Singer 7258 Reviews #2020 [Complete And Detailed Review]

Last updated on April 11th, 2020 at 06:41 pm

​By Singer 7258 Reviews, we are going to reveal all knowledge related to this particular sewing machine. ​

Most importantly, we will give proper and well-explained reasons for which this machine is suitable for purchasing or not becauseall Merits and demerits all covered and not a single piece of knowledge is left behind.

Singer 7258 Reviews 2020Singer 7258 Reviews

What we loved about this prodcut?
  • ​Strongly built
  • Highly computerized multi- features
  • Low maintenance and highly durable
  • Many accessories provided with it.
  • Fit enough for sewers of all levels

​If you are among those, who have a limited budget and still want a computerized sewing machine that has multiple features and provides a lot of options, besides that, is easy to operate and maintain, then Singer 7258 is definitely for you. This machine is worthy of its price.


​Singer 7258 Reviews : Brief info about the company

​Singer is an American company which is highly reputed in the market of sewing machine manufacturing. It has been highly successful since 1851.​

Most importantly, Singer provides sewing machines of almost all types, besides that, it offers decent technological innovation. Its products have always performed well. Therefore it is a brand loved by all. Highly reliable brand.

​First view over singer 7258 sewing machine

​This is a decent quality sewing machine. It has an outstanding body structure, and its performance has been excellent. Therefore, it has been successful in satisfying a vast number of its buyers and users.

Besides that, it is loaded with extra-ordinary features and also provides a broad variety in choosing stitching techniques.

Key features of this machine

​Most importantly, this sewing machine has got a lot of key features which are enough not only to attract customers but also satisfying them.

Let us have a quick look over its Key features mentioned in the list below :

  1. 100 Built-In Stitches
  2. ​Optimum power control function
  3. ​LCD screen display error code for trouble shooting
  4. ​Start/Stop button for speed control
  5. ​Start/Stop button
  6. ​6 point feed dog system
  7. ​Programmable Needle UP/Down
  8. ​Speed control slider
  9. ​Automatic needle threader
  10. ​7 Fully automatic 1-Step buttonholes
  11. ​Presser feet
  12. ​Top drop-In bobbin along-with transparent cover
  13. Automatic presser foot pressure
  14. Reverse button for sewing in reverse
  15. Auto-tie off functions for straight stitch
  16. Twin needle capable
  17. Automatic tension
  18. LED lifetime white lamp
  19. ​13 needle positions
  20. ​Free arm sewing
  21. ​Horizontal thread delivery
  22. ​Automatic bobbin winding clutch
  23. ​2 Built-In needle cutters
  24. ​Built-In carry handle
  25. Drop feed dog lever

​Dimensions and portability of the machine

​In dimensions, this sewing machine is 12 x 7.5 x 14.5 inches​, therefore, pretty small size machine it is. Its weight is 14.6 pounds. For portability, the built-in carry handle is provided.We already get an idea about its portability after knowing its weight.

It is too challenging to compact sewing machines up to this much small even after it isloaded with so many features and functions. Other sewing machines, which are having an equal amount of features are pretty heavier than this one. Therefore, in this way, we can call it easily portableamong its type.

A machine for beginners, inter-mediates and experts as well

There are just a few sewing machines on the market which can be called comfortable for all level sewers. If the machine is too regular, then advanced level sewers don’t like it much, and if its functions are too complex and many, then beginners get confused, but this particular sewing machine is fit for all.

Its features and functions are easily understandable, and that’s what beginners enjoy. Switching it ON and starting work is quite an easy task. Besides that, 100varieties of built-in stitches are there, therefore creativity lovers and next level sewers will feel pleased. Home furnishings, quilting, freehand embroidery, dressmaking, etc. are all done smoothly by this machine.

​Singer 7258 sewing machine pros

​This is a kind of machine which provides you with tons of pros that too at an incredibly affordable price. We will put light upon the benefits of this machine and their utilizes. While there are few cons as well, which will be detailed further in Singer 7258 Reviews.

​Easy threading and developing creativity

​Threading is counted among one of the most irritating tasks in sewing. This machine has provided us with an automatic threader which threads the entire machine right from the spool to the needle’s eye within six seconds.

​Most importantly, it saves a lot of time and minimizes effort as well. There are 100 Built-in stitches which are more than enough, and the user can touch heights of creativity with that many options.

The instruction guide is also provided for helping out which is well-detailed. You can get knowledge about those 100 stitches by the Stylist guidebook provided along with. It is a kind of machine that can be used by any level of the sewer that too at the affordable price, it is really unique.

LED Screen and stitching speed

​To help out the user in adjusting and previewing stitch length and width, one LCD screen is provided which is bright enough. When we talk about stitching speed of the machine, then it is 750 stitches per minute, which can be considered as good speed. ​Most importantly, Even working at its top speed, it doesn’t make a high noise.Its work is clean and tidy.

One cannot find any issue with its capability of perfect working. Stitches are consistent with length and width.

​Instructional dvd and built in storage

​A DVD is there, which is quite easy to follow. It provides instructions related to getting used to the multiple features of the Singer 7258 sewing machine. A computerized stitch choice panel is also available in this machine.

It makes switching between decorative stitches easier.A built-in-storage is undoubtedly required in any modern day sewing machine for the storage of all the things of regular use while sewing.

This feature is provided by the company so that items of regular usage can be organized.​​ Most importantly, you will not lose your needles, bobbins, screwdrivers, etc. as they will all be organized well in the box that is close to your hand.

Cons of the machine

​This sewing machine has satisfied a lot of its consumers, but there are some people who have found some cons in this machine. With Singer model 7258 reviews, we will expose those cons and help in figuring out that how significant or how regular these deficiencies are. Let’s have a look.

Unadjustable pressure of presser foot and low stitch width

​​It is the complaint that presser foot pressure is not adjustable and they find it no good. It is automatic, still, if an option of adjusting presser foot pressure was present, then it had been more comfortable, especially for those who are not in the habit of using computerized machines. Its Stitch width is limited to 5mm, and it is often said that it would have been better if it was a bit more than that.

​No carrying case and pedal is made of plastic

​It is the complaint that Company must have provided a carrying case. It is true also, because it might become difficult to carry the sewing machine for longdistances. If a case was provided, then it had been more portable and safe as well. Although the whole sewing machine is made up of top quality material, but the pedal is made up of regular quality plastic. It would have been more comfortable if a better material would have been used there.

​ Warranty service is not good

​Few users are not happy with its warranty service. If any of its parts starts malfunctioning, then getting it repaired or replaced is a very lengthy process. One customer complaint that it took over five months for her to get sewing machine fixed. She complains that the company consumes a lot of time to send the required parts.

​who all should buy Singer 7258?

​As mentioned earlier also, that this machine is fit enough for sewers of all levels. If you are a beginner, then you can quickly develop your sewing skills with this machine. ​Most importantly, if you are an intermediate or next level sewer, then you get a variety of choice with this machine, and you don’t even have to spend much.Due to its reasonable price and highly computerized features, this machine can be recommended to everyone as its all-round performance is decent.

​Maintenance of singer 7258

​This machine is built so tough and in the perfect manner that it does not require much maintenance. If properly used, then Singer 7258 will stay for more than a couple of decades with you.

While switching on fabrics of different thickness, one should do proper adjustments and settings.​Most importantly, the user will not have to do regular oiling, cleaning or upgrading this machine.

Its parts are strong and capable enough, that is the reason for which it does not trouble user like many other machines to do.

​Final wrap up : Suitable for a purchase or not

​This was the main reason behind Singer 7258 Reviews, to clarify whether it is suitable for a purchase or not. Well, when we look upon the public ratings for this particular product, then 72% users have given a five-star rating, and 12% have giver four stars. Overall rating is 4.3 stars out of five, and that is pretty good.Being loaded with the vast number of features and options, this machine stands tall for purchase.

Although very few cases have taken place where consumers were not OK with it, but those can be counted as exceptional cases.

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