Singer Futura XL580 Reviews – [Is it worth the Money?]

Last updated on July 20th, 2019 at 10:14 am

​It is very important for a buyer to know everything about the sewing machine which he is going to buy. Here we are writing ​Singer Futura XL580 reviews to clear all your doubts regarding this particular sealing machine,

The best way of getting knowledge about any product before buying is to read the reviews of that particular product.

We will mention and explain everything that you need to know before buying Singer ​Futura XL580 sewing machine. We will not only give you information about the advantages of this sewing machine. Besides that, we will also make you aware of the cons of ​Singer ​Futura XL580

​Singer Futura XL580 Reviews

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Singer Futura XL400q Reviews

​​Singer Futura XL580 reviews : basic info about the company

​Singer is one of the most dominating companies in today’s date regarding the manufacturing of Sewing Machines. ​It manufactures innovative sewing machines for both home and industrial use. This American company is known for its love and care for the sewers and is highly trusted and recommended brand.

​Especially heavy duty machines of singer are outstanding. In our best Sewing Machines for leather reviews three spots out of five we recovered by singer heavy duty Sewing Machines which clearly indicates the efficiency and elegance of Singer Sewing Machines.

​Singer XL 550 Futura​ embroidery and sewing machine reviews : basic info about the product

​Singer ​Futura XL580 embroidery and sewing machine is a perfect blend of the both in one single machine.

You can do endless creativity with its embroidery features. ​Public reviews of this machine are pretty decent. It shows that this machine is highly specialized in its own department. Let’s go in deep details of this particular sewing machine in our Singer Futura XL580


​This machine has 215 built-in stitches including 50 endless designs 6 automatic one-step buttonholes and one endless buttonhole. This computerized sewing machine has a drop and sews Bobbin system. It has 6.75 x 4 inches endless hoop. This machine runs on 110 volts because it is designed for United state and Canadian use. It comes with a 25 years Limited warranty.

​ accessories of ​Singer XL 550 Futura

​Singer ​Futura XL580 embroidery and sewing machine comes with a very wide range of accessories. Now it is the time to have a look at few of the accessories list mentioned below.

  1. ​Knee lifter
  2. ​USB key
  3. ​Large embroidery hoop
  4. ​Medium embroidery hoop
  5. ​Small embroidery hoop
  6. ​Autopunch software
  7. ​Hyperfront software
  8. ​Advanced editing software


​Singer XL 550 Futura is a highly featured machine. It has got every single feature that one feels the need of and that is the reason for which this machine is quite suitable for sewers and embroiders of all levels. We will be mentioning its key features and also explaining a few of them.

​Abundant embroidery designs

​Singer ​Futura XL580 has a very wide range of embroidery designs which enhances your creativity there are a total of 50 endless embroidery designs along with 6.75 x 4-inch hoop, which helps you out in detailing the borders on your larger size projects quite easily.

​Knee lifter

​This is probably one of the most important features in this Sewing and embroidery machine. With this feature, the person can sew or embroider well holding the fabric in its place with both the hands while lifting the presser foot and that brings a lot of convenience to the user, and he can concentrate better on his work.

​Convenient threading system

​It is very easy to thread your singer Futura XL. Swift smart threading system is present in this Sewing and embroidery machine. There are instructions regarding this on the machine’s chassis by following which you can guide the needle through the groove right from the spool to the needle area and then pressing the threading Lever for convenient needle threading. Quite easy.

​Singer XL 550 Futura​ reviews : pros

​Singer XL 550 Futura comes with abundant benefits which make you feel luxurious while you are working on this machine. Now it is the time to reveal the benefits of this machine and give a brief explanation of a few significant of them.

​Fit for beginners

​This is a kind of machine on which you can comfortably work even if you have never been on a sewing and embroidery machine before because this machine comes with easy to follow instructions and ​a guiding manual which guides you through. Besides that, the changes in the machine also have certain markings for guiding you.

​If you want more info or more guidance, then you can visit companies website. You can visit YouTube also where a lot of ​guiding videos are there through which you can clear your doubts and develop your skills as well.

​Durability and low maintenance

​​Singer ​Futura XL580 Sewing and embroidery machine is quite sturdy and strong and deals with heavier and multilayer fabrics like a breeze.

​Heavy duty metal frame of this machine supports its stability and durability as well. This machine doesn’t require much maintenance as well. If you work on your singer XL 550 Futura inappropriate way, then this machine is very long lasting and will be taking your projects for years and years.

​Warranty of ​Singer XL 550 Futura

​Singer XL 550 Futura comes with a 25 years Limited warranty. The company will be entirely responsible for curing of manufacturing defects for 25 years from the Purchase date.

​Machines chassis will be replaced and repaired by the company throughout the 25 years warranty, You will not have to pay for anything including labor either. For the first 5 years of the warranty, the company is responsible for replacing and repairing parts such as wiring,switches, Motors, light,s and other such electronic components in the machine. But the labor will be charged.

​High versatility

​Singer ​Futura XL580 is a kind of machine that makes your dreams come true regarding Sewing and embroidery. This machine provides you with everything you need from it and is highly versatile.

This machine is fit for sure send embroiders of all levels because its user-friendliness makes it fit for the beginners and its wide range of features makes it comfortable for the advanced level sewers and embroiders.

​Singer XL 550 Futura​​ : The final verdict

​​​Singer ​Futura XL580 is a machine that is abundant features and very easy to operate at the same time. This machine very well supports your creativity. Although a few drawbacks are there, none of them can be called deal breakers. We can cope up with those cons. The overall performance of this machine is quite good, and we gave it an overall rating of B plus.​​


  • ​User friendly.
  • Highly versatile and highly durable.
  • Highly featured.
  • Fit for beginners.
  • Low maintenance.
  • 25 Years limited warranty.

Singer ​Futura XL580 is decent in its job and is available at a comfortable price as well. We recommend it to all those who want a perfect embroider and a decent sewer in the same machine.

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