Singer One sewing machine reviews {Must read before you buy}

​In our Singer One sewing machine reviews we are going to reveal all essential info about this sewing machine​. We are going to advise you how to fit this product is, to invest money.We have also covered the reviews, written by the users, so you are going to know how beneficial you will be, with this machine​. You will also know what all difficulties might come in the way when you set up yourself to work on this machine.

Singer One sewing machine reviews

Singer One sewing machine reviews

Singer One sewing machine reviews

​Singer One sewing machine reviews : Basic info about the product

​This machine is a computerized sewing machine or vintage style, that is beginner supportive. Advance level sewers can also enjoy carrying out basic projects on this machine​. ​You definitely cannot do much of craft work or decoration with this machine.Essential features are present, durability is also pleasing, and it is the one, which is good enough for you to enter the sewing department. A few downstairs are also there, about which you will read in our Singer One sewing machine reviews in well-detailed form.This one is among the most attractive sewing machine in the market right now. It gives you an antique feel. When your friends enter your craft room and see this machine for the first time, they are surely going to stare at it for a minute! (And feel jealous deep inside, that they do not have this machine).


​In dimensions, it measures 23 x 10 x 13 inches. There are a total of 24 built-in stitches, including 2 one-step buttonholes. The top speed of singer One is 750 stitches per minute​. Drop & Sew bobbin system is present. In case of any malfunctioning or breakage of parts, you can utilize the 25 years limited warranty that comes with it. But don’t lose the purchase receipt.

​Singer One easy to use computerized sewing machine reviews : Accessories

This machine is available at such a low price that the buyer hardly expects many included accessories. The Singer has proved themselves generous by providing all of the useful fixtures, that you need for your sewing projects. Let’s have a look at the list below.

  1. satin stitch foot
  2. One-step buttonhole foot
  3. ​All-purpose foot
  4. Blind hem foot
  5. ​Zipper foot
  6. ​Bobbins
  7. Needles
  8. ​Spool pin felt
  9. ​Thread spool caps
  10. Auxiliary spool pins
  11. Needle plate screwdriver
  12. ​soft sided dust cover
  13. Lint brush

Singer One sewing machine reviews : Features

​It is very hard to believe that a sewing machine that is this much low cost can be loaded with so many features. ​The company has tried its best to make sewing experience as easy as possible. Following is the explanation of a few most important features of Singer One sewing machine.

​24 Built-in stitches and easy stitch selection

​This machine has 24 built-in stitches that include 12 decorative stitches, 4 stretches stitches, and 6 essential stitches​. These all are going to help you out in tackling basic sewing projects. Don’t expect to do ​high-level decoration with this machine.This machine has one-touch easy stitch selection. It saves a lot of time and avoids confusion. There will be no delay whenever you want to select and apply your desired stitch.

​Easy threading

​This machine features a swift smart threading system, which brings a lot of convenience, especially to those, who are going through their early days of learning.

Guiding the thread right from the spool to the needle area, through just one groove and threading your needle by just pressing a leaver is the way you thread. That undoubtedly saves much times of yours, no matter you are an advanced level sewer, still you are going to deeply enjoy it.

​Led lights and convenient bobbin system

​Usually, at that price level, the most common issue with most of the sewing machines out there is the dullness of LED light. No such issue with Singer One.With this machine, you get three Staybright LED lights, which very well illuminate your working surface. Besides that, the bulbs are quite long lasting and no issue of overheating as well. This machine features the simplest bobbin system. It drops and sews bobbin system.

​Large workspace for bigger projects

​If you want to carry on with bigger size sewing projects, you need extra large space to work on without any inconvenience. With this machine, your this desire is very well fulfilled​. You can easily go on with your larger size quilts. A big plus point.This machine has a slanting table that makes you feel more comfortable, and how can we ignore the free arm? That makes your sewing much easier and provides better finishing.

Singer One sewing machine reviews : Pros

​You must feel thankful to Singer, as you get such a decent machine, which is full of benefits, at a meager price. There are abundant benefits​. A few of them, we are going to explain in our Singer One sewing machine reviews​. Must read all of them without skipping anything.

​The warranty

​First of all, let us mention that the customer care service of Singer is decent. Your complaints are heard and solved out in time. Singer One comes with a 25 years limited warranty​. Remember, 25 years are meant just for machine head and chassis.The motor is ensured for five years, and the same time span stands for light assembly, speed control, wiring, and electronic components. Bulbs, rings, adjustments, and belts are covered for one year.

​Attractive design

​When you have your first look at this sewing machine, you directly fall in love with it. Its looks are much unique than other machines. You can hardly​ expect this much elegant and stylish machine at that price level. Not only looks, but it is outstanding in durability as well. It doesn’t require much maintenance either.

​Mistake pointer

​While sewing, a few times it happens that you make a mistake, then move further, and don’t know where you made a mistake. What if you get error signals at such times? Yes, you will avoid messing up and save a lot of time. Singer one has sensors, which gives you signals, whenever you make a mistake, making it easier for you to cure that problem at the very exact time. Beginners are going to love this feature deeply.

Singer One sewing machine reviews : Cons

​As we mentioned earlier as well, that there are a few drawbacks of Singer One sewing machine. Although, nothing serious is there, buy it becomes our duty of making you aware of the drawbacks by giving the proper explanation, no matter how small or big those drawbacks are.​Read the paragraphs mentioned below very carefully to know how much are you going to face regarding the issue with this machine.

​Not for heavier fabrics

​Honestly, at its price level, there are certain very good beginner sewing machines, which allow you to use heavier fabrics. Regarding the range of fabrics, you are going to feel a bit limited ​while working singer One.Although it deals with thin and regular fabrics in an expert manner, with perfect finishing, you are strictly not supposed to use thicker of multilayer fabrics, and it will damage your machine.

​Less built-in stitches

​Now once again we will like to put this sewing machine in comparison to other sewing machines or the same price level in the market. This time, the measurement scale is built-in stitches. With this machine, you are only getting 24, which are enough at that price level, but few of its competitors have much more.A big reason for which we do not recommend this sewing machine to next level sewers is the stitch limitation. A time will come when you might feel bored on this machine, as you don’t have much to do in decoration.

​Low resolution LCD panel

​Although the whole machine looks vintage, we didn’t want that “vintage” effect in the LCD panel. The one provided in this machine is ​of low resolution, and if your eyesight is a bit weak, then you are going to struggle in reading it.​Well, all people don’t have weak eyesight. A normal person can easily read it. So, we cannot count that as a major con.

Singer One sewing machine reviews : The wrap up

​We already took you across all advantage and disadvantages of this sewing machine in our Singer One sewing machine reviews so now you can make your decision without any hesitation.

This one is a basic sewing machine, so, purchase it only if you are a beginner, or you are among those who want to carry on with regular hemming and mending of clothes. Don’t buy this machine for testing your creativity level.


  • Low price.
  • Highly durable.
  • Extra-ordinary looks.
  • ​Abundance of features.
  • Less complains and excellent public reviews.
  • All essential accessories and feet included.
  • Provides large space for bigger size sewing and quilting projects.
  • 25 years limited warranty.


  • Not good for advanced level sewers.
  • Less built-in stitches.
  • Low resolution LCD panel.
  • You cannot use heavier or multi-layer fabrics on this machine.

​If you are a beginner, and looking for a highly featured sewing machine, which looks decent, and makes learning quite easy, then you must definitely buy Singer ONE sewing machine as it is not only user-friendly but has all the qualities, to ​smoothen your learning experience.

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