Singer Futura XL400q Reviews #2019 {MUST read before you buy}

Last updated on January 2nd, 2019 at 10:16 am

​By Singer Futura XL400q Reviews we are going to reveal all knowledge related to this particular sewing machine. ​

Most importantly, Singer Futura XL400q Reviews will give proper and well-explained reasons for which this machine is suitable for purchasing or not because​ all the Merits and demerits all covered. Surely read before buying it because not a single piece of knowledge is left behind in this review.

Singer Futura XL400q Reviews

Singer Futura XL400q Reviews

​singer futura xl400q Reviews : basic info about the company

​The singer is an American company established in the year 1851 in Boston. It provides us with all sorts of modern-day sewing machines by launching its new models at regular times. Besides that, it has earned a big name especially in manufacture comfortable and full of features sewing machines. Most importantly, this company is  trustworthy and dependable​.

​singer futura xl400q Reviews : Basic info about the product

​Singer Futura XL400q Reviews say that is very good looking and attractive sewing and embroidery machine. It is a perfect blend meant for carrying our sewing projects as well as doing large embroidery designs. This is a machine that extends your creativity level.This machine offers you the option of creating embroidery designs on your computer and then transferring them to your machine. This machine has made embroidery quite easy, and you can test your skills in very less time. Besides that, it is great fun to work on this machine.

​Accessories that come along with this product

​The singer is such a generous company in terms of providing free accessories and extras. Singer Futura XL400q comes with a very wide range of accessories that make the user’s experience better. Lists are so long that a “phewww” will come out of your mouth after you complete reading the list. Let’s have a look.

  1. Thread spool nets
  2. ​Foot control
  3. ​Seam ripper
  4. ​Scissors
  5. ​Power cord
  6. ​USB Cable
  7. ​10 inches x 6 inches embroidery hoop
  8. ​4 inches x 4 inches embroidery hoop
  9. ​Embroidery Software AND DESIGN CD
  10. ​Embroidery foot
  11. All purpose foot
  12. ​Zipper foot
  13. ​Buttonhole foot
  14. Bling hem Satin Stitch foot
  15. Button sewing foot
  16. ​Screwdrivers
  17. ​Spool pin felt
  18. ​Instruction manual (stitch guide included)
  19. ​Thread spool caps
  20. ​Manual guide
  21. ​Lint brush
  22. ​Machine intro DVD
  23. ​pack of needles
  24. ​Bobbins
  25. ​Auxiliary spool pin

​specialities of this machine

​This is a machine that does not require much maintenance and besides that, is highly durable. Limited 25-Year Warranty is included. You can visit the company’s website for more info about the warranty. When we measure it, it is 22 x 9.5 x 13inches, and weight is 23 lbs. It has a Drop and sews bobbin system.

​key features of this sewing machine

​By Singer Futura XL400q Reviews we come to know that his machine has a vast variety of key features which save your time and effort. One needs to go through the guiding manual to get knowledge about its key features and their utilization.

 We have mentioned some of the most important key features of this machine, and besides that, we have explained their respective purposes.

​Built-in stitches

​This sewing comes with 30 built-in stitches. Besides that, there are 2 one-stepbuttonholes. With these many options of stitches, one can quickly develop creativity skills to the next level. Manual on the machine’s neck area very well explains about all these stitches. While working on this machine, beginners can develop skills in a quick time.

​vast range of embroidery designs

​This sewing machine offers your choice of 125 Predetermined patterns which are enough. Besides that, two embroidery hoops are also included. There is a software available as well, which helps you in designing your own patterns on your computer first of all, which later on can be transferred to the machine.

​Multihoop feature : amazing one

​This particular feature needs a bit of time for you to be learned and adequately understood. Large embroidery hoop option measures 10 x 6 inches. The built-in software gives you a chance to create even more massive virtual hoop which means that you can create designs up to the size of 20 x 12 inches which is exactly double. Is’nt that amazing?

​Six LED lights providing comfort

Singer Futura XL400 comes with six LED lights. Some sewing machines do have LED lights, but a problem with them is that they are quite dull. It happens with even top quality modern day sewing machines. Most importantly, this is not the case with Singer Futura XL400.Suppose you have got a project that needs to be completed in a given time span, and for completing that, you need to work even in low light condition. If you have this machine, then you are not going to feel any discomfort because these LED lights are bright enough. Therefore the user will not have to spend money on the extra LED.

​swiftsmart threading system

​Now, this particular feature has simplified thing to their best. Now there is no need to waste time in pushing the thread into the needle’s eye. This headache is gone. A swiftsmart threading feature of Singer Futura XL has ended up that frustrating process as most importantly this system includes an automatic needle threader.

​singer futura xl400q Reviews : Steadiness and durability

​This machine is built with top quality materials all over, and besides, that is highly durable if handled in a proper way. It is capable of dealing with a variety of fabrics. One must avoid overloading the machine because if it happens, some of its parts might malfunction and the machine can itself get damaged.

​Low price benefit

​Although it cant be counted among very low price machine. It is a sort of mid-range hybrid machine and most importantly, it provides you with much more features and options in comparison of what you pay for it. It is a very good competitor of fellow machines of its price range. Low price and easily affordable qualities of this machine is a kind of push forward for the person to buy it.

​How comfortable is this machine for the beginners?

​If honestly said, then although it is easy to use, still this is not a perfect sewingmachine for the beginners because some features are there which require time to be understood. It also cannot be said that it is a difficult one for beginners. Most importantly, it depends upon the speed of adaptation from beginner to beginner.Although the company has tried to make this sewing machine as simply accessible as possible, this is not quite straightforward to be a cent percent perfect learning tool.If one wants an extra simple machine, then surely some next level sewers will feel that many things are missing in the machine. Therefore, primarily this machine is meant to comfort of intermediates and experienced sewers. If beginners want to be on this machine, then surely they can, as for support, the company has provided Manual, DVD, and Tutorials for convenience.

singer futura xl400q Reviews : Cons

​Although this is a beautiful machine, most importantly, it also has got few cons. Through Singer Futura XL400q Reviews we will make you familiar with the cons of this machine and give honest suggestions in concern of how dangerous these cons are.​

​Thread tensions needs to be looked upon

​Yes, one needs to keep a sharp eye on thread tension settings. If you don’t look upon properly, then sometimes it happens that either thread gets too tensed or too loose. Therefore, chances are there that thread might get broken right in-between of your work and most importantly, your time will be wasted.

​Software is not that smart

​It is a complaint by a few users that software of this sewing machine gives limitedcreative designs and it is not enough for those who are involved in more complicated design options..The software of this machine is described as “too simple.” Well, that can be surely counted as a valid issue because the company has designed it mainly for next level sewers.So, the company should have done more justice to the next level and experienced sewers having higher tactics. We may hope that the company brings some changes soon so that users have not to pay extra money for expanding the software.

​It is not compatible with Mac computers

​This is the main point to concentrate upon before you make a purchase. It is going to be an issue if you have purchased it having Mac computer at home, it is not going to work out for you. Most importantly, the software of this machine requires PC with 1 GHz or AMD Processor, Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/8.1) operating system along with a CD Rom drive. Read the requirements twice.

​Embroidery experience is a bit tough

​When we went through public complaints section, we found that this problem is raised on the heavy basis. Few users have called it an “an absolute headache” to learn and do embroidery on this machine. It has happened that needles break in between work, the thread gets stuck in the bobbin area, and sometimes it even breaks. Embroidery on this machine consumes much time.​Besides that, it is complained that in comparison of other machines, this one is quite inconvenient to learn embroidery upon because even the guiding manual does not give clear instruction. Fact is that if you don’t follow each instruction very perfectly, then things might get messed up and your project will be incomplete.

singer futura xl400q Reviews : The final wrap up

​We have already come across the benefits and disadvantages related to this. Now one can feel sure enough to make a wise decision related to the purchase of the machine. Although it has so many attractive features and advanced technology is used, but we cannot forget those users who felt inconvenience after buying it.If you are a beginner, then better to drag feet back. If you are an absolute expert who believes in next level creativity in embroidery, then also this sewing machine will not satisfy you to the best. If you are inter-mediates, then this machine is a good option for you, and it will help you out in developing your sewing and embroidery tactics.


  • Provides larger space to work on
  • ​Low price
  • ​Highly durable.
  • ​Multihoop feature
  • ​Good Stability and well designed structure.


  • Embroidery is a bit difficult to learn.
  • Not compatible with Mac computers.
  • Software is not that smart.
  • Thread tension settings needs to be improved

​This is a very attractive machine that provides you with abundant options. If honestly said, then this sewing and embroidery machine is good no doubt, but not the best one out there. Pros and cons are already mentioned, if you feel that its cons are serious enough, then surely there are better options in the market.

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