Besides that, it is said that it would have been better if its top speed was a bit more than what it actually is.

​Instruction manual of this machine

​It is a user-friendly machine for sure, but a few times it is the complaint that its user's manual does not do its job correctly. Diagrams and instructions which are mentioned in this manual are a bit difficult to understand, and it requires time to get cent percent comfortable with it.

​singer 1304 reviews : jamming problem

​It sometimes happens that the automatically threaded bobbins get caught in the bobbin case. Therefore the sewing machine gets jammed. It breaks the concentration of the user. Most importantly, fixing the jam by taking the bobbin and the case apart is not that difficult task

.But this is counted as a problem because it is meant for beginners first of all. Such beginners do not have the idea of fixing even small issues due to lack of experience. Besides that, it can add on to their tension if the project which they are working on is meant to be completed in a specific time.

​Avoiding bobbin jams

​The best way of dealing with bobbin jam is primarily avoiding it. Most importantly, a user must remember turning the wheel towards himself instead of far away from him. It will prevent jams. Even if jam takes place if you forgot to do so, work with patients and fix it the way it is mentioned, instead of letting frustration to climb up on you.

​singer 1304 start basic review : the final take

​Throughout Singer 1304 start basic review, we went through all facts related to this sewing machine. One can now easily decided whether to purchase or not, but still, it becomes our duty to clear things up to very last limit. This sewing machine is perfect for beginners and learners because of its user-friendly nature.

Most importantly it will play a vital role in developing the skills of the beginners. Its amazing looks very successfully attract middle-school kids, and they fall into learning how to sew at an early age. Besides that, it can end up making sewing a hobby for your child. Even if you are a middle-level sewer, then also this machine can be recommended for you.


  • Perfect learning machine for beginners.
  • User-friendly.
  • 25 Years limited warranty.
  • Highly portable and low maintenance.
  • Easily understandable features.
  • Easily affordable.


  • ​Machine jams sometimes.
  • Top speed is not too fast.
  • Instruction manual is a bit complicated.

This is a sewing machine that is probably the best in its department. One cannot demand an easier computerized sewing machine than this one. Most importantly, it fits in your budget too easily. It has satisfied its users in the best way, so it is definitely worthy of a purchase.

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Singer 1304 Start basic review in #2018 – [Must Read Before you Buy]
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